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Last Stop - Pompeii

By: WatchinTheSky, 5:24 AM GMT on November 23, 2011

Dec 5, 9ish AM

Most of San Diego county (at least the western portion) missed out on the big winds last week from the 'inside slider' system that really lashed Pasadena. My gauge in north county made it to .16" for rain, less than expected. The cold air mass has made it here, this morning was 31F when I got up. Cool for us even in early December. Cloudless skies, should get up to 60 for highs, back to low 30s overnight for the next several days.

Dec 5 update -

Photos are roughly in order as we explored a new country.

In Italy Oct 30th-Nov 9, a very nice time to visit. Temps were mild, crowds were down.

Here we are, not just making it up...

Trials and tribulations.... Does anyone remember the early northeast snow storm the end of October?

1st leg of flight was to New York City, so much for that. Turn around to Detroit (flight then cancelled), stand in lines, rebook to Amsterdam, then on to Rome, only a couple hour behind schedule! Only problem - 4 family members, no luggage. Day 2 11PM - 1 suitcase, day 3 - 2 more, day 4 - the last one, poor Mom!

Roman obelisk in front of Trinità dei Monti church at the top of The Spanish Steps.

Florence and Venice especially - Masks a plenty, paper-mache and ceramic.

Venice canals - of course!

Is this Florence or LA? Plenty of this around, Rome, Venice. Not gang graffiti but political in nature (we were assured) thus it is 'accommodated'.

View out the dining room where we had a fantastic lunch. It is a working vineyard/olive grove where they press their own olive oil - momma mia! Tasty.
We were told 'go back off the main streets a bit and find a 'locals' restaurant'. Later we did, not disappointed! Also, for a couple 'dinners' it was down to a local store to get fresh bread, fruit, ,antipasti, and wine for the patio - oh yes!

Obviously, not only canals in Venice. The back streets were cool, loaded with charm.

love the old windows

Seems all the windows have shutters, the newer (20th century :) ) city windows have metal roll up shutters. The old wood shutters have all the charm.

It's not Italy without Gelato! And these guys are world champs.

Although there was a lot of rain the week before we got there and more flooding while we were there (none of the areas we visited), it was nothing like the 1966 floods in Florence. The white marker just to the right of the Bernini sign and downspout was the high water mark just a few blocks from the Arno river. That is more than 12 feet above street level and probably 30 feet above normal river level.

A look at the normal level and the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) with the gold and leather shops built onto the bridge.

Oh, the Italian hills of Tuscany!

It really leans!

But not the flagpole on top, which is straight up. Looks a bit odd not being inline with the tower. Hard to see since I chopped off the top off the flag, oh well.

So serene now, Vesuvius behind one of the walls of Pompeii.

Very amazing just how advanced many aspects of Roman life was in larger population centers 2000 years ago. I am liking advances in science and our life expectancy now though!

3D illusion tile work almost 2000 years old. So much of this is just out in the elements. In fact, so officials getting heat for weather related losses to their treasures.

Front entryway tile art at Pompeii AD79.

2000 years ago, the planners still thought of elevated stones across the streets for pedestrians during rains. Spacing of stones accommodated horse drawn carts, wheel wear grooves can be seen in the stone paving.

The infamous Roman lead water pipes.Not much to look at except that it's almost 2000 year old metal water delivery system. Not so great that it was lead.

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