Farmers Market on Saturdays on the Dan

By: WeatherWise , 1:16 PM GMT on August 26, 2014

Danville Community Market


We ae so lucky to have such a wonderful farmers market every Saturday! It is such pleasure!


There are usually vendors outside as well as inside.


This is a new sign listing all of the Danville's across the country.


One of my favorite farmer vendors was giving a cooking demonstration on the front dock or deck with free food. I did not stop but rushed on in to find his wife at their farm display.


This is a long shot down the main row for me. There are other rows but this is mainly all fresh produce on this row. You can see the old floors - this used to be a tobacco warehouse has been restored as a huge event building. The early morn crowd has cleared out and this is the leisure crowd, now.


This is a sweeping view of several organic farm displays.


This is my favorite little young farm lady - the one who has the herbal bouquet for the herbal lemonade. Her husband was giving a cooking demo on the front dock or deck.


A long shot from the other end of same aisle. Some vendors were already packing up to go even though they had not completely sold out. Perhaps they had somewhere they needed to go.


This is the chicken man - originally the only one. Now there are quite a few others. I did not get a photo of my beef man but he was there.


This lady changed vendor spots - not sure that is a great idea as folks get used to you being in your spot and don't even see you over there in the new area. She is not organic but has beautiful produce always and her flowers are the most healthy and last the whole season when I buy them. She had some of the most beautiful spinach this spring!

So there, I have only taken you on one aisle but I hope you can see why I enjoy and love my farmers market ventures. Today, I bought hot cayenne peppers as mine have played out, a chicken from my little organic farm couple as well as a new thyme plant, fresh basil to add to what I have at home for making pesto. I bought ribeyes from the beef man and field peas perhaps purple hulls already shelled from a new farmer vendor and freshly dug potatoes from two different vendors, I bought fresh country sausage meat from another vendor out front as I was headed to the car. I found quite a few other goodies as well. I packed my things away in the cooler and headed out on the trail for a wonderful walk ending at the butterfly garden before going home. Hope you enjoyed our trip to the market.

Radar for my area:- Rain seems to have a hold on us.

Local Radar

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35. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
12:28 PM GMT on September 03, 2014
WeatherWise has created a new entry.
34. WeatherWise
12:53 AM GMT on September 03, 2014
Thanks, Oz! it was a hot one here, today, right on up until the sun went down. Has only dropped to 81 at almost 9 pm. So a warm night. You are having some winter days with frost! WOW. Spring should be coming your way soon, right?

I pretty much stayed in after my mid morn walk since it was to be close to 97. I did go across town to pick up my CSA Farm Share of fresh vegetables. Nothing really exciting in it today. Peppers, more peppers, tomatoes, tender butter lettuce, greens and more greens and more greens. It had arugala in it which I am not really crazy about and several others that I am not wild about - but all were beautifully fresh!

OH, should have been a fly in the phone line as I tried to have a conversation with the pharmacist at CVS.
Me:I explained to the pharm that had to transfer presc. to Walg while in DC. CVS: You have no presc left - have to see doc. Me: No, I have one left. CVS: Has not been filled since July. Me: Perhaps you do not understand. CVS: OH, I understand. After a few more similar blurbs finally she asked me for the phone number of the DC PH and presc no. Said they would try to get it transferred. Really! Thinking how much easier it would have been to have just stayed with Walgreens with a much nicer Ph person.

It is strange how folks do not go out of their way to be nice, or help you, or make anything easy for you. Walgreens was just as nice as they could be when I called to get the prescription while in DC. They did everything to make it easy and were super nice. They have even called to check on my satisfaction since I got back home. Also called to let me know it was time to get it refilled. Perhaps I am going to the WRONG pharmacy here in town.

Oh, well! Such is life but not really as Walgreens is just as close to me as CVS and there is no reason why I can't just transfer all of my prescriptions. Going to think on that. It is like I go to CVS every month for all of my prescriptions forever and this is what I was dealt with. Time for a change perhaps.
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33. ozgalah
10:46 PM GMT on September 02, 2014
Hi WW hope you manage to stay cool! We have gone back to winter after all the glorious sunshine last week, we had a frost threat for last night.
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32. WeatherWise
5:22 PM GMT on September 02, 2014
Hi Sandi! It is to be a hot one today - prediction of 97. Was already above 90 by 11. I got in a mid morn walk as knew it was to heat up.

Not too much wildlife stirring as too much human activity.

Was pretty neat as I walked down the street. Seems a church group perhaps were giving an elderly couple's house a facelift ot all different types - tree trimming, scraping and painting, someone was sawing some pieces of board on a sawhorse and I don't know what else. The elderly guy is a retired chaplan from Hargrave Military Academy. I would say he was a retired minister but he keeps on going and perhaps still has a church and makes the drive to Greensboro NC to teach new ministers. I think perhaps a friend drives him now. if they were not doing this today, he would be up on the ladder doing it. He still mowed until recently, that same guy that drives him to Greensboro mows for him now. He still drives daily to prison ministry and different outings every day several times a day. His wife is fairly much disabled but must still be doing the inside housework. An amazing couple.

Checked with a friend to see is she wanted to walk as I got near her house. Seems she had a miserable night as her air went out and was resting since the morning coolness set in. No walk as she had to get a repair service out.

There was roadwork going on next to the woods so no activity there either.

Down by the cardinal tree there were sheets on the line flapping in the breeze so no activity there either.

The pretty little yellow canna lily was fading away today. I did get a another shot of the purplish blueish flower low on the vine. The name is not coming to me right now. Clematis! it was in the shade as I headed down that street. Coming back the sun had found it so perfect lighting.

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31. sandiquiz
1:19 PM GMT on September 02, 2014
What a glorious market, thanks for taking us shopping with you!

We have large indoor markets, too, but they sell all kinds of things, from fresh meat and vegetables to wool and fabrics, through to cleaning products and screwdrivers!

Thanks for your comments on my Constable photos - the blog is now up:)

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30. WeatherWise
2:38 AM GMT on September 02, 2014
Thanks, Pros, for dropping by and leaving me the white rabbits! You take care!

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29. Proserpina
9:52 PM GMT on September 01, 2014
WHITE RABBITS X3! Sorry that I am flying by, life is much too complicated!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
28. WeatherWise
3:11 PM GMT on September 01, 2014
Skye posted a shot of some goats from her trip to NC. Reminded me of my younger son's goats from a few years back. They were great for keeping vegetation down. Only thing is they did not know the difference in what to eat and what not to eat like his tender new grapevine.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
27. WeatherWise
2:53 PM GMT on September 01, 2014
Thanks, Plapman! Guess fall is already hitting your area. I saw some signs on Saturday as I traveled to higher elevation. Actually looked a bit weird. The underbrush was turning golden and only like the bottom limbs of trees were golden. I have never seen that before. Wish I had stopped to take photos but had a schedule to keep as was meeting my son for lunch.
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26. plapman
12:52 PM GMT on September 01, 2014
And a happy September to you too.
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25. WeatherWise
12:23 PM GMT on September 01, 2014
Thanks, GG and Wabit! I just can't believe Sept is here. I am going to try to cherish every day amd make it last a long time. Not sure how to do that. I know how or think I know how the time flies. I think it is because we have something special going on in two weeks and we intensely wait for that day to come and then a special birthday or anniversary at the end of the month and before we know it the end of the month is already here. So perhaps taking them month one day at a time might help. I don't know!
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24. GardenGrrl
9:51 AM GMT on September 01, 2014
White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits, Happy September!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
23. whitewabit
5:02 AM GMT on September 01, 2014
White Wabits, White Wabits, White Wabits .. let the harvest month of September share in its bounty !!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
22. WeatherWise
4:08 AM GMT on September 01, 2014
Thank you, OZ! I can not believe it is September! Where does time go? When am I going to ever get bored? I really thought time would be slow and dull in retirement. It has yet to happen! Good luck with your expectant mother pup. Hope all goes well.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
21. ozgalah
2:07 AM GMT on September 01, 2014
White rabbits WW hope to get back later to read more!!
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19. WeatherWise
6:49 PM GMT on August 31, 2014

Well, my Saturday did not consist of the visit to the Farmers Market this week! I was off on a roadtrip to spend times with my sons. I met my older son for a nice leisure lunch. Then I went out to my younger son's.

Played with the kids awhile and then we all headed off to his pastor's farm off of the Blue Ridge Parkway up on Copper Hill. It was beautiful country. Their church held a picnic social, cookout and ribs cookoff before the baptism of my grandson and several others in the farm pond It was quite beautiful!

We arrived around 4 but the largest portion of the folks started showing up between 5 and 6 perhaps they knew something we didn't. The children and youth had fun with a swing over edge of the lake and a little zip line that ended up in the lake, and paddling about on a canoe type boat except larger that most canooes. By the time, everyone arrived there was a huge feast spread out and we all had a nice meal together. Finally they gathered closer to the lake for the baptism. Surely wish I had my camera with me but had left it on my son's dining table. I really have not used my cell phone camera enough to be good at even knowing how the camera worked. At last second, I decided why not and took a few shots. They actually turned out beautiful. So tried to send it to my email and of course it was auto resized for sending. Did not give me an option.

As soon as my grandson was baptized all of us grandparents and step grandparents were in the going to head down the mountain before it gets dark mode, even those that lived right there in town. So I figured well me too as I have a long ways to go and was getting late at that point plus I had to make a stop off at my son's to get my camera. (Which was a wasted effort as went in decided bathroom trip was in order - walked right out without camera - realized it the moment I locked the door so still no camera.)

Drove straight home without stopping for anything after that and got in a bit after 9:30. My neighbor was watching out the window for me as I drove up. I had called her as I was going through Boones Mill to let her know I would be a bit afer 9:30 so she would not be concerned. We look out for each other like that.

So I had a beautiful, wonderful day but quite a bit for one day. I am going back up to same spot for a different event in a few weeks that starts at 6. I am thinking perhaps, I will pack a bag and stay over for the night. Really, I should try to find a neat bed and breakfast off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I just bet there is a neat one - Otherwise there are plenty of hotels in the city.
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18. calpoppy
4:46 PM GMT on August 31, 2014
The market manager there must make some fair money with all the vendors!! I know the market managers on the two farmer's market around my area take 8% of what the vendors sell. There is work involved making a successful market, especially finding the right vendors that actually will show up most of the time!

We have a lot of regs in Calif especially where meat is concerned, I have seen vendors with fish but no other meats. Usually the farmer sells a share of the farm and that is how they get away with selling meat that they produce.

Looks like your weather is still on the warm side, I am wishing for an early fall, may not happen but I still wish for it!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
17. WeatherWise
1:19 PM GMT on August 31, 2014
Thanks, Briarcraft! It helps to know I was not the only one. Yes, I was allowed to set the table, stir stuff on the stove, and a few things. Sometimes when we were grading tobacco, I might be allowed to run to the house to heat up soup or something and there was one night a week that was called sticking up tobacco- a lot of hard work and I might be alllowed to go to the house to fix hamburgers. Think perhaps the reason I did not get to do too much was I had an older sister at home until I was about 13 perhaps. My mother probably felt I was too young to cook at that point. Maybe. Sometimes on Saturday, I was allowed to cook stewed potatoes. I did make sugar cookies that I learned to cook in Home Ec. I learned to cook cupcakes and cake layers also in home ec so sometimes I would make the layers for her great chocolate cake she made. One more thing - remember those Chef Boy R D pizza mix. I made them up in pie tins as they did not have pizza pans for sale to the public as yet. I would make those. Daddy would not touch them - whether it was because I cooked them not Mama or whether it was just because it was a foreign food. Everyone one else loved them. I remember when the first pizza place came to town - perhaps the Rathskellar. A young friend had a birthday party and they must have gotten take out pizzas. I have to say they were not good....It was like scorched bread and perhaps with only sauce and we added cooked hamburger and cheese to the top. I vaguely remember and was not good at all but we all tried it like it was the greatest. They probably had the old country pizza oven and maybe it left the black streaks under the bottom. Not sure.

Thanks for the lovely flower and story! It is beautiful!
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16. BriarCraft
8:47 PM GMT on August 30, 2014
I got a kick out of yours and GG's moms in the kitchen. My experience was similar. I never prepared dinner until I was out on my own. My mother did teach me the basics of cooking, but she never let me do more than stir the gravy at dinnertime. When I got out on my own, I knew how to make bread, bake cookies and cakes, and can jams and preserves, but not a clue about how to season a roast or make white sauce. I learned those basics from Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook, the 1967 edition.

How nice that you have the benefits of a PWS without the bother or expense of having it in your back yard!

Now, I'd like you to meet Naked Lady. My mother gave me the bulbs, which she got from her mother. Who knows where they originated?

Naked Lady lily
This lily sends up foliage in spring, which dies down over the summer. Then in late summer, the bulb sends up a tall stem, naked of foliage, and this lovely pink flower opens.
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15. WeatherWise
2:30 AM GMT on August 29, 2014
Thank you, Aqua! I am forever talking about going to the market before going on the RiverWalk. I decided to take my camera along and snap a few photos to share. There is so much more there, special little ladies with their handy work, some younger ladies with their own jewelry they have made, artist displaying their artwork for sale, a local winery selling its wares, beekeepers selling their honey, the master gardners are there every week to talk with folks and give out valuable information. There is a cake lady or several cake and pie ladies, an Amish group, a local sandwich shop called O'Kelly's comes to the market with sandwiches, homemade sweet rolls, fresh made slaw, chicken salad, barbecue, fruit cups home made rolls - just about everything they sell in their 7 shops around town. There is still so much more that I have not mentioned.

I agree flowers are so beautiful and I really just love to see anything grow. I had some pots left over from last year hoping the flowers would come back this year. They did not but something tall is growing in them and I keep waiting to see what in the world it is. I took a photo of it a few days ago but can't find it. I will take another shot of it tomorrow and post it here. I knw I should pull it up before it seeds out and spreads everywhere. I just can't bring myself to do it. Perhaps you can help me identify it. Have a great weekend and thank you for coming over to check on me.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
14. aquak9
1:47 AM GMT on August 29, 2014
thank you so much for sharing the farmer's market- I am so envious- the building itself is beautiful, as well-

I have always thought that flowers and veggies were the most beautiful things in the world, completely made by God, just perfect.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
13. WeatherWise
1:39 AM GMT on August 29, 2014
My Own Personal Weather Station (NOT)
This evening, I went out on a personal mission - not to find the deer or to spot a bird. I usually do the flat walk late evening but this afternoon I took the hilly walk around the block to try to spot the PWS that I noticed a couple of days ago was reporting to Wunderground. I knew there should be some sighs like equipment on the top of the house or on a pole. I had figured out that it was about halfway the street behind me. So I walked along scanning every house and yard for a sign. I found it.

So it is like having my own weather station without even having to install it. Some of you know the story about how that is how I got started on WU back in 2003. I registered here not to upload photos but to register our school PWS. For several years we were a School weather station for a TV station out of Roanoke. This was back in the days of dial-up internet service. They could dial in and get the reports and they would give the weather school report at 6 and 11. I also had the software on my home computer and could dial up and get the weather report. It was neat. I have really yearned for a PWS of my own. Now I don't need it as this one is so close by.

SO, that is my excitement for the night!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
12. YelloworangeRose
10:23 PM GMT on August 28, 2014
time zone ~ 14 hours difference.i get confused too. so what i do is remember when it is 6 am my time it is 6pm in new york and sometimes it is 5pm for them (day light saving time thing)and in some states it is less 2 hours some 3, while in Australia they are about 3 hours ahead of mine and then the more i get confused with time.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
11. WeatherWise
7:34 PM GMT on August 28, 2014
Hi WTS, It is surprising how little I spend. I usually allot myself 20 dollars and pretty much stick to it unless I buy meat or flowers. I spend more when I do that as a small free range chicken runs about 13 dollars. Ground Beef 6, the fillets and ribeyes are prime price of course. Otherwise, mostly I spend pocket change that I have accumulated over the year. We do have some small ones but often I question in my mind are they really for REAL or are they a PRODUCE stand. I love to find a good PEACH stand along the roadway. There is one close to Amelia on the highway to Richmond that I love to stop at on roadtrips.

It is really heating up here today. 92 at the closest reporting weather station. There is a new PWS in my area. I would love to know which house. It is along my hilly walk which I have not done in quite a few days. I am going to have to set a goal to walk and find that PWS. There should be outward signs like the equipment on a pole or on top of the house.
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10. WatchinTheSky
6:27 PM GMT on August 28, 2014
Ohhh.. That looks like a dangerous place! One might need several large bags to haul away goodies from there :-) Farmer's markets are great. We have many small ones here instead of a large one, more trips.
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9. WeatherWise
5:55 PM GMT on August 28, 2014
Hi GardenGrrl, Your Mom was pretty smart getting you and your sister to take on the cooking. My granddaughters are interested in cooking, at 8 and 9. They are funny. One night, the 9 year old prepared a several course meal and had us critique it as they do on one of those cooking shows on the food channel.

My daughter knows how I cook and my mother's way and has decided it is not healthy eating and has chosen her own way of cooking. I have actually learned a lot and have changed my way of cooking a whole lot.

Perhaps that is what has sparked the interest in cooking with her girls. I think she gets tired of cooking or prepping food and always seems one of them does not like what's for dinner. They are funny as they go through different plans for eating. Sometimes when I am there, everyone votes as to whether a dish is a do again dish One gets to choose what's for dinner, the other chooses whats for lunch, etc. Often they will eat it tonight but will not touch it the rest of the week when it shows up as lunch tomorrow. Cooking for a family is quite a challenge.

I love specialty kitchen and food stores too. We used to have a store in Danville called Southern Gourmet that I loved. It finally closed as a place like that has a hard time making it. Greensboro is not that far away and they have a neat store that I like called The Extra Ingredient. I love to go there, but have not made shopping trip to Greensboro in a long time. Occasionally, I make a trip to Whole Foods in Durham along with several other side trips. A friend and I are planning another soon.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
8. GardenGrrl
2:48 PM GMT on August 28, 2014
Oh Mom's and cooking. No one from my Mom's side of the family is very good at cooking. We have famed stories of holiday dinner disasters. So what did my Mom do? (Besides taking us to eat at restaurants a lot.) As soon as my sister and I were old enough to read she bought a bunch of cook books presented them to us and told us girls to start planning meals and figure out how to cook stuff.
Oddly, it worked. My sister and I are both good cooks and love to go to farmers markets and fancy grocery stores.
That was part of the perk, Mom would take us shopping at cool stores for the ingredients because invariably we started getting fancy.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
7. WeatherWise
12:09 PM GMT on August 28, 2014
Thanks, GardenGrrl, Yes, the good stuff is scooped up in the first hour anyway so best to get there early. This building is an open air building with like big dock open doors most of the way along as was a huge tobacco warehouse in what is now part of the historic district. So either cool cross breezes blowing or heat on hot days. Thanks, GG, Virginia is a nice place to live. It took me a long time to call it home as my childhood home through college was in NC. Now, I have lived here a larger portion of my life. It is funny how you always seem to go back to your roots and somewhow think that was the best.

Thanks, YelloworangeRose:, Glad you enjoyed the farmer's market. I do tend to go on with telling stories, don't I? That is one reason I decided to blog as I always had a story to tell about each photo I posted. Your market sounds nice, too. .Hope your day was good. Our time zones are so different and is a bit confusing. Have a great weekend.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
6. YelloworangeRose
9:40 PM GMT on August 27, 2014
Hi WW,
Thank you for showing us the farmer's market and sharing us your nice stories. What first caught my attention were the plants and the flowers being sold. It is always what i look for when i go to farmer's market. When I was still living in the City, there was a farmer's market every friday afternoon right outside the City hall which is at the back of Sto. Niño church. people who go to church on Friday chose the afternoon mass and then they buy produce at the farmer's market after the mass. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. I used to buy veggies and plants every Friday afternoon there . It was the city government's project. The Mayor made sure a Dumpt truck goes up to the mountains to pick up the farmers waiting beside the road ready with their produce.
It was nice of you to learn how to cook by your own and i was grinning while i was reading your story about your mom not wanting her sons to go hungry . My mama is a good cook too but she never taught us how. So I am not a good cook but rather a good eater. my mama is good at making home made sardines and she does once in a while.

Hi ladies (Briar, GG and proserfina) thank you for sharing your stories too. I love the online seeding catalog i see gardening tips there and i am going to enjoy reading these. Good evening and have a nice sleep. My day is just starting here ^_^
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. GardenGrrl
8:32 PM GMT on August 27, 2014
Hi, great Farmers Market. Beautiful setting and variety. We have some small ones here scattered about. Because of the heat generally have to chose on a Saturday between either the yard, the dog park or a farmers market. BY 9am it is just too hot to be outside.
What a nice place you live at.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. WeatherWise
7:57 PM GMT on August 27, 2014
Hi BriarCraft, Thank you for checking out my farmers market! Earlier in the morn, it is really crowded and folks sometimes push their way to get the good stuff. It is especially crowded after the seniors coupons are issued. Not sure exactly how they get them but perhaps early June, they start showing up at the market. I think they are given or mailed perhaps a book of five dollar coupons - not sure how many. At the market, they can only spend it on Virginia grown products. With Danville being right on the VA/NC border, quite a few of our vendors are from NC. I will try to get there early one Saturday so you can see the crowds. I love the market, too.

Thanks for the link to the seed website. Looks like a great resource with good info and illustrations. Of course, let's me know how few I know and I know a lot as have enjoyed flowers all of my life. Distinquishing different varieties that are actually same flower but look so entirely different as in the inpatiens dilemma is a problem for me. I expected the greenery to at least be similar. I like the way they also have the listing over to the left of all of the flowers without having to look through each photo to find one. I love the photos as well because often I know what it looks like but not the name.

Yes, I think that is what we all do - plant our favorites and what I remember my mother planting.

Hope you have a great week and am still so impressed with you canning all of that fish! Amazing and such great know how and endurance to do all of the physical labor that job calls for. I am guessing perhaps you helped with that as a child or teenager to have continued the process on into your grown-up life. I encourage mothers to find their patience to have their sons and daughters beside of them helping with such processing. My mother was a wonderful cook and did some great cooking, canning, freezing, baking, etc. in her lifetime but did not include me in it. She'd rather do it herself than to have someone else in her kitchen. I guess she was fast and knew how she wanted it done. She always sent us out to do the chores and work on the farm. She worked on the farm plus got all three meals prepared as well. She was an amazing woman. I think perhaps she saw me still as a child until a week before I got married. (mind you, I had finished college and taught school for three years at this point) Suddenly she was going to teach me how to make biscuits the old timey way. It wasn't going to happen. She dumped all ingredients in a wooden board tray bowl and worked it all up. Then she would pinch off little balls still working on that tray. She would take a ball and magically roll it between the palms of her hands and have a perfect smooth biscuit. I would roll one and it was still a crumpled ball. She could not understand why I could not do it. The funny thing though, even though she never taught me, she taught everyone of her daughter-in-laws as she did not want her sons to go hungry I guess.

I did learn to make biscuits eventually and to cook but from cookbooks not from my mother who was the most wonderful cook in the world. Wonder why...

Hi Proserpina, I just bet you have a beautiful market close by. My sister just loves mine and hearing about it but I am certain there are much greater ones in the Richmond area - she lives in Glen Allen. I am glad you get to go to one in your area. It is fun being there and hearing stories from the farmers. Most of them take the time to share how they prepare vegetables for cooking. The fresh produce is fun and very important to come right home and prep it as you lose the advantage of the freshness if not taken care of right away. What I buy often depends on what my schedule is and if I am going to have time to prep it immediately. Like no point in buying fresh corn if not time to prep immediately. Hope you have a beautiful afternoon. My beautiful nice day heated up a bit after my midday walk and the air is pumping. It is already up to 88 and nice and sunny at 3:30 pm. Looks like we are to be in the high 80s to 90s the rest of the week. Stay cool and enjoy!
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3. Proserpina
7:43 AM GMT on August 27, 2014
Good morning. Thank you for sharing your Farmers Market. Occasionally I go to one in our area and I love being there, looking around, buying the fresh produce, etc. Unfortunately I do not do it often enough. Really enjoyable blog.
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2. BriarCraft
3:49 AM GMT on August 27, 2014
I love that market! The size of the building and variety of vendors is comparable to my favorite in Olympia. In fact, I wish the Olympia aisles were wider, more like Danville's. Back when I had to walk with a cane, one impatient person or another would kick it out from under me as they tried to squeeze by in a hurry.

I read about your fun winter project. You might want to check out They have the widest variety of annuals and perennials I have seen anywhere. And they have good pictures of most things. Every year I plant my old favorites, but then I always have to try something new and that is where I find it.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. WeatherWise
3:22 AM GMT on August 27, 2014
Okay - That does it! I have a new winter project - I know many flowers from childhood and seeing daily but so many I do not know.I am going to work on learning to identify more flowers. First I need to collect resources. I suspect seed catalogs might even be a great resource. Perhaps some gardening magazines that I was just getting ready to a BIG purge with a giant garbage bag! I am sure I have a perfect field guide yeons old so I think I will invest in a new one. Then there are always zillions of websites: .php wer_finder_A.html
And so many more but my eyes keep closing between websites for bedtime has arrived or past bedtime.
There are some really great garden center websites as well. Their catalogs are becoming obsolete. One of my very favorites is Niche Gardens. I think one could learn a lot just from making a trip to a nusery.
So a beginning to my winter's journey!
Have a wonderful night everyone and good morning to Sandi and Barb!
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Always Wondering About the Weather

About WeatherWise

Always wondering about the weather and looking for any wildlife, flower, bird, deer, butterfly, trees, etc. on daily walks with camera in hand.

Local Weather

Mostly Cloudy
63 °F
Mostly Cloudy

WeatherWise's Recent Photos

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Grand Manan Ferry Feb 24.jpg
Grand Manan feb 24.jpg
Grand Manan Lighthouse

Personal Weather Stations

Druid Hills
Danville, VA
Elevation: 499 ft
Temperature: 79.0 °F
Dew Point: 72.3 °F
Humidity: 80%
Wind: Calm
Wind Gust: -
Updated: 2:38 PM EDT on September 28, 2016

About Personal Weather Stations