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It's spring!

By: Ylee, 10:44 AM GMT on April 15, 2013

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Ode on the Spring
Lo! where the rosy-bosom'd Hours,
Fair Venus' train appear,
Disclose the long-expecting flowers,
And wake the purple year!
The Attic warbler pours her throat,
Responsive to the cuckoo's note,
The untaught harmony of spring:
While whisp'ring pleasure as they fly,
Cool zephyrs thro' the clear blue sky
Their gather'd fragrance fling.

Where'er the oak's thick branches stretch
A broader, browner shade;
Where'er the rude and moss-grown beech
O'er-canopies the glade,
Beside some water's rushy brink
With me the Muse shall sit, and think
(At ease reclin'd in rustic state)
How vain the ardour of the crowd,
How low, how little are the proud,
How indigent the great!

Still is the toiling hand of Care:
The panting herds repose:
Yet hark, how thro' the peopled air
The busy murmur glows!
The insect youth are on the wing,
Eager to taste the honied spring,
And float amid the liquid noon:
Some lightly o'er the current skim,
Some show their gaily-gilded trim
Quick-glancing to the sun.

To Contemplation's sober eye
Such is the race of man:
And they that creep, and they that fly,
Shall end where they began.
Alike the busy and the gay
But flutter thro' life's little day,
In fortune's varying colours drest:
Brush'd by the hand of rough Mischance,
Or chill'd by age, their airy dance
They leave, in dust to rest.

Methinks I hear in accents low
The sportive kind reply:
Poor moralist! and what art thou?
A solitary fly!
Thy joys no glitt'ring female meets,
No hive hast thou of hoarded sweets,
No painted plumage to display:
On hasty wings thy youth is flown;
Thy sun is set, thy spring is gone—
We frolic, while 'tis May.

It's finally spring!(At least in Ky.! Sorry, Tony!) Yay! Trees are budding, birds are singing, bugs are hitting the windshield; well, I'm not crazy about the bugs, but it's a fair trade for the elimination of cold weather and gray landscapes!

No gray landscapes this time, except for the feeder cam at night! :' )

From Gatlinburg Getaway, the Live View from the Deck! Full Size
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From Jigokudani Yaenkoen, the Snow Monkey cam! Full Size
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From blumentalcam, the Blumental cam! Full Size
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From WatchinTheSky, the hummer cam! Full Size
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From Matsumoto City, the cherry blossom cam! Full Size
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From Milos, Greece, the Pollonia cam! Full Size
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From Mammoth Cave National Park, the Green River Valley cam! Full Size
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From Brisbane Storm Chasers, the Yidney Rocks cam! Full Size
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From Bottino, the L'Aquila cam! Full Size
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From TroyLeslie, the feeder cam!
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