Why Do I Walk - A Bit About Me - My Photo Walk

By: WeatherWise , 4:23 AM GMT on March 24, 2014

Wonderful Nature Walks, Spring Rains, Winds, Flowers Birds & the Bees, & Deer!

I am SUPER happy to see that my nature walks and talks have inspired several of you to give it a try.

Why do I walk? Well, yes, I do get a chance at many nature photos along the way. The real reason I walk is for my health - When I retired, I decided, "Okay, Shirley, you can retire and die or you can retire and stay active. I figure a nice daily walk is preventing me from having to add another pill. Walking is just great getting all the fresh air and sunshine but also helps your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, when I went in for my first bone density test a few years ago, the tech told me that my walking was making my bones more healthy especially the hip bones. That inspired me even more to get out for my walks.

Another reason for me walking everyday is to keep myself in condition for taking vacations with my grandkids. We have spent 8 weeks in Disney since I retired and THAT'S a LOT of walking. We have been every year except one - We get a 3 bedroom condo and 10 day tickets for Disney. We really have a great time and if I did not walk daily I would not be in shape enough to walk.

My neighbor and her two little doggies used to walk with me, so pretty much did not linger for long photo shoots. I would walk 1.3 miles with her and then turn around and walk it with my camera for a photo walk.

At first, the photo walks were just an occasional treat or outing for me and at some point they became a habit as well as a late afternoon walk. So in pretty weather, I pretty much walk 3.6 miles a day. In summer, I get up early and get my walk over before the heat of the day. Last spring, when the pileated woodpeckers were nesting, I found myself walking about any time of the day and staying by the woods long hours waiting for the parents to feed. If I did not feel it was a good feeding, I would wait and hang out until the next feeding. It became more let me go down to check on the woodpeckers than let me go for a walk.

A bit about me, the mother of three - a daughter and two sons. I have 4 grandchildren a little over a year apart ranging from a bit over 5 1/2, 7, 8, and 9 years old. My children and grandchildren are the joy of my life. My goal is to be the very best mother and grandmother I can be. I am a retired elementary school teacher and loved every moment of my teaching career. I love children, I enjoyed my co-workers and really missed teaching the first year of retirement. I was running over there volunteering several days a week. I even did a fill-in for the media specialist that went out on maternity leave. That was really great as it happened to run through the holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas - I just love holidays with the children. Right after the six weeks ended the weather turned SUPER COLD and winter set in - I had no desire to get out that much to run over to school - plus flu season hit and another reasond to stay out of the schools. I still did some volunteering in the spring and the following year. My teacher friends always included me in get togethers and parties so I was still in the loop. All of this helped me to adjust to retirement and to be content at home.

My daughter still plans some type of vacation for us about the time I should be going back to work. I think that helps too. If you have ever been a school teacher, you know there is nothing like the excitement of starting back to school in the fall - just like a kid. You think on it and plan for it all summer and pick up all kinds of neat things for your classroom every time you go out almost.

I had a tremendous collection of materials. I gave everything to two young teachers that were moving up to my grade level except my special books. I gave those to one of my best teacher friends across the hall. Problem came when a couple of years later, she retired. She insisted that I should take all of my special book collection home - that my grandchildren would love them. So I still have my beautiful collection of children's books and yes my grandchildren love them. Well I have filled your ears and I better stop and run out for a late afternoon walk. It has been one of those funny days. We had a cloudy sunrise. Then the sun actually came out, however by the time I headed out for church it had clouded over and was much colder than I thought. As I came out of church, it started drizzling rain. It seem so cold after having a 74 F plus yesterday. Now all of a sudden the sun is out full blast. So off I go for my late evening walk at 6. Maybe I will see the deer.

My Photo Walk

Sunday Sunrise - Cloudy Start to the Day And Later Rain

Robin Splashing Like a Duck in the Puddles Near Cardinal Tree

Cardinal in the Cardinal Tree Surrounded by Flowering Buds

The Day Ended With a Cloudy Sunset

As the Sun Was Setting, the Fog Started to Roll In

The Lady Dear Deer Found My DEER Cardinal 

Pileated Woodpecker In The Perching Tree Pileated Woodpecker  
Deer On the Edge Deer It's Snowing
Resident Lady The Fabulous Three Tuesday Deer at Dusk 
Red-Bellied Woodpecker The Lady Wednesday Bluebird Evening Couds

 Wednesday Deer My blebird 
Squirrel Cardinal Red-Bellied Woodpecker Red-Bellied Woodpecker

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22. plapman
9:37 PM GMT on March 31, 2014
Good afternoon Shirley
Thanks for dropping by the Northern Edge.
Abbey is a rescue dog. I've had her for 5 years. I love walking too and Abbey keeps me going at least 2 miles a day. The old girl is starting to slow down now.
I think she's a Shepard cross but probably just a mutt. Whoever left her in the pound sure lost a great dog.

You sure have some good nature photos posted.
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21. barbamz
12:28 AM GMT on March 31, 2014

WeatherWise, here is a German bird for your collection: cock Moritz who uses to accompany his farmer to the market of my town, lol.
Today I visited our park with its little bird house with many vivid tropical inhabitants, but the netting wire was too tight to take any usable photos, so Moritz will have to do ... Have a nice week!
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20. Thoughtsteader
3:53 PM GMT on March 29, 2014
Spending a little time "walking around the blogs" this morning, and I enjoyed your entry very much. My favorite photo was the robin. We will see them occasionally on their migration, but this year I didn't see a single one. I suppose weather, food supply and such change their route. Or, I might have been busy and just missed them. They're rarely around any more than a week, and sometimes only for a few days.

We're cloudy and cool today, but not cold. Maybe I'll get a walk in this afternoon, too - but probably not. Cyber-chores first. If it warms up nicely, I may drive over to Nash Prairie tomorrow and see what the wildflowers are up to.
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19. WeatherWise
2:25 PM GMT on March 29, 2014
Looks like both eggs have hatched.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
17. WeatherWise
2:07 PM GMT on March 29, 2014
PalmettoBug has been nice enough to keep us up on what is going on at the little hummer of the tiny nest on the rose bush.

I saw where Bug announced the first egg had hatched. I went over there to check it out. That new mom is quite a beauty - It was the first time I had viewed her from the back view - The colors and markings on her tail feathers were beautiful. She seem to fly away quite often so got to see the baby and the other egg.

I was thinking just how tiny that little babby must be as the eggs are about the size of a small marble or less. The nest is supposedly about walnut size I am thinking. So that must be some teeny tiny baby bird. The mother looks huge in comparison but we know she is not much bigger than out finger. It is just so amazing to watch them under magnigication on camera.

The mom did not seem to be feeding the baby at all as yet - just busy keeping the egg and he baby warm. I took a print screen shot of the new mom to share with everyone. I think it is amazing too how long their beaks are and how long that tongue is.

Have a good day! I am finishing up the touches of my soup in the crockpot. I cooked it over night and just added a few more veggies this am. I help serve lunch at the community free lunch today at church and am taking soup. We serve soup during the late fall and winter months to families in need and in spring and summer months we serve freshly grilled hotdogs with all of the works. I think folks prefer hotdogs actually. Today is our last time of soup until the fall. I enjoy helping with this ministry.

SO that is my Saturday and am afraid it may be too rainy for a walk this afternoon. Hope not!

Oh the link to the rose bush cam is:

Hope this works - trying to embed. Did not work - will try one more time - if does not work - I will just leave a link. Okay still not working for me so here is the link.

Rose Bush Hummingbird Wait, maybe I found it - will try one more time. Okay everthing that should have worked did not work! I will give it a try later.

Rose Bush Hummingbird

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16. WeatherWise
5:53 PM GMT on March 27, 2014
Hi DataPilot, Sandi, GardenGrrl and BriarCraft! I am really late this morning getting on here as I was around really late last night! Then after such a late shutdown, I found I had misplaced something.

I did a whole search all over the house backtracking my steps of the late afternoon several times. No Luck! So I just went on to bed still worrying. I got back up and did the whole backtrack routine several times and even searched every other place I could think of - just not in any of the typicla places.

Finally, I looked under one thing almost foolishly as could not have possibly been there. Guess what, there it was. Evidently, when I picked up one thing it had clung to it and was under it! I could have looked a hundred years and never found it. Thank goodness something just told me to lift it up and look under.

I will try to be more careful and immediately put it in right place from now on. Has anything like that ever happened to you. Sometimes I just really silently chastise myself for doing something so stupid. Then I look around and see that it happens to younger folks too. I guess just so it does not start to happen too often. So that is my story.

DataPilot I was so excited to see the deer on Monday in broad daylight even though they were over in the woods a good ways. Would you believe I have seen them everyday this week. ON Tuesday, it was almost too dark to get a great shot and same on Wednesday. It still gave me a thrill anyway!

Tuesday's Deer at Dark

Wednesday's Deer at Dark
Each day I see them along by the woods just before turning up my street for home. Yesterday, I did an extra walk to the other deadend and found them.

Sandi I do feel so lucky. Most of my friends either walk at the mall, gym, or a track. I prefer the neighborhood walk or the Riverwalk Trail or anywhere outside where I find nature.

GardenGrrl Glad you had a day off - Cooking and organizing sounds like fun. Do you have any tips for organizing. I have been enjoying cooking the last couple of days, also. I got myseld a SUPER duper little mini 3 cup food processor. It was funny - yesterday at the grocery store I was grabbing everything I could chop or grind to put in my cart.

Oh, be sure to take your camera. You just never know when a great photo op will pop up. Yesterday while at the grocery store I saw these pretty little Easter Cactus I guess - wish I had taken a photo before taking them to my little shut-in ladies. I saw them and just thought this looks just like them and could already see the big smiles on their faces. I did not even go home, just went straight on by their houses. As I stopped at the last house, I spotted the most beautiful little bluebird a couple of houses over. I had my camera with me and got several great shots. My bluebird photo went blue overnight. What a wonderful joy to awaken to this am after such a rough night.

Wednesday's Bluebird

BriarCraft Thanks and thank you for your nice comments you left on my bluebird and red-bellied woodpecker. Yes, I am an oldtimer here on WU.

The red-bellied woodpecker - the red is quite subtle and the lighting has to be wonderful for it to show up. I think they are special as they are so much larger than the downy and easier to spot as they are so noisly announcing they are there.

Guess what, I think I have a resident downy also as there was a downy at the back feeder this am. I meant to keep an eye out to get a photo. I am afraid I did not follow through.

I have been busy doing laundry and other things around the house and coming back by to computer every now and then and working on this post. Sorry I am so late posting.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Hopefully today will be warmer temps than yesterday. YEAh! It is already up to 54! Should be a beautiful walk, today.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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15. BriarCraft
4:51 AM GMT on March 27, 2014
Finally! Somebody who has been on WU longer than me. You've got 14 months on me!

Having a weather station at school must have been exciting for the kids -- at least the nerdy kids, anyway.

I see in your sidebar you got some woodpecker photos today. Good for you!

I got curious about the name "red-bellied woodpecker" because they have red heads, but I don't see any red on their bellies. Then again, the name "red-headed woodpecker" was already taken by Woody. Finally, on AllAboutBirds, I found one photo that shows a tiny streak of red between the adult male's legs. Mystery solved!
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14. WeatherWise
4:32 AM GMT on March 27, 2014
I am behind on my blogging. It is late and I will catch up Datapilot, Sandi, and GardenGrrl. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such interesting comments. I want to respond to all three of them. Too late now.

I was just over on BriarCraft's blog and shared my early days on WU. I thought it might be nice to add to my blog as well;

So I thought I would share my early days on WU.

How I got started on Wunderground was my school was chosen to be a weather school from local tv station - well, no local tv stations but a station out of Roanoke.

At that time the weather tools looked very much like those that I see uploading on WU now. However the tranfer of data was definitely pioneer days. The equipment was installed on the roof by the tv station and we had a computer dedicated to receiving data. To get the data, the tv station dialed up to our computer and transferred the data so many times a day.

On the evening news your school might be listed as the weather school of the day. The handsome tv weather guy even came down.

Oh, and he is still handsome.

I have forgotten again how to put a video in the blog again.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

I also had the software on my computer at home and I could dial up the school computer and get the weather - the graphs and all are the same reporting graphs and charts that I see reporting data today from the PWS on WU.

I registered the school weather station with WU. That is how I began on WU on February 28, 2003. I did not immediately start posting photos.

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13. GardenGrrl
7:42 PM GMT on March 26, 2014
Hi, it is finally a day off and we have a bit of much needed rain. Staying indoors cooking and organizing.

Interesting that you are a teacher. Most of my non-internet friends are teachers either retired or active. No wonder I like you.

Won't have many photos this week am going to a Pinball Convention. I already have a bunch of pinball machine pics so won't bring the camera. Just going to play :D
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12. sandiquiz
6:22 AM GMT on March 26, 2014
How lucky you are to walk and see a variety of birds and deer as well! I have to get in the car to go and see deer!!

I saw your problem with closing the tab by mistake......I work with tabs all the time, often have seven or eight open at a time. But I do work in Google Chrome, which has a 'history' function. So after accidentally closing the tab with your comment to BriarCraft, all you would need to do is click on the history function, find the last tab closed, open it and then continue:-)

Damp and grey here, but not as cold as some of you still are in the States :-(
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
11. DataPilot
5:13 AM GMT on March 26, 2014
Ooh, a white-tailed deer! Deer are plentiful around here too - heck, they're plentiful almost everywhere - but our deer are almost all black-tails. White-tails are nearly extinct around here. The easiest way for me to tell white-tails from black-tails is to ignore their tails, and look at the shape of the ears. White-tails have round ears, but black-tails have oblong ears, like this:

Black-tailed deer - Photo by Walter Siegmund

It's really neat that you were able to get such great close up shots.

Speaking of close up shots, these geese were posing for cameras all day today. They were rooting in the wet grass next to the parking lot at work.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
10. WeatherWise
6:58 PM GMT on March 25, 2014
Sigh! I did it again! I had a nice from the heart response for Briarcraft and accidentally closed the wrong tab. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I know I clicked the X on the right tab but it closed my blogtab instead. I know better than to blog within tabs. I forgot to open a new window for blogwork. SIGH!

Briarcraft, I will try to recap what I said. Know I said how it sounded like you had endured major problems but seem to still be so strong and active. And as always, I was still ooohing and ahhhing over your upcoming adventure with Steve - backwardguy - how I can't wait for you to go and to return and share with us all.

I thanked you for your encouraging words on my photos and probably carried on way too long over the details of getting the cardinal shot.

Today had a snowy start and now turned to a cold drizzle.

Yesterday, I had quite a few surprised on my afternoon walk. The ending was most exciting as the pileated woodpecker called to me as I was heading up my street for home. I was a good ways up the street but turned to search and spotted it up in that tallest perching tree in the woods. I started taking phots from a distance as they are quite flighty. I got two shots of it.

More Deer Shots:

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
9. BriarCraft
3:54 AM GMT on March 25, 2014
Great blog!

I do miss walking. Oh, I can walk some, like Data, but not too much all at one time unless I take naproxin beforehand and slather aspercreme on assorted joints. Both of my parents have arthritis and my mother has had the same knee replaced twice. I procrastinated almost too long before I had a hip replacement in 2012. This past year, I have developed a calcium deposit on the top of my left foot and can only wear shoes that fasten with velcro to avoid painful pressure on that foot. In January, I fell on my left knee and it still isn't right. A few years ago, when I had a bone density test, the technician pointed out calcium deposits all through my lower spine.

Out of curiosity, I wore a pedometer for several days last summer and discovered I walk close to a mile just about every day the weather is good, but it is spread out over the full day. When I walk more than a mile or stay on my feet for more than a couple of hours at a time, it really gets to hurting and I pay for it later, as well.

Before I made the acquaintance of Mr. Arthur Itis, I loved to stretch my stride and walk. Even now, I tend to pass all the pokey people in the stores and parking lots. I just can't keep it up for long any more. But I do occasionally pick my battles, as I plan to do next Saturday with Backwardguy. I don't care if I have an uncomfortable night in the motel; I'm going to have fun spotting birds with him.

Enough about me. I like that you wrote about yourself, including some of the things that make life worth living for you. The way you love children and have a special collection of books reminded me of the special story times on Saturday afternoons at the small library in a nearby town. The library depends on volunteers for those story times. I bet you would love something like that, at least on rainy or snowy Saturdays.

I want to know how you captured that up-close-and-personal shot of the bathing robin. The angle and elevation has me imagining you lying on the wet grass just a few feet away. I trust that you didn't actually do that, but you did compose an awesome shot.

Keep on walking. For as long as you can. Never take it for granted.
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8. WeatherWise
3:02 AM GMT on March 25, 2014
Hi DataPilot, Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I am glad you shared that you used to be The Walker about 5 years ago. Injuries happen thus making us change our lifestyles. I am sure you are scared of injuring it again. Surely don't want you hopping around with hurt foot. Thanks for your encouragement to keep up my walking. I will surely share my walks with you and yes with photos.

Hi Calpoppy, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope your DIL gets a teaching position soon. She is way too qualified with her masters to be a assignment hander outer. I think I had heard about California's financial state in the news. Sad.
I will have to check out SBKaren's blog. I have enjoyed Disney World through the eyes of my granddaughters - They were in a stroller when we first started going.

Today's walk turned out to be a wonderful one. First I found the deer actually in the woods but the lighting was so great that I could still see them. I have posted two photos but have more to post.

I also heard the OWLS but did not spot them. I found more flowers which I hope to post a few of those. I think my best shot of the day was my Lady Cardinal.

I have more to share as soon as I get to post the photos.
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7. calpoppy
11:20 PM GMT on March 24, 2014
One of my DIL's is a teacher at a charter school. Not a regular type teaching jobs, more of an assignment hander outer, LOL! California was in bad financial state when she got her Masters and so this was the only job she could get. She wants to be an elementary school teacher.

Another blogger here is SBKaren, though she hasn't been around to much lately, she goes to Disneyland quite frequently and is a teacher. You two would have a lot in common!!
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6. DataPilot
8:16 PM GMT on March 24, 2014
WeatherWise, I'm so glad that you talked a little about yourself in this blog entry. I had no idea that you were an elementary school teacher.

You've mentioned your walkies a number of times, and I have to say I envy you every time I read about them. I used to be the person that others referred to as The Walker, and despite my (otherwise) lack of athleticism, most people couldn't keep up with me. But then about 5 years ago, I injured my foot and subsequently developed chronic plantar fascitis. I've healed and re-injured that foot so many times since then, that I've gotten to the point of being afraid to walk far. When the foot "goes", it "pops" suddenly, and I'm left hopping on one foot for then next 2 weeks. Not a good position to find oneself in when on a nature walk, and half a mile from the nearest road!

Keep up with your walking, and be sure tell us about it. And of course, take and post photos. I can still enjoy my walkies vicariously through you.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
5. WeatherWise
12:26 PM GMT on March 24, 2014
Hi GardenGrrl! Thanks for stopping by before heading off to work! YOu have really had some exciting photo shoots lately. I hope you post more of your photos from your special bird watching outing. Have a great day at work!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
4. WeatherWise
12:22 PM GMT on March 24, 2014
Hi Sandy! Yes your were first. Sending you a new box of tissues, along with a bag of cough drops, ten bottles of water, and a couple of cans of chicken noodle soup. I find water to be the very best cough medicine. I surely hope you get over whatevery you have soon.

Same here this morning - big hard freeze in the 20s F overnight with big white frost this am - a promise of 47 - 50 degrees F today. I hope to get in a couple of neighborhood walks, today.

Talking of school teaching - I suspect there may be more burnout in teaching secondary. Elementary school - for the most part the children are still sweet and loving.I taught at a wonderful school with a great staff. I did love it. Yes, we continure to teach and learn together. Thank you for taking the time to read my lonnnnnggggg blog entry! Have a fun day inside! Take care.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
3. GardenGrrl
10:10 AM GMT on March 24, 2014
Work day, hi bye. Love the robin picture :)
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
2. sandiquiz
7:05 AM GMT on March 24, 2014
I am first!!!
Lying here in bed, reading the blogs, coughing and wheezing, so no walk today for me! Actually, when I looked out of the window this morning the house roofs down the hill were covered with frost!! But the sun has come up now so it will soon go.

I loved reading about 'you'. I, like you, am a retired teacher. I taught for 38 years without a break, not having children of my own, in a secondary school...you call them high schools I think, with children of 11-18 years old. The last 17 years I taught in an inner city boys' only school, 11-16, with many different nationalities. But unlike you, I was so glad to stop working. I was burnt out, I suffered from bronchitis several times in the last two years, so that I became exhausted.

The first September, when the kids went back to school, hubby and I went off on holiday, to celebrate....... And by the time we came home, I found it didn't miss it. I have never been back into school once, in the seven years I have been retired, but the school was 25 miles away, so it isn't as though I could just 'drop in'. I do keep in contact and see the friends I made there, we usually meet up in each other's homes, or in a restaurant, but do I miss it?....no, not really. WU has become my new school, I teach new ideas and skills to my WU friends!! lol

I love the photos of the skeleton trees, they fascinated me as a photographer. Their shapes and the spaces between, the shadows they cast and the way they move all become different once they get leaves!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. WeatherWise
4:40 AM GMT on March 24, 2014
Carried Over From Last Blog Entry:
BriarCraft, Thank you for your encouraging words about my photos. Re: the weather I think we are still on the roller coaster as Tuesday - Cloudy. Snow and rain likely in the morning...then a chance of rain in the afternoon. Little or no snow accumulation. Highs in the mid 40s. Southeast winds around 10 mph...becoming west 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 70 percent. Then on Tuesday Night - Partly cloudy in the evening...then clearing. Lows in the mid 20s. Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph in the evening. YUCK!

I was pleased, too, that it was not an aggressive bird. I was just so surprised to find that weird nesting material in the birdbox.

True WU has been off kilter all day. I find that when you get that weird screen no photo and no such users and all that...if you hit refresh 2or 3 times the photo or the comment shows up....but is still testy and time comsuming.

Sandi and Bug, I am glad you are going to join me on my walking venture. It is always so much more fun to have someone to walk with. Have a great week!

Oh and this is a carry over from last entry so does not count as first.
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