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By: WeatherWise, 5:14 AM GMT on February 28, 2014

Okay, BriarCraft has inspired me again. After checking out her blog, I rememberd I had two of those Buzzy herb plant kits. One was Basil and the other Parsley. Though I thought they were just alike turns out they were not. The basil had a soil pod that you drop into 3/4 cup of lukewarm water and the planter was a metal container. The parsley had a bag of loose soil medium of some sort and a clear plastic insert that stays inside the carton container. Go figure. I had pulled them out. When I came back to my blog this evening, there was a reminder from BriarCraft to plant them. So, okay, I planted them and took a photo to share. Oh, and I forgot to say that the Basil kit had a neat little chalkboard like label attached to a clothespin. Of course I did not have any chalk handy to write with.

Niche Gardens sent me a Spring Season Newsletter by email today. They also mentioned their Facebook page. If you remember I featured them in one of my blogs and shared some photos I took while there and ooohed and ahhed on and on about their catalog cover and the artist, etc. If you go to their FB page you can see those catalog covers I was talking about. Just Beautiful! I am ready for another roadtrip back to Niche Gardens first chance I get.

As you all know I have been going crazy with the cardinals and anything else that moves lately. I just can't stop myself - Just keep on shooting JUST ONE MORE SHOT because they never leave. I am one that I don't stop or go until the bird leaves.

Today, after seeing Pros's photo of her neighbor's beautiful flowers, I was determine to go out and find spring on my afternoon walk. I even did the hilly walk as figured might not find too many flowers along my flat woodsy walk. It was not easy as seems mostly everyone has shrub type flowers right now. Spring flowers just are not here yet. I found the startings of buttercups like the greenery but no buds as yet.

Later on my walk, I found some type of buds looking like they are right ready to pop open. I didn't get the really nice ones as the owner came over and stood right where she shadowed that bunch. She said that whatever it was had purple blooms. That means now I am going to have to do that hilly walk everyday to check to see if they are in bloom.

So I am afraid it is still very much winter here. Actually, I see more signs of spring in that cardinal tree!

Feel free to share signs of spring that you are finding. Calpoppy, wish I could send some cardinals your way but will keep posting my cardinal photos for you.

Looks like a rainy day for Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans
There are several cams from there.

Live Bourbon Street Cam from Arnaud's

Mardi Gras Cam from looks like Tropical Isle - looks like a still photo that is not upgrading unless you hit refresh.

New Orleans Cam this one is live with sounds even.

In Memory & Full Moon - Snow - NOT for the BIRDS Either!

By: WeatherWise, 5:53 PM GMT on February 18, 2014

Full Moon Through the Trees Lucky I got this full
moon shot as clouds covered it by the time it rose
above the trees.

Full Moon brought a big snow with it!

Almost Full

Snowy Squirrel Within Minutes - I started snapping
photos of this little squirrel and snow came so
fast that it was covred within 3 minutes time

Activity at the Decorah Eagles Cam this am.
Think Dad is expecting Mom to lay an egg
any moment now! He keeps checking under
her for an egg. I guess it is about time.

There is activity on the Alcoa nest as well. Looks
like a major problem there. Evidently Mom is ready
to lay her eggs as Dad has brought her a fish to
the nest. The problem is the the nest is a floating
pond of water from melted snow after Mom sat on the
pile of snow. Amazing that it is that tight that
the water is not dripping out. Will be interesting
to see how they solve this problem.

Activity at the DUKE FARMS Eagle Cam also - Mom on
the nest - Very Close -up view.

Red CardinalPretty LadyMonday CardinalClouds Gathering

Sammy - A Neighbor's Doggie
In Memory of Sammy - User EndofStreet lost his doggie yesterday. Such a gentle dog - I will miss him coming out to greet me when I go for my walks. If he came outside while I was in the area he would run out to greet me. He has a story and I can't really tell it very well - but short they rescued it from the pound several years ago.

Was super disappointed this afternoon - was taking a photo of the nest hole over in the woods as I often do and noticed something did not look just right like some snag at the hole. I moved to get a better look and clearer photo only to find that a squirrel family has taken over the Pileated Woodpeckers nesting cavity. I had so hoped the pileated woodpeckers would return to this hole. Checked several sources and they do not reuse same nest cavity again. Wouldn't it have been nice to have a pair of wood ducks take up in there?  

Pileated Woodpeckers - NOT!
Friday Deer In Camouflage Who? Me? Mirror, Please! 
That Glint in the Eye!Pileated WoodpeckerGeeseSwan Geese
Cardinal - Female The Lady Handsome One Waiting
Jewel Line Dry - Wind Dry Mr. Cardinal Windy
Handsome One!  Show-off  Wondering...  Little One 


Birding Along With Spring Cleaning in the Garden and Dusting off the Birdboxes

By: WeatherWise, 4:34 AM GMT on February 08, 2014

I know it is still winter but our thoughts turn to the coming of spring when we get a nice mild mid forties temp day. I was over on BriarCraft's new blog entry related to birdhouses and wrote a response but after previewing it, decided it was too long for a comment on someone else's blog. So here I am writing it in my own blog: I was thinking today that there are probably some misplaced woodpeckers this year as well as other birds because of trees that have either fallen or been cut down. I am particulary thinking of a hollow tree that had so many woodpecker holes in it - finally fell this year. The owner had put off taking it down for several years as was the home to many woodpeckers. Just today, I noticed a neighbor had cut the tops out of ther Bradford Pears - cut completely back at this time of the year. That means no blossoms, no berries, or even branches for several years. That means loss of homes and food for many birds - local and those migrating through the area. I liked BriarCraft's focus on the birdboxes. I had two birdhouses for several years before birds inhabited them. I had just hung them on trees, not knowing this might not be the best way. I have a vintage birdhouse hanging under edge of my carport that did not have tenants until the third year that I know of. Birds are so smart and quiet about in and out that sometimes you are unaware it is occupied until the babies start to hang out for their feedings. I purchased a hand crafted birdhouse over a year ago that I am not sure what kind it is. It is heavy and nice with a tin roof. I have yet to hang it, It is just sitting outside on a table. I was really lucky with my bluebird box that I put up last spring - had tenants on Sunday after it was put up on a Friday. My advice in my comment on Briacraft's blog entry was : One thing, if you are going to invest in a birdbox make sure it has a metal hole protector that keeps predators from making the hole bigger (You can buy this and add it to a house that does not have it)also invest in the pole and baffle that keeps predators away. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for a not so good ending.
This photo shows what I mean by metal hole protector:

My Vintage Birdhouse With Parent Feeding Baby Bird

Bluebird Box With Baffle

It was not long before the bluebirds were bringing in nesting material

Bluebirds Hanging Out

You can see the metal hole protector in this photo.

Not all nest endings are good ones. An example is my SERMON ON THE MOUNT: Little bird had taken up residency in a spring wreath on our church door, last spring! I had seen it on Sunday but no camera. I took my camera when I was there for Bible Study on Wednesday and snapped a photo to share. 5 Eggs! That was a lot for a tiny bird. Perhaps a small thrush.

If you look under the comments, there was a sad ending not due to predators but due to weather.

Quoting WeatherWise:
Sad ending for ALL eggs! We had a tremendous wind to blow through yesterday - even at the nursery or landscaping place the wind whipped through and blew everything over plants and all. Well, seems this same wind took out our wreathes on the church doors. They were laying on the ground today when we arrived to serve Communtiy Free Lunch! One of the speckled eggs was there cracked a bit I think - another guy was describing this - and there was no sign of the other eggs at all. So a sad ending to the beautiful nest story. That's Nature!

Had a great fun afternoon on the Riverwalk on Saturday with the ducks and geese. There was this large field of geese by the Riverwalk. They all came running and honking and flew right over me into the river. Then they turned right around and came back to me honking and folowing me along the trail.

GroundHog Day What's Winter Got to Do With it and Birding on RiverWalk

By: WeatherWise, 5:31 AM GMT on February 02, 2014

Ground Hog's Day - Will he or Will He Not?

Wonder if the Ground Hog will even bother to come out? If he does, he will surely see his shadow and run back in for 6 more weeks of bad weather@ This little mystery hole was determined by WU folks to be that of a groundhog. So guess I have my own little Punxsutawney Phil!

I would hope for this winter extreme cold to calm down to mild 40 to 50 midday temps. Hope he does not see his shadow.

Today was a mild 50 to 60 degree day - balmy and is a mild 46 at almost midnight. It was a great day to go on the Riverwalk.


A beautiful day for a walk 50 to 60 degrees midday to afternoon.


Had several different ops with this pair of wood ducks, today on the Riverwalk. It was like they followed me down the river - or perhaps I followed them. At any rate, I got them in several different settings.

I have more to share for this blog entry but it is late. I will come back and add to it later. Thanks for dropping by! Happy Birding in Winter and will be watching out for that Punxsutawney Phil!

Happy Sunday! It's Ground Hog Day and they say he saw its shadow. I did not see mine come out as yet if indeed it is a ground hog. If I were him, I don't think I would have even bothered. However we had mild temps for Friday, Saturday, and now Sunday - So three days of mild weather. Actually, the forecast for the week looks fairly good with a promise of rain showers and clouds but mild temps. Weather like that makes you get gardening fever. Have a great day! Shirley

One more photo of the little wood duck from my Saturday afternoon walk.

I often speak of the cardinal tree and some of you wonder what in the world I am talking about. I posted a photo of it last year after discovering it near the edge of the woods on a deadend street that I pass by on my daily walk. I had never seen that many cardinals together. I was amazed! It is not a beautiful tree in winter - is quite scraggly and hard to even take a photo of the tree with all of the cardinals in it to do it justice. I posted the photo of the tree just to share how it really was true what I was saying as 20 or more cardinals in a tree sounds like a stretch of the imagination. Here is the photo:

The Cardinal Tree

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