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What's up WU?

By: WatchinTheSky, 5:34 AM GMT on August 06, 2012

Sept 27 Thursday morning.

Come on WU forecasters, Monday Oct 1 will be 109 and Tuesday will be 118 in Escondido!!!

Awesome, I am all for breaking records once and a while :)
Screen shot is a little? hard to read, 'control +' to enlarge fonts in browser helps!

Sept 15 Sat afternoon,

105 yesterday, 104 today - getting a little old, this weather is! (would Yoda say that?)
Unfortunately WU says the whole next week will be flirting with 100. Burnt to a crisp.....

Sept 12 Wed morning,

Yesterday's weather caught all the prognosticators off guard, coastal clouds ran all the way to foothills and kept temps 15 degrees cooler than predicted (sweeeet!), topping out at 75.

Now to make up for that, I see WU is calling for 109 on Friday - get out! get off my cloud!

35 degree warmup in 3 days.

Aug 31st
Seems like the monsoon season is fairly active in the southwest except for my neck of the woods. Sure there are nimbus blooms over the San Diego county mountains and even rain that sometimes reaches the mountains from the desert, but it looks like another summer with no rain at home. Humidity is up and due to the lack of the usual strong onshore breeze, temps are up - especially at night when it is less desirable. I did get a fair photo of an evening thunderhead as the monsoon tossed me a small bone!

Hope some visitors enjoyed the large vulture taking a sip in the bird bath video a friend took. Still cracks me up looking at it!
I should figure out how to have the video screen show up in the blog (like BC) in stead of the link text.
Aug 20th

A friend of mine sent me a link to a video he took of a birdbath on his back patio. I think he needs a bigger birdbath! Vulture in the Birdbath Link. I need one of those in my backyard too!

(Sometimes it loops between the bird bath and a night video of 'Kitty' going by his front door), this is a YouTube setting, autoplay.

Aug. 5 - Rover on Mars, Awesome..

Aug. 7 - Can't wait for Curiosity to start doing some 6 wheeling and sending back photos. A Link
to NASA and a cool photo from an orbiter catching Curiosity on the way down.
Here is a Link showing both orbiter view of Curiosity with chute and onboard camera catching final decent.

Updated: 5:02 PM GMT on September 27, 2012


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