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By: aSigiam, 5:30 AM GMT on January 02, 2013

That nagging curse (possible Chinese but not proven to be), “May you live in interesting times” seems to be upon us.

A most interesting year, 2012.

I have replaced more hard drives (5) on mine, family and friends computers in 2012 than before.

Love my workout routine which alternates between boot camp and yoga.
My boot camp teacher is a former gymnast. She was out for about 6 weeks to have a baby. Now she is back and on a mission to get us in shape, even if it kills us.

Being non-conventional in many ways, I don’t necessarily measure time by days, months, years.
Yeah, yeah, I know, everyone else does, but then that is them, I am me. Maybe it is a procrastinator’s attribute.
Sure the ubiquitous calendar cannot be avoided. There are still times I must conform to get things done.

Being an introvert (damn that sounds bad) has its challenges.
For one, you’re not like most people. This in turn, makes it seem like you don’t like most people.

Sigh… :-\

Has anyone else seen driving as an extension of our humanity?
There are of course the standard road laws. But then, there are those unwritten rules or dare I say driving etiquette that less and less are practicing.
Yeah sure, there are those basic laws like stopping at a stop light, which is generally done by most. And four-way stop signed intersections are fairly well ordered.
Which is good.
But then there is the case of blind spot tailing. This is where the car comes up from behind you in the next lane, but instead of continuing on, they inexplicably, get even with your rear bumper and stay there. Flying in formation as if we were geese! The phenomenon continues as you increase speed, so do they. Now, they will eventually pass you. When they are within 50 yards of their turn, they will accelerate, cut in front of you to brake then make their turn. What is going through these people’s heads, I am guessing not much except the howling of wind. Too bad the bus doesn't come through here.

Then there are those who drive as if salvation is awarded the first one to the next red light.
Maybe, I’m just getting old. No, not old, but older.
Wisdom is like headlights - many are driving around with only one and misaligned and some are aligned and on high beam (which is really annoying to the others)!

But, I digress.

This year has started very well.
Had a fine visit with a new friend, maybe there will be more to this story later.
Onions and vegetable seeds are ordered.
Cat door installed at my parent’s place. Hopefully not to be used by the raccoons, armadillos or skunks.
Last year’s apocalypse was cancelled.
Next project will be the patio cover at my parent’s house. My brother finally cut the limb down which was holding up construction.



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