I Can't Edit My Status

By: Zranch, 4:47 AM GMT on September 11, 2013

Nothing happens when I try to edit my station status on my Wunderground.com site. It worked about a month ago. Maybe a Javascript problem, but I'm pretty sure my Javascript is working. If anybody has any solutions, let me know.

Station down Sept 10 from 7 am to 9:15 pm. Weak battery.

By: Zranch, 4:44 AM GMT on September 11, 2013

I expected to see a weak battery symbol on my LaCrosse, but there was none. Batteries lasted about 9 months.

Wind sensor

By: Zranch, 3:52 PM GMT on April 09, 2013

Had 20 mph winds yesterday, but my anemometer didn't register nearly that high. It was 5 ft above the roof of my house. I think my trees and house was still interfering with the wind. Moved it again to a different location - about 7 ft above the ground in front yard.

Time for temp sensor move

By: Zranch, 3:48 PM GMT on April 09, 2013

Sunlight is hitting the patio now where the sensor is. Need to move it to it's summer location. You can tell by the sharp increase in temp when the sun comes up.

We're missing something

By: Zranch, 10:59 PM GMT on January 11, 2013

I'm only an amateur at this. I can't find reference to monitoring the sun. We track current wind, temperature, rainfall, but not current "sunfall". Why don't wx stations have a light intensity sensor with calibration to some standard? Extremely handy to solar energy planning and farmers. That should be part of every weather station and reporting system. I've never seen it.

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