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By: WeatherWise, 5:18 PM GMT on April 14, 2014

Stages of Spring
Spring comes in stages. Of course there is always the anticipation stage, where we are making it spring two weeks before the actual date of spring which usually does not really mean spring even still for another couple of weeks. There are the buds on the trees fooling us by looking just like they might open any time now.

Next a few CROCUS peek through

The little greenery all around is the ice plant that will have beautiful neon pinkish reddish purplish color tiny sunburst type flowers and a few early daffodils show up but not in their great splendor until later.

Next come the Bradford Pears,

then the other fruit trees begin to show their blooms. The forsythia and the crabapple bloom and unnoticed except for through our allergies the pine begin to bloom also.

Finally comes the full blast of the daffodils and jonquils

followed by the dogwoods and azaleas

not to mention the weeping cherries

and several other blooming trees about the time the green onions appear followed by the dandelions. We wait for the grass to green up which takes longer than we want. Then the mowing and yard chores begine. Spring is in full swing with anticipation of summer and wonderful vegetables and strawberries and daisies and more. Oh and don't forget the pansies!

Spring also brings T-Ball for my grandson, Easter, Dance Recital for two of my granddaughters, birthday for one granddaughter and so much more.

Received this info for coloring eggs in a newsletter from Terrapin Cove Farm - see COMMENT #5 to read the whole newsleter:

Deep Gold: Boil eggs in turmeric solution, 30 minutes.
Sienna: Boil eggs in onion-skin solution, 30 minutes.
Dark, Rich Brown: Boil eggs in black coffee, 30 minutes.
Pale Yellow: Soak eggs in room-temperature turmeric solution, 30 minutes.
Orange: Soak eggs in room-temperature onion-skin solution, 30 minutes.
Light Brown: Soak eggs in room-temperature black coffee, 30 minutes.
Light Pink: Soak eggs in room-temperature beet solution, 30 minutes.
Light Blue: Soak eggs in room-temperature cabbage solution, 30 minutes.
Royal Blue: Soak eggs in room-temperature cabbage solution overnight.
Lavender: Soak eggs in room-temperature beet solution, 30 minutes. Follow with room-temperature cabbage solution, 30 seconds.
Chartreuse: Soak eggs in room-temperature turmeric solution, 30 seconds

Updated: 7:06 PM GMT on April 27, 2014


First CSA Farm Share of the Season, Id the Veg, Family Pride, Spring Walks and Nature

By: WeatherWise, 4:42 AM GMT on April 09, 2014

My First CSA Farm Share of the Season, Identify the Veg, Family Pride, Spring Walks and Nature and More

Today I had my first farm delivery for the 2014 season. I purchased a 1/4 share from a local farm -Strawberry Creek Farm Produces Chemical Free and Certified Naturally Grown Produce. I receive a delivery every week for 24 weeks. This early in the season, today's delivery was all greens. Sometimes I have difficulty identifying the greens. Perhaps you can help me.

Today's Vegetables

I am sometimes unsure what each is. With this being just leaves I am not 100% certain but think this is Bokchoy.

I am thinking this must be arugala.

This is Kale.

This is a beautiful luscious lettuce mix.

This spinach is so pretty and green and so healthy.

Family Pride
Today I was most proud to introduce my son to my WMU group at church to tell all about his family mission trip to Costa Rico last summer. He did such a great job and everyone just loved him and wanted to take him home with them. He had the sweetest handout starting with photos that were taken by my 7 year old grandson and he compared him to his mom (me) and how he was a camera nut like me. It was so sweet how he included his children in his handout. I was super impressed. Everyone had such meaningful questions after he finished. It was a lunch meeting and later after visiting his granddaddy, he text me and wanted to know what my dinner plans were. So we actually had lunch and dinner together today before he headed back home. A fun day.

Sky as I started out on my late walk - Clouds Gathering.

That is pretty much why I had such a LATE walk. Just as I turned the corner from my street my friend was pulling in her driveway and under her garage. As I walked past, I heard her knocking on her garage door. I pretty much knew that meant she wanted to walk with me. So I waited - always happy to have a companion especially with it getting dark already.

We were walking along and talking when we froze in our tracks as she was saying, "Look, Look, Look!" I got about 4 shots of a deer.

As we were saying our good-byes we looked up and saw the moon peeking through the thick clouds! I got a couple of shots before the clouds quickly covered it again.

Night Clouds in the Sky Hid the Moon Just as Quickly as it Peeked Out! My Walk Home.

Draw A Picture of a Bird Day - Just a simple drawing! Did you do a sketch?

Happy Draw a Picture of a Bird Day!

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From Winter to Summer While Looking for Spring

By: WeatherWise, 5:36 AM GMT on April 03, 2014

The weather here went from winter to summer 82 yesterday or higher and today close to 90....I know at one point was 89. I had to pull out the sun tan lotions and short sleeves today and run the air in the car.

I have been chasing spring like crazy finding tiny signs all around. The lawns still are not green unless you count wild onions. It won't be long though.

Today, I went over to the Riverwalk chasing wood ducks after both Briarcraft and Backwardguy posted their wood duck shots, but had no luck. However I did find the swallows and of all things a mushrat diving for freshwater clams. That was quite interesting.

I got a train shot as I was leaving the Riverwalk.

I had dinner after getting home and then decided to take a late walk almost too late. It was way too dark by the time I got back home. However I got a bunch of moon shots. The moon is a sliver right now. One of my moon shots just went blue so that is super exciting.

I am loving seeing all of the pretty flowers and babies beginning to show up on WU. Check out the cute little girl with the baby chicks posted by KittenEileen.


Sad Note - Grave Robbers Happy Note - The Singing Auctioneer Flowers & Spring Rains

By: WeatherWise, 4:26 AM GMT on April 01, 2014

Sad Note - Grave Robbers Happy Note - The Singing Auctioneer Flowers & Spring Rains

My first night shot - An Amazing View Across the River. I had no idea there was such an amazing view from the parking lot of this little Italian restaurant. I am definitely going back for some more night shots and perhaps some day shots even. I had no idea you could really see that clearly that far.

Spring Swing - Nothing says Spring any better!

I wrote this Saturday night in the wee hours and accidentally clicked away and lost it all so am hoping to get it posted tonight - Monday night in the wee hours again.

Sad Note - Grave Robbers Happy Note - The Singing Auctioneer Flowers & Spring Rains

I was over on Pros's blog and mentioned a sad tale to tell. Not an easy share.

Yesterday, I took spring flowers down to place on my brother's grave the flowers did not look right. They were just crammed in the hole where the brass urn or vase use to sit. Someone had stolen it. I just could not believe it! Luckily, I had a large cone shaped piece of styrofoam that fitted in the hole perfectly. I put the new flowers in - though perhaps not my best as I was so upset.

I thought more about it this am and decided just to search to see if any other flower urn vase were stolen in that town. Sure enough came right up - seems 131 brass urns were stolen and if they had not counted my brother's, that makes 132. What a shame! That is my sad story.

On a happy note, I visited a relative who lives at a really nice assisted living facility. When I arrived, they were having a special program in the dining room. A one man show - The Singing Auctioneer - Dane Bailey I am thinking was his real name from Berne Indiana I think. Could he ever sing and his back up music tapes had such great sound. He sang solid for an hour without ever taking a break. Those ladies were eating it up - most of the residents are women. It was amazing to watch them relate to the music. The minute he started singing they were softly singing along a few lines. It was wonderful to see their smiles of joy. If he ever comes to your area, it is well worth your time. This made his 4th year visiting the facility. He was actually booked for the Methodist church there in town for Sunday but makes little side appearances evidently.

Link to his website:

Today was quite the rainy day all day long and all night long - started Friday afternoon and just doesn't seem to want to leave. It is supposed to have cold air behind it as it leaves the area.

Despite the rain today, I decided it was not going to stop raining so went on for a walk anyway with my large sunflower umbrella. I only went to the end of the street and back but I found spring along the way - the forsythia was in bloom, all types of buttercups, jonquils, and daffodils, and the Bradford Pears are just beautiful. I snapped a few photos in the rain from under my umbrella.

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