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Summer is here

By: WatchinTheSky, 9:04 PM GMT on April 28, 2012

June 9th Another nice Saturday at The Park (wink to BC) and a photo of the latest critters. Cute, but they're going to eat our plants, I know it!

Lovely day, spent some quality time at the SDZOO Safari Park this morning. Some bonus entertainment this morning during and after volunteer work. Close to the end of the 'shift', we caught a glimpse of a family of long tail weasels playing tag around the rocks and sage. This guy was caught in mid air!

They were surprisingly tolerant of our proximity and put on a show for several minutes.

As we were hiking to the cars - this guy crossed our path. About 4 feet long, in no hurry, heading to the
creek, hopefully on the prowl for rats or gophers!

Back to the weather, the storm is gone leaving sunny days and high temps in the mid 70s and 1/4 inch of rain in its wake. Weather folks were saying .5 to 1", but it is late April and that would be unusual. Looked like from the radar that maybe SBK got a lot more. We are at 10.8" for the rain season this year - about 2/3s of normal and not likely to get any more until the late summer monsoon (disappointing last summer).

Updated: 9:41 PM GMT on June 27, 2012


Could It Be?

By: WatchinTheSky, 9:25 PM GMT on April 22, 2012

Is there really another chance for rain from a system sliding down from the PNW? All the forecasts show it, but the percentages are low as of today (Sunday). I'll take it, though - if it can make it!

Weather here has been very nice lately, plenty of sun, highs in the 80s - as long as you live or happen to be 20 miles from the coastline. It has been quite foggy there and struggling to make the upper 60s. The lower desert is plenty warm, Borrego set a record yesterday of 103 and it is the same today, per WU's reporting station.

Glad BC is getting a good population of Rufus hummers hanging out. I rarely see them now, as they just pass through and don't stay here. That 3 feeder line has been well crossed in my yard, this year I began keeping a log of sugar purchases. Since January - over 200 lbs! Methinks my calculator must be broken :)

After about a month and 2 weeks since the first Hooded Oriole sighting this year, the first fledgling was sighted yesterday. Their antics in the backyard make the weekends that much more enjoyable.

I will have to move on to the next bee remedy, the cucumber peels seemed to have no effect here. The bees just used them as a foot hold to get a better position on the feeders. I think I'll try calpoppy's 'oil on the feeder' next.


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