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Ever Seen Cardinal Eggs Before?

By: WeatherWise , 3:11 PM GMT on June 06, 2014

Ever Seen Cardinal Eggs Before?

I never have! I discovered my cardinal's nest this am. I was shocked. I was walking around the overgrown redtips that my neighbor will not trim looking way up high as they are above tall tree height. However I spotted something interesting down low. About that time the bird which I did not see flew. However I heard the sound of the cardinals spitting and picpeck sound. I was amazed but remember now that they do sometimes like low spots.


I have fed these cardinals year after year and watched them bring their little ones to the feeder. The babies perch on my trellises and wait for the parent to hop over to feed them. This has been year after year but never had I ever discovered the nest in my yard.

I did discover their nest in a tree across the street one year after the babies were born. It was too high up for me to see. I tried though. I got the ladder out and went across there and climbed up and held the camera up as high as I could to get a shot. I am sure the folks that drove past as I was doing this crazy stunt were shaking their heads and laughing. Oh, well - whatever floats your boat!

Guess that means I might be a Cardinal Granny, too!

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11. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
8:35 PM GMT on June 08, 2014
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10. WatchinTheSky
3:00 AM GMT on June 08, 2014
That is just amazing! Good luck with all the nests, I'm sure more photos to come!
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9. WeatherWise
7:42 PM GMT on June 07, 2014
Nest update: Still 5 healthy little babies in bluebird box. That nest is full already - it will be bursting at the seams as they grow and begin to fill out with feathers and all. It is harder to see their daily growth as they are all snuggled against each other. Last year, on day 4, I was able to see that it had toenails on toes. With only one little bird in there, I could see so much more.

Still only two eggs in the cardinals nest.

Only four eggs in robins nest.

So am guessing 2 cardinals and 4 robins and I have no idea when as I don't know when their eggs were laid. So will just have to watch and wait!
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8. WeatherWise
7:22 PM GMT on June 07, 2014
Re: 10 Hour Days, Don't get me wrong - being a school teacher I put in a many a 10 hour day counting my after hours prep work and grading. However, I am thinking 10 hours 7 to 5 reguired to be at work and trying to fit Friday's work in the extra time on the other four days - I think it would be difficullt. If they ever do that for the children's school day, I just think it would be super hard to make up for that lost day. I remember when they only added 15 min to the day for perhaps a month or so to make up for snow days, it was miserable and you really can't make up a day in 15 minute increments over a month or however long. Pretty much a missed day is just that....make-up days just don't work for school children.
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7. WeatherWise
7:11 PM GMT on June 07, 2014
Hi Proserpina, YOu are right - nest watching does not always have a happy ending. My brother just experience something similar with his cardinals and another pair of birds. Sorry you are having problems with the coons and other predators to the point that you can't put bird food out for awhile.Yep the raccoons, hawks, and crows and don't forget the bears We keep having bear sightings in my area - not in my neighborhood as yet.

Hi YelloworangeRose: - Thank for stopping by to check on my little birds and their nesting progress. Nature is so beautiful! HOope you have a wonderful weekend.

Hi Barbamz, Thanks for the cute little cardinal pic. I agree with you - Cardinals are such beautiful birds. Wish you had them in Germany, too. I will just keep posting my red cardinals for you to view. You might not have cardinals but you have many beautiful birds to share with us. Glad you have a free Monday. Yes, I saw where your temps were quite hight. Today is mild for us around 85.for the high. Have a good long weekend.

Speaking of long weekends - for the summer, my friends that work for the school system year round in any capacity have been put on a 4 ten hour day work week. The days are drearily long but the 3 day weekend is nice. Yesterday was their first Friday off and one of my friends looked so tired last night anyway - said she had to keep telling herself it was Friday and she did not have to go to work. All day she could not really get that it was Friday as seem like Saturday. I am thankful I never had to pull a 10 hour day. I suspect this is going to be the trend and wonder if this is not a trial for future plans.

My latest 4 plus have lots to post from my morning outing - Farmers Market, River Walk, and Butterfly House at Danville Science Center. This evening some friends and I are gathering to watch the Belmont Horse Races and then we will get something to eat afterwards. Should be fun! Everyone enjoy your evening!

My latest 4:

Wings LevelFriday's MoonFive Baby BluebirdsLittle Mother Bluebird
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6. Proserpina
11:23 PM GMT on June 06, 2014
Yes, I saw Cardinal eggs a few weeks ago. I found a Cardinal nest in my Camellia shrubs. I watched mother sit and do her duty, I saw daddy check on mommy, I saw the babies, I heard the babies, I saw the feathers forming. Then one morning the babies were gone! I sat on the nearby bench and cried. At first I thought that one of the ugly crows had eaten the babies but a few days later I realized that it was the work of the coon that raids the bird feeders at night. I have caught him in the act several times. I have stopped putting out bird food (I'll do this for about a month) to deter the darn coons and the rat I saw under the feeder across the creek. I also called our service to come and set up traps for the rats. Coons and rats begone!

Do enjoy your little birds dear Cardinal Granny! But be vigilant for raccoons, hawks, and crows!
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5. YelloworangeRose
10:27 PM GMT on June 06, 2014
Congratulations for soon to be a cardinal granny. I have never seen pictures of these eggs until now.. Looking at these eggs i could not help but admire how mother nature seemed to have painted the eggs with lovely colors. the blue one was very lovely and this one has some designs . I am glad you have finally found the nest this time with the eggs on it and you never have to climb. Have a nice day.
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4. GardenGrrl
8:46 PM GMT on June 06, 2014
Hi Shirley, wow JACKPOT! Nature is really sharing the beauty with you. Congrats on being a triple birdie grandparent :)
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3. barbamz
6:43 PM GMT on June 06, 2014

Congratulations, Shirley! Cardinals are such beautiful birds. Wish we could have them in Germany too.

Nice Pentecost weekend for you (we've got a free Monday as well, and it will be a hot one, weatherwise lol).
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2. WeatherWise
6:31 PM GMT on June 06, 2014

Thanks Sandi! Hey that makes you first! I do not have a webcam set up. I just take a photo with my camera when I open the box to check on the babies' progress. I am suppose to monitor up until the babies are around 10 days old. That is when you have to be careful not to open box as one might fly out before it is really ready to fledge.

Sounds like you had a busy day outside. Hope you have a nice weekend.

From the last blog entry:
Hi WatchinTheSky, You are right the bluebirds bring me great happiness! I was most excited to find the robin's nest, yesterday. And as if things could not get more exciting - I found the cardinal's nest this am with 2 eggs in it. Can't wait to check to see if there are three in it tomorrow. Yes, the little babies are quite fuzzy. I can't wait to check them, today. It is almost time. I try to wait until after two each day when it is nice and warm outside. Stay tune for more exciting bird nest adventures!

Hi Skyepony, Thanks for stopping by to check on my grandbirdies. The little bluebirds are so busy guarding their babies on top of the start up of feeding the little ones. Thanks for sharing your story about Shadowcat in the potting shed and shielding the nest by putting garden fencing at the bottom of the door and keeping the door closed. Those Carolina Wrens can make a nest almost anywhere and are like ghosts as you don't really don't even see them coming in and out. When I do, I am not thinking nest. Neat that she keeps coming back. Her nest was right under your nose in that box of yard bags on the shelf right where you are in and out and about. I had one to build a nest in a little basket under a dish towel that I had just put in it for decoration. She filled the basket up almost. I was super shocked to find the nest, that year. Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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1. sandiquiz
3:23 PM GMT on June 06, 2014
Congratulations Cardinal granny!

How are you seeing these eggs, do you have a web cam set up, or do you sneak a peek with a normal camera?

I am physically tired today... been out in the garden all day, trying to catch up before the rain that is due at the weekend, and by working on my course Monday to Wednesday I did nothing in the house nor out in the garden!

Hope you have a sunny, exciting weekend:)
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