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Redesign Update

By: Toby Skinner , 11:45 PM GMT on February 04, 2011

It's been almost 3 days since the launch of the new site and as expected, we've had a huge amount of feedback from you all. We appreciate all of your comments - both the positive and negative - and rest assured that we are listening to each and every one of you. We would like to address some of the recurring concerns that have been raised:

How long will the classic site be available?
The classic site is not going anywhere. We will be running it alongside the new site but as we add new features and data the classic site will not benefit from these additions. For further reassurance, I can tell you that we are still running our Telnet site from back in 1992 before The Internet took over.

Why change for the sake of change?
We are one of the oldest sites on the Internet and this new site design is the first major overhaul of the user interface for 16 years. The fact that we have had one overhaul in 16 years demonstrates that we do not 'change for the sake of change'. We have added so much data and so many new products over the years that we simply had to re-organize the architecture of the site. Also, we appreciate how much our loyal users love the appearance of the classic site, but for visitors less familiar with it, the brand impression was not always so positive. We have conducted research that showed that many people did not trust the weather data on the classic site because of its dated appearance. Of course our existing users remain our number one priority and these changes are designed to enhance your experience - but to continue to be here and provide you with our unique quality of data then we have to appeal to a wide audience.

I can't find data on the city forecast page?
The number one rule that we set ourselves when looking at the city forecast page was that absolutely no data could be taken away from our users. The focus of the redesign was to instantly surface as much data as possible for our users - but with a layout that doesn't feel like such a data overload. Despite its cleaner appearance, there is in fact more data available on the city forecast page than before, without having to click to a new page.

Why has the 5-day Forecast been moved further down the page?
We understand that some users are not happy about having to scroll down to the 5-day forecasts. We introduced the 'at a glance' data at the top of the page so you can see what weather is heading your way over the next 36 hour period. We could not keep everything at the top of the page but please note that the new city forecast page is more customizable for users with the collapsible functionality of the content sections. In response to many requests, we have just launched a new tab next to the radar image on the city forecast page that will give you the 7-day text forecast in one piece at the top of the page. If you click on this new tab, it will remain the default for your next visit.

Why did we launch the new site during major storms?
We had planned the re-launch for Groundhog Day for several months and we unfortunately could not have anticipated the level of severe weather activity that far in advance.

Are we 'going to do a Facebook' and keep changing the interface?
Again, this is the 1st overhaul of the site for 16 years. If you've used wunderground.com for a while you know that we are constantly making small changes to improve the site and this will continue on the new site. I can't promise that we won't redesign the site in 2017.....!

You can still go to your settings page and view both fahrenheit and degrees - it still needs some work integrating with the new site - we're working on it!

We will continue to listen to all of your feedback as we move forward with the new user interface. Ultimately, our focus is on delivering the most reliable and in-depth weather information - you can choose which version of the site you wish to view the data on.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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Yes, instead of the moronic redesign I want to use the Classic, yes. But each time I come back to Wunderground it has reverted to the moronic new design.

Always used to endorse and recommend Wundergound freely.

No longer.

Wunder has suffered the same fate as so many others. Over time the staff recruits younger staff who feel that the established design is "dated" and then proceed to try and "update" it with a paucity of imagination and response that reveals the lack is in themselves, not in the "old" design.

But try preventing newcomers from trying to justify their hiring by changing what isn't broken. You'll never succeed.

At the very least, make the Classic choice permanent for users who prefer it.


Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Classic view gives a completely different forecast to the new view. This is proof of what I have said that the data in the new view is wrong. I just compared the forecast for Windhoek, Namibia and the classic view is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to the new view. Something very wrong here.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I am extremely disappointed with the changes, and agree that the extended forecast should be at the top, the detailed forecast should be not far below, among other things. However, the biggest issue I have is there is no longer a link to a marine forecast site. As a sailor living on the coast, this was an invaluable resources. Without it, I have no reason to use wunderground any more. I will instead be using weather.com and the NOAA resources.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
548. irag2
Using the new site, I just changed my station with Station Select. So easy to do. This is something I never thought of doing with the old site. The new station is registering a wind speed that's more in keeping what I'm observing. 27mph makes more sense than 5.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
What is different and people are seeing it yet, is, the new site REQUIRES their "cookies" installed on your computer to set what you want to view. There is your answer. Cookies are for tracking and data logging on the users. Each time you go to their web site to check weather data they want you to be tracked. This consumer data being data based on each 'registered' user. This information is then sold to whom ever they can. The new site is set up to sell your computer usage and generate their business profits.

I always set my web browsers to delete cookies the instant they are installed, at the least.

As I posted earlier this is why we created our own local weather web site. Very easy to borrow code from other web sites an peak at their data through our own web site. We can now look direct at WU graphs and satellite views without having to go through all this garbage.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I never found it hard to find nocommonera. You have to scroll down a bit to find it but, in accordance with the new design, scrolling is a positive good isn't it?

Astronomy Hide
February 18, 2011 Rise: Solar Noon: Set:
Actual Time 6:52 AM PST 12:19 PM PST 5:46 PM PST
Civil Twilight 6:25 AM PST 6:13 PM PST
Nautical Twilight 5:54 AM PST 6:44 PM PST
Astronomical Twilight 5:23 AM PST 7:15 PM PST
Altitude -0.8° 39.8° -0.8°
Azimuth 104.3° 180.0° 256.0°
Hour Angle of the Sun 81.6° 81.7° -81.8°
Mean Anomaly of the Sun 45.10° 45.32° 45.55°
Obliquity 23.44° 23.44° 23.44°
Right Ascension of the Sun -28.29° -28.07° -27.85°
Sun Declination -11.61° -11.53° -11.45°
Moon 6:44 PM PST
6:45 AM PST
Length Of Visible Light: 11h 47m
Length of Day
10h 53m
Tomorrow will be 2m 23s longer.

Normal View
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Thanks iAMthePizzaHut. I had forgotten just how concise, easy and current the actual source data at the NWS is to access.

http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=38.7 6595193066862&lon=-121.17375181987882&site=sto&sma p=1&unit=0&lg=en&FcstType=text
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Most of the comments on this post are pretty goofy.

First, let me say that my friend finally stopped using my login and bought his own account because of the new look =) I agree that the classic look was too dated to attract new users.

I am also finding way more features now!

Really like the new sunrise/sunset thing. That used to be hard to find.

What i see as a problem is the right column... useless to most people, its more of TV/radio content. I think if you EXTEND the 36 hour forecast to the right with the 5 day forecast... people would be happier. Cause thats all you see on the classic site w/o scrolling.

Then of course, the extended forecast could go where the "weather summary" is.
And the hourly could move up to where the extended was =)
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Weighing in a 2nd (& last) time to pick out one annoying flaw (among many) in the new design. (And I'm wondering if the designers are reading these comments and will make changes in response to them.)

The flaw I'm referring to is consistent with the overall data-sparse character of the new layout. Right now I'm looking at the "Forecast" box, just below the "Current Conditions" box. I would like, at the very least, to see somewhere on the initially viewable page, without clicking, a summary of tomorrow's forecast that has more detail than "temp = 58" & "chance of t-storms" & "70% chance of precip" which is all I have available to me at the moment (all in the "Current Conditions" box). Where the more detailed forecast for tomorrow should be in the Forecast box, there's just blank space. (All I'm shown is the detailed forecast for tonight.) Now I know that in another hr or two, this detailed info for tomorrow will appear, but why isn't it there now? Evidently the info comes from NWS, and if I go to the NWS site, the info is there - I see the detailed forecast for tomorrow. But not here at W Underground. So the question is, why should I put up with the annoyance of a time gap during which there's no detailed forecast for tomorrow on the main page at W Underground, when I can use the NWS site which makes the detailed forecast available continuously?

One other minor point:
-On this blog page, in the "About WunderPress" box in the upper right, the initial sentence "This blog is to keep Weather Underground members up to speed..." is simply not English. What would be English is, "The purpose of this blog is to...". Not confidence-inspiring.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Terrible, terrible design. I want to see the weather at a glance, now i have to scroll and it's still not there.

Next time hire a design firm, or if you used one, fire them and start again ...

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Quoting pottery:
Well, you guys at WuderPress must be pretty sad about the comments here.
How about some changes, to reflect the wishes and desires of your Clients ?
Seems that there is ample information available now, for you to say "OK, we got it wrong. Here is the Fix."

I am convinced that the changes here were to cast a broader net for expanded advertising dollars. Like automated cold calling and traffic cameras which are universally despised by the recipients, it persists because there is profit in it for at least the organizers and managers of the scam. It is too early for the current owners to say to themselves that "OK, we got it wrong [the bottom line is not increased]" and they will never admit that to you or I even if it becomes true as it is likely to queer expansion of the stream of personal subscription income. I do wonder if the site has been sold to a larger business for it's reader base. If so, I hope that the original owners got a very good price for their little gold mine.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
540. gjc
Thanks for adding the Extended Forecast tab. Without it this long time user and subscriber would be in the "former" category.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I don't mind the new design too much but why is there so much white space on the left? I prefer the classic, and switch over to it without complaint but rss defaults to the new design. Can we get a rss link specifically for the old design? Pretty please!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Well, you guys at WuderPress must be pretty sad about the comments here.
How about some changes, to reflect the wishes and desires of your Clients ?
Seems that there is ample information available now, for you to say "OK, we got it wrong. Here is the Fix."
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

I don't like the new format.
I've ben using this site for years,and only just now joined so I could send a complaint !

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I don't like the New Look either. I am probably one of your oldest users (from Ann Arbor, UM Engr.) I'll skip the New Look.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I generally just use the Classic site, because what I really want is the extended forecast at the top. You say, "In response to many requests, we have just launched a new tab next to the radar image on the city forecast page that will give you the 7-day text forecast in one piece at the top of the page. If you click on this new tab, it will remain the default for your next visit.", but when you click on that tab, it doesn't appear at the top of the page. I still have to scroll down.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
533. I've been asking that question and a few more for days now. No response from WU. No new entry at WunderPress. Strange, hopefully we'll hear something soon. I'd like to use the new site going forward.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Nothing particularly wrong with the new design, the old site was admittedly starting to look archaic, however why is the width of the sections only extending literally across 1/2 of the page? This has nothing to do with a particular computer, this is a code choice. You should extend this so that people should not have to scroll down so much to look at the weather forecast. When people type in a zip code / city, the first thing they likely want to see is the forecast but they do not. It would be possible to display this alongside the "current conditions" section if you simply increased the width to extend all sections to the end of where the last dropdown "Resources" is located; the same width as the "Active Advisory" and "Notice Anything Different" notices. You seem to have made a strange choice and I recommend changing it: it looks very odd and it's frustrating having to scroll around looking for things when there's plenty of unused space on the entire right hand side. DO NOT PUT ADs there; your website will lose traffic. Thanks.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
532. UNCL
Quoting robinmatthews:
Well I keep checking back hopefully, but no satisfaction so far. The "settings" just do not work. "British English" reverts to "English" -- by which WU means American English. More importantly, setting "Units" to "Both" actually sets it to "English" -- that is poor old Fahrenheit, which of course the English no longer use. Setting this to "Celsius" does work, so I am set to that now. But I did enjoy having both! And if you have decided not to provide "Both" then for goodness sake take it out of the dropdown. All this makes me wonder if my paid membership really pays!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I just have to say, it's fine, really. I can see the amount of work put into the design. Some folks just have to complain when things change. Get used to it. I have used your site for a very long time now, several years, maybe 10? I liked the old site a lot. I will get used to the new site. One major overhaul in 16 years is a pretty good record. Your old site probably ran on Windows 95 or something, right? I freaked out at first with all the white space, couldn't find stuff, but now am getting used to it and think in the long run you did a great job.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Unlinke the majority of commentators, I really, really like the new interface. Nice job, folks. It is refreshingly clean and, in my opinion, much more intuitively organized. Yes, it will take some time to learn how to navigate the new design, but probably not as long as it took me to learn to navigate the old one.

And I have full confidence in your R&D team. I'm sure they will fix the most problematic issues people are raising in short order.

Keep up the excellent work!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Sorry to see WunderGround had to hire a bunch of high school graduates that just must demonstrate every new whiz bank programming idea shoved down their throat in school. All fuzzy and flash bang yet doesn't tell me a thing. Before it was easy to read and find. Now it is near impossible to find anything.

The "Classic Link" does not direct to the actual original format but rather a modified or stripped down version of an earlier but not earliest version.

My solution was to construct my own weather page and domain direct for my area. My friends and co-workers now appreciate a site, which I made simple, to find our local weather.

Why is it every school kid just has to go out and try to prove to the world every *&^% thing taught to them in school.

This New Site Stinks.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
After signing in, I go to Settings, Page Preferences, and in the Units drop-down box I select Both to display both Fahrenheit and Centigrade. I save my settings, then enter a zip code to view weather info. But only Fahrenheit is displayed. I go back to the settings page and see that Both has been changed back to English. Please fix this.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
526. laney
I'm surprised that no one seems to have mentioned the tedious and long Weather Summary on the right side of the new page. Who has the time or interest to read this boring stuff? The new format offers me very little - not an improvement.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hey yous,dont be a baby Bear already.

Use da classic wundergound and quit ya whining


Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
This used to be the best weather site on the 'net. In a glance you could see all you needed to know. Now it's filled with unneeded info and noise.

I'm moving to just using the NWS...fast and easy.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hate it. The old layout gave me everything I needed concisely. The new layout seems designed to make it difficult for me to find the same 7 day quick and dirty synopsis.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
After making a real effort to adjust to the new site I have to say I really REALLY hate it. The old site seems much more efficient. I would like to able to make the old classic site my default.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Don't mind change a bit, have to deal with it all the time. What I mind is that a few things are legitimately missing - UV index forecast, for example. Would simply like to have those back. So far, no response. Classic for now.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Well, it's going to take a little getting used to; but, after checking it out for about an hour this afternoon. I can start to see that this just really might be better once I get the hang of navigating the site. Every time there's an upgrade there's a learning curve. I don't hate change it's just that going through it can be uncomfortable for a while.

Rushing Turtle
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Hey, can we just go ahead and get the old site back please? It was better.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
My firs time seeing the new, redesigned site. I found it clean and not "crowded" and had no problem finding everything I wanted to see, despite it being my first visit.
Change is difficult for some people to deal with. Give it some time before you shoot the sheriff
Wunderground...good job!!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I really like the new design, I guess it did take a little to get used to, but it is great. You guys did a great job. Just ignore the guys that don't like it. I guess some people don't like change, they are probably still using IE6 too. I would like to recommend doing a really good iphone app.

Thanks for the hard work.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I like the new layout with one exception: There should be a prominent link to the hourly view.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all you have done.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
OK. I'm using the new version once I found out how to use it. The only thing I would like is all my favorite cities listed instead of having to scroll at the top of the page. It's very sluggish to scroll. Since there's a lot of space on the side, couldn't the favorites still be on the left side or have an option to have it that way?
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I just went back to the Classic view. I like having the WunderPhoto Thumbnails on the opening screen.
Wunderground has always been a twofer. Great weather info and great Photos shared from around the world.♥
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
After making a concerted effort to use the new interface and "give it a chance", I find that it's simply too counter-intuitive. I have to spend far too much time digging around trying to find information that used to be available at a glance, or one click deep at most.

I will be redirecting my bookmarks to the "classic view" version, and using that until such time as it is no longer available, or a new version becomes available which presents useful data without requiring a treasure-hunt to find it.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I like the look and feel, but there is key data missing from the new site. Until you can add the hourly forecast to the new site, I'll be using the classic.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I like the clean look and feel of the new website, but I will say that you've gone for a very soft color set. The result is that I find it hard to locate and differentiate between items that I want on the page. Stronger contrast should be used for differentiating between data tables and so on. Well, that's my opinion anyway.

Keep up the great work at Wunderground, truly one of the best sites around.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
On the new site, my home page now opens showing a panel of 10 local temperatures taken from sites a few miles apart. "Local" usually is within 100 miles of my actual location, but sometimes "local" is 500 miles away. Why I need this I don't know. When the site opens, I see no forecast information.

My sense is that the revision was directed by someone interested in page appearance but not weather content. The latter is my interest, so we are no longer a good match. .
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I see that on the classic website page you have a link at the top right to the new website. How about putting a link on the top left of the new website to the classic website before those people who don't realize it's still there go away for good.

I've seen many posts where it seems people want to find another weather site because they don't realize they can still use the classic or they can't find a link to it.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
508. Kilks
The new one is not good especially when it comes to RAPIDFIRE Updates...the city where my weather station was located is not updating, unlike the old interface where it works very well. I still love the old classic interface.

Member Since: Posts: Comments:
You explain:
"The focus of the redesign was to instantly surface as much data as possible for our users - but with a layout that doesn't feel like such a data overload"

The "classic" layout's data density is its strong point - most of what's needed at a single glance (OK, what I need and I'm a data geek, YMMV), the rest with minimal scrolling, tabbing, clicking or otherwise mucking about.

Yes, the new look is pretty. I'll continue working with it for a while before deciding if I need data fast, or like art and am willing to waste time mucking about for it given the rest of your excellent operation

Signed: A currently paid member
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Love the new layout!
Clean, crisp, friendly!!
WELL DONE Wunderground
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
I think it's a SECRET, but you can bypass the new format and default to the old one by going to http://classic.wunderground.com.

I've done this and now have decided to continue my paid subscription rather than find a lesser weather site.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

Quoting solar4u:
The New site SUCKS! Anyone know of a good site to switch to?
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
The New site SUCKS! Anyone know of a good site to switch to?
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
As stated above by "johnfromojai":

johnfromojai 2:44 AM GMT on February 16, 2011
I can't believe I had to register to lodge a complaint. Now I'm really unhappy!
I hate the new design. The old design was more fun, colorful and efficient; everything I wanted at one glance. If I wanted more detail I could go looking for it. At least give people the option of the old design. You've managed to combine bad choices of New Coke with the aesthetic excitement of old IBM."

Well, all of that goes double for me. And I did read all the reasons indicated for the change, but do not find it as "user friendly" with most of the information that is most useful to me "up front". It's well down the page and has to be looked for. Nor is it as attractive as the old design, IMHO. Clicking for the "classic look" is just another unwieldy and formerly unnecessary keypress.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Well I keep checking back hopefully, but no satisfaction so far. The "settings" just do not work. "British English" reverts to "English" -- by which WU means American English. More importantly, setting "Units" to "Both" actually sets it to "English" -- that is poor old Fahrenheit, which of course the English no longer use. Setting this to "Celsius" does work, so I am set to that now. But I did enjoy having both! And if you have decided not to provide "Both" then for goodness sake take it out of the dropdown. All this makes me wonder if my paid membership really pays!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:

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