Magnificent Birds

By: Willow13 , 1:50 AM GMT on March 21, 2008

Beautiful birds!

Mesmerizing (SecretSquirrel)
Saw this peacock and I was mesmerized by its vivid colors and its florecent body.
European Bee-Eater (KingGuile)
~~~~~~~Sooooo colorful !~~~~~~~
European Bee-Eater
Periscope Up (teach50)
Periscope Up
Close Watch It! (FloridaFan)
Is that my bath water down there? A pair of Shaftail Finches having a good time of it.
Close Watch It!
Ms Red Bird (KVAWARRE2P)
Female Northern Cardinal
Ms Red Bird
Mr Red Bird (KVAWARRE2P)
Mr Red Bird
Strut your Stuff (rebelshooter62)
Strut your Stuff
European Robin (PaulineA)
European Robin
Killdeer Two step (RevBE)
A Killdeer walking along the edge of a road.
Killdeer Two step
Blue Bird Day (RevBE)
This Blue Bird is very shy. He will not stay out in the open long enough for me to get an unobstructed photo. Here it is hiding among the branches of a plum tree.
Blue Bird Day
Sandill Crane Twins (1xstitcher)
Our resident Sandhill Crane babies are growing up so fast!
Sandill Crane Twins
Breakfast (FloridaFanToo)
Violet Euphonia
Napkin Please (SunsetFL)
The cardinals in my yard are extremely elusive but the female provided a photo op for me.
Napkin Please
Hood Ornament (Lanta)
Hood Ornament
Great Blue Heron (actual)
... looking like he's just returned from the Ministry of Silly Walks ;)
Great Blue Heron
A Decision.. . (Feather3)
. . .found the gander yesterday in a different location; closer to Virgin Creek Beach itself than the cliff his mate is on. In this shot, he's deciding whether it's safe to continue grazing, as he looks sharply in the direction of his mate, a distance away to my left.
A Decision.. .
Good Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning ! (KingGuile)
Good Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning !
HELP ME Mama (verityfirst)
We've been waiting a month for these little Kildeer to hatch. Oh it was soooo worth it.
The Peanut Gallery! (Pamshubby)
HOMER, Alaska - The peanut gallery! LOL. There were a lot of birds around the Homer Spit all weekend, I think a lot of that had to do with the weather. It was windy and blustery, with temps in the mid-30's. Hey, at least it didn't snow on us this year! It was a weekend of learning how to adjust camera settings to account for the cloud cover and the birds. We do this weekend gathering every year and everyone is always welcome to join us!
The Peanut Gallery!
Incredible (SunsetFL)
Wow, this was so amazing and beautiful to watch. A single tri colored heron was standing in the water when the second one approached. They then proceeded to
Snack Time (motoshutter)
Snack Time
Green Jay (oneshotww)
I'd never seen these birds before and thought they were quite beautiful.
Green Jay
Lookee There! (FloridaFan)
Young Anhinga completely taken by something behind him.
Lookee There!
Water ballet (FloridaFanToo)
Tri-colored heron
Water ballet
Fishing Heron (GeorgiaPeach)
Fishing Heron
Spot of Red (teach50)
Spot of Red
Smooth Landing (pincollector1)
This pelican is coming in for a smooth landing on the Red River. American white pelicans are no doubt unmistakable, they are the only white pelicans in North America. Pelicans have a vertebra in their neck, which prohibits them from ever raising their face. The white pelican is 60 in. in length and 107 in. in width, one of the largest of the 8 true species of pelicans. They have a yellowish pouch connected to the lower mandible of the beak that stretches up to six inches. Their bodies are mostly white, with black primaries and outer secondaries, which are hidden until the bird outstretches it's enormous wings. During mating season the male develops a fibrous plate on the upper part of the beak, this is a unique characteristic of the white pelican. Also the bill is bright orange during the mating season. Their feet are orange, and are webbed not only between the four front toes but also between the second toe and the inwardly directed back toe. They have an enormous wingspan of 8 - 9.5 feet. Their legs are orange, and are extremely short. I photographed these pelicans fishing on the Red River near the locks in Lockport, Manitoba. Lockport is approximately 20 miles from the City of Winnipeg.
Smooth Landing
Roseate Spoonbill (edguthrie)
Roseate Spoonbill at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens FL
Roseate Spoonbill
Gyr Falcon (Marlis)
Gyr Falcon
Happy greetings (FloridaFanToo)
A pair of nesting Great Blue Herons.
Happy greetings
A beautiful Anhinga (bigskies)
A beautiful Anhinga
Banny Chicken (NWFMEMBER)
striking a pose
Banny Chicken
OUCH!!! (teach50)
Help ! It's Too Big ! (KingGuile)
~~~~~~~Cormorant-in-action lunch !~~~~~~~
Help ! It's Too Big !
Towhee (Lanta)
Wood Storks (SunsetSailor)
Wood Storks
Bufflehead in flight (wenchyjen)
these little fellas are quite fast, so it's always a thrill to catch on in flight. the light was right on this one, to show off the iridescence on his head...
Bufflehead in flight
backyard birding...#1 (LKleef)
...portrait of a kingfisher on lookout
backyard birding...#1
Beautifully buffed (FloridaFanToo)
Cattle egret in breeding plummage.
Beautifully buffed
Elegant Lady (teach50)
Elegant Lady
Fish Lunch (KingGuile)
Fish Lunch
The Model (KingGuile)
~~~~~~~~~~European Bee-Eater~~~~~~~~~~
The Model
All Choked Up (teach50)
All Choked Up
Tree Swallow (hikerboy45)
Tree Swallow
the three tenors (mieke)
the three tenors
look mamy......flowies!!!!! (mieke)
look mamy......flowies!!!!!
Cardinal (gaman)
Devilish (teach50)
The wind was blowing and when the cormorant turned its head this is what it looked like.
Rufous Hummingbird (actual)
So many flowers, so little time... ;)
Rufous Hummingbird

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5. Feather3
3:41 AM GMT on April 01, 2008
Thanks, Willow - they really have. This is the second year that I know of that they have chosen the rock just offshore to nest on. I keep wondering HOW the babies are going to get OFF that rock - then think about Wood Ducks and how far their babies have to JUMP from the TREES they nest in and don't worry too much. :)

April's blog will debut in the morning, God willing :)

Member Since: December 12, 2003 Posts: 72 Comments: 2955
4. Willow13
2:01 AM GMT on March 30, 2008
Thanks Feather! I added your gander : ) He and his mate have chosen a beautiful location!
Member Since: September 16, 2003 Posts: 21 Comments: 2722
3. Feather3
1:32 AM GMT on March 30, 2008
Great start!

My April Blog is going to be a Challenge Blog. I will be asking our bird photographers to tell just what presented the most challenge to them in getting their shots. Therefore, zoo, aviary, and other captive birds, will not be included.

Love your collection so far!

Member Since: December 12, 2003 Posts: 72 Comments: 2955
2. Willow13
1:22 AM GMT on March 30, 2008
Gardengrrl, Thank You So Much :)
Member Since: September 16, 2003 Posts: 21 Comments: 2722
1. GardenGrrl
5:19 AM GMT on March 25, 2008
Awesome collection!
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 312 Comments: 13168

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