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Today's Holiday

By: Susie77, 1:58 PM GMT on March 31, 2007

Today we celebrate National Bunsen Burner Day. Ah, don't you just feel so nostalgic, remembering those sweet days in chemistry lab, and how horrible your hair smelled when it accidentally dangled in your bunsen burner?

In other news, after we have had a very warm spell (warmest March on record, sayeth the weather gurus) -- everything is blossoming and burgeoning. Naturally, this means that by the end of next week, we will have a hard freeze. I love spring in the midwest, don't you?

My Apologies

By: Susie77, 3:09 PM GMT on March 29, 2007

I totally forgot to tell you that yesterday (the 28th) was Something on A Stick Day. We can only imagine the pictures (both mental and real) this news will bring, esp. after looking at my last posting. ;)

Let's Party!!!!!!!!

By: Susie77, 5:06 PM GMT on March 27, 2007

Today is the ancient Roman festival of Liberalia, which was celebrated in ancient Rome in honor of the wine-God Liber-Pater. It was a time of drinking and feasting, and a day when young men entered their manhood.

Do you think this is where we got the word 'liberal'? No wonder we're more fun than those stodgy ol' Republicans. ;)


By: Susie77, 1:54 PM GMT on March 13, 2007

Good grief, we're jumping here (STL area) from below-normal temps to a projected high of almost 80 today! Anyone else getting the itch to garden yet?

Severe Storm Spotter training, the sequel

By: Susie77, 12:47 AM GMT on March 05, 2007

Yesterday my guy and I went to St. Louis County's storm spotter training. It was excellent! I highly recommend this if you are interested in weather, particularly the severe variety. Here's a link to their schedule if you are interested:

Spotter Training

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