Following The Weather Channel Tornado Hunt 2013

April 29 -- Wide Open Spaces (and Skies)

By: TWCTornadoHunt, 3:18 PM GMT on April 30, 2013

Day one of the TWC Tornado Hunt as part of the Tornado Week multi-platform project proved to be a challenging one with clear skies, southerly winds and little to no storms during the daylight hours. Mother Nature has decided this week to not be terribly conducive to convective weather in the Plains states.

Our morning began in Wichita, Kansas with a drive up I-35 to Kansas City where we did stop for a good BBQ sandwich at the world-famous Oklahoma Joes in a gas station. That was the highlight of the day as the weather was the snoozer of the day. Atmospheric energy stayed well to the west-northwest and low level warmth and marginal moisture just did not add up to a chase day. A few storms did fire late in the evening across Iowa with a few severe thunderstorm warnings but mainly for hail and occasional gusty winds. The crew did test out the low level winds for a kite flying experiment, though. We retreated from remote northw,est Missouri to the greater Kansas City area for the night to prep for a slight chance of storms on Tuesday across northern Kansas.

Tornado Storm Chasing

Updated: 2:46 AM GMT on May 05, 2013


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Following The Weather Channel Tornado Hunt 2013

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