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Huntington Beach Pier!

By: Ylee, 5:34 AM GMT on August 30, 2013

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Huntington Beach, California, also known as Surf City, has 8.5 miles of beach, and is punctuated by the Huntington Beach Pier. The pier, which at 1,850 feet is one of the longest in the west coast, was originally built in 1903, six years before the town itself was incorporated.

The pier, ca. 1910.

After a storm in 1912 that sunk most of it, a new pier of 1,350 feet was built, with another 500 feet added in 1930. This part didn't last long, as a hurricane wiped that part out in 1939! It was quickly rebuit the next year, just in time for WW2, when the military took over the pier as a submarine watch station and equipped the end with gunnery.

In 1983, the El Nino created storms that destroted the end of the pier, taking the cafe with it. It was rebuilt at the end, only to have another storm in 1988 take out the rebuilt parts again.

The pier during the 1983 storms.

After an exhaustive engineering and rebuilding effort, the pier was reopened in 1992. Using the style of the 1914 design, it features concrete reinforced with epoxy-coated steel, and is designed to withstand a 7.0 earthquake, and 31 foot waves!

The pier's pilings were also designed to accomodate surfers, which has been a regular feature around the pier since the 1920s. Each year, the U.S. Open of Surfing is held there, as the conditions for surfing are ideal, year round.

I must add that the supplier of the HB cam,, has streaming cams of the pier and the beach that are most excellent!

From HBcams, the Huntington Beach Pier North cam! Full Size
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From Campi Ya Kanzi, the Live From the Savana cam! Full Size
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From GEONET, the Raoul Island cam!
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From TroyLeslie, the feeder cam!
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From Tokai University, the milking barn cam!
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From, the Ocean Ave. cam! Full Size
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From Refugi d'Amitges, the Gran Tuc de Saboredo cam! Full Size
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The Donkeys of Bonaire

By: Ylee, 5:11 AM GMT on August 13, 2013

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During my latest round of webcam searches, I came across an emotive cam from a place I had never heard of before! Where the heck is Bonaire, anyway?

It turns out Bonaire is a small island(about 114 sq. mi., or a little over half the size of Hancock County, Ky.), a couple of hundred miles north of Venezuela, and is part of the Leeward Antilles. The population of Bonaire is about 16, 500.

Formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, it's now a special municipality within the country of the Netherlands. Tourism is the main industry now, with plenty of places to scuba, and to windsurf.

Starting in the 1600s, plantations were established on the island, and donkeys were used as the main pack/pulling animal. Their use was prevalent until WWII, when mechanization replaced them.

The donkeys were pretty much left to their own devices. Bonaire is mostly dry and barren, so many began to die of starvation and dehydration. Increased traffic also has taken its toll, with many donkeys being hit and killed by motorized traffic. Other donkeys were abused by people. There was also no formal population control on the island, so the donkeys kept replenishing the ones lost.

This is from the donkey sanctuary website:

"In 1993 Dutch Nationals, Marina Melis and her husband Ed Koopman, established a donkey sanctuary on Bonaire for sick, wounded and orphaned donkeys: Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire.

The primary objective of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire is to offer a sheltered, protected life to all the donkeys of Bonaire. Our information about the lives and experiences of donkeys is also raising awareness amongst the local community, schools and tourists.

At this moment there are more than 400 donkeys living in Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. They are provided with food, drinking water and medical care and have plenty of room and freedom.
When a report arrives about a live wild donkey in distress, volunteers are sent to the rescue. Sick and wounded animals are nursed and, where necessary, a vet is called upon to give medical attention. Orphaned foals are raised with a baby bottle. All stallions that arrive at the sanctuary are castrated to avoid expansion of the numbers of donkeys in care. Once the animals are recovered, they are lucky enough to spend the rest of their lives lovingly cared for at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire."

If you are lucky enough to make it down there, they will let you visit the sanctuary for a small fee! Of course, they also take donations to help their cause!

This is a link to the Youtube the Sanctuary's operators have posted. I must warn that there are some graphic scenes in it.

From Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire, the Donkeycam!
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From Gale, LTD., the Mobotix cam!
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From Reinhard Unterwurzacher, the Praegraten am Grossvenediger cam! Full Size
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From TroyLeslie, the feeder cam!
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From Milos, Greece, the Pollonia cam! Full Size
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