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Childhood Obesity and the 5-STEP plan

By: WunderGirl12, 3:58 PM GMT on March 06, 2014

Childhood Obesity and the 5-STEP plan

Childhood obesity, a very common, and problematic situation. Childhood obesity is brought on by poor food choices, not enough exercise, unhealthy eating habits, and poor self-confidence in the child. As a minor sufferer myself, (i'm not hugely obese, just a little overweight by 10lbs), I know that having good eating habits, healthy food choices, and a personal self-confidence in my person has helped me drop the weight and become more effective at making the right kinds of decisions. My proposed plan would be:

1. Make healthy food choices. For example, for breakfast eat yogurt with granola and a bit of fruit. Drink water with all meals. For lunch, eat a light sandwich, such as Jimmy Johns, and drink water with your meal. For dinner, eat a larger meal, but 75% of it needs to be vegetables. A nutritious and satisfying meal would include one side of green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, and with a 6 ounce piece of chicken. This nutritious meal is healthy, but also extremely satisfying.
2. Eat at a regular time. Preferably, 8am, 12pm, and 5pm.
3. Exercise frequently. Thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise helps boost metabolism and helps strengthen your muscles and heart. After each meal, do 5 minutes of VERY light exercise to increase the metabolism rate.
4. Have good self-confidence in the things you do. When you have a healthy mental state, the weight simply melts off because you aren't compensating with food for a poor mental health.
5. Be happy, and live normally. Go outside, and only use the computer for a short time during the day. Go outside, and do something else that you are interested in, instead of focusing on "surfing" the internet for useless things that bring you down.

If kids follow my 5 step plan, the childhood obesity will no longer become an issue. This plan also works with adults, and so far has been very successful for me. So, eat healthy meals at regular times, exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, and have a healthy mental state.




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