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Greening on the Green!

By: Ylee, 11:18 AM GMT on March 28, 2012

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The unusually warm weather this March has brought spring early to the Bluegrass; trees that usually don't bud, flower, and leaf until mid-to-late April have already done so! Hopefully a late cold snap won't damage delicate vegetation! Bugs have also come into spring with full force, with every type of buzzing everywhere!

Although most cams up north are still mostly brown, my "local" National Park Service cam at Mammoth Cave NP is showing considerable green, plus a bonus redbud on the side!
Extra greenery can be found in Washington, D.C., although you can't see the cherry blossonms from this cam.

Four new(for here) cams also grace this blog. Remember, if there is a cam from a past blog you'd like to see again, I've kept every blog in the WU archive, so you can just scan the old blogs until you find your favorite!

From Mammoth Cave National Park, the Green River Valley cam!
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Thanks to porthleven, the Porthleven, Cornwall cam!
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From WunderYakuza, Yosemite NP Sentinel Dome cam!
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Thanks to 0122855600, the Kuala Lumpur cam!
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From Milos, Greece, the Pollonia cam!
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From Washington, D.C., the Netherlands Carillion cam!
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Courtesy on New Zealands' Horizons Regional Council, the Whanganui River Mouth cam!
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Thanks toCaptKirk312421, the Vodice, Croatia cam!
Click for Sibenik, Croatia Forecast

From Gulf Islands National Seashore, the Perdido Key Beach cam!
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By: Ylee, 11:09 AM GMT on March 12, 2012

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You know, most webcams are ethereal, at best. Totally dependant on the whims and constitution of the cam owner, a lot of webcams fall into disuse or have poor maintenance, because either the cam owner got tired of fooling with it or economic situations force the cam owner to shut it down. Even the National Park Service, which has arguably the best collection of webcams in the world, will show quite often "This webcam is temporarily closed for maintenance." If you look at the WU webcam directory, over the course of a few hours, the number changes often, sometimes by as many as 10 or 20 cams during the day! There has been several WU cams I have saved for further use that had closed by the time I was ready to use them in the blog!

Even this didn't prepare me for the shock I had last night when I started preparing for the new blog: WU had purged over half of the cams in their directory! From a peak of about 4000 a month ago, there were only 1600 last night! Since then, WU has slowly brought back cams to the directory; as of now the total is about 3000. Why they did this, voluntarily or involuntarily, I have no clue.

Case in point: the Guadeloupe cam that's on the top of the lineup. Until this morning, it wasn't on the directory, but if you check the cam, it has saved photos going back to the beginning of the month! Why??? Life's mysteries, I guess! :)

I do apologise, but I didn't have time to give any background to the cams. As time presents itself, I'll try to give some info on what you're actually looking at!

Thanks to chyneuze, the Baie de St. Jean cam!
Click for Saint Barthelemy, St. Barthelemy Forecast

From the Montana Department of Transportation, the Two Medicine Bridge cam!
Click for Browning, Montana Forecast

From Milos, Greece, the Pollonia cam!
Click for Milos, Greece Forecast

Courtesy of boatnut9, the Hood Head cam!
Click for Hansville, Washington Forecast

Thanks to Bryza, the Kielce, Poland cam!
Click for Kielce, Poland Forecast

From Adelaide, Australia, the Outer Harbor cam!
Click for Adelaide, South Australia Forecast

Thanks to buriansnow, the frazione di Canzano cam!
Click for Teramo, Italy Forecast

From Castletonite, the Castleton Valley cam!
Click for Moab, Utah Forecast

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