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Mirror, Mirror on the wall …

By: aSigiam, 11:21 PM GMT on March 10, 2013

It is a simple device. No moving parts.
It usually is a fragile device. Although, with today’s technology, one could be made virtually unbreakable.
As any tool, it can be used properly and improperly.
If made correctly, it just sits there reflecting what is before it.
An undistorted, unaltered, just simply an image.
There is something very powerful about a mirror.
That ability to reflect and give a different perspective.
It usually helps us get ready to go out into the world by showing use what we look like.
Sometimes this is pleasant enough; sometimes we don’t really like what we see.
We make alterations until we feel we have done enough to be presentable.
Of course the mirror is a passive thing.
But for something that doesn’t speak, it can send quite a message.
The more difficult mirror to look into is one that looks into our minds.
I have recently been before that mirror and it is not attractive.
For it showed that I had been something I was fighting against.
Time to get up and take a walk – which is what I did.
Not to run away, but to recover from the shock of seeing it.
Now the task is to study this image that now will not go away,
To try to understand how it got there and, determine what path to take.
It is a work in progress…


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Dribbling Bits

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