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Saturday evening storms

By: Susie77, 4:46 AM GMT on July 30, 2006

Exciting weather this evening. The Ameren folks are racking up the OT this summer. At work (am a nurse in an SNF), we moved the residents away from the windows and closed the blinds. But yours truly insisted on keeping one blind open to watch the fury roll in -- we even had pea-sized hail at one point. This was in St. Charles. Power stayed on, fortunately.
Keep cool, you guys. It's gonna be a rough week ahead.


Last week's storms

By: Susie77, 5:21 AM GMT on July 25, 2006

Ameren UE Power Outage Map

How interesting that the concentration of the most people still w/o power are in the poorer 'hoods of St. Louis. Crappier infrastructure there? More severe storm damage? Politics? People w/o voices? What do you think?


Severe weather in St. Louis

By: Susie77, 12:22 AM GMT on July 23, 2006

Has anyone seen an actual educated explanation of the sudden severe weather event of Wednesday, 19 July? My sister's husband is a judge for the PSC and this is what he was told by a staff metereologist person:

"it was a rare phenomena known as a 'plume', where there
is an intense pillar of hot air created by the energy of a major city, potentiated by a heat wave, and then an unusual burst of cooler air collides with it (in this case it came from the north east)...this causes wind currents to pick up first (which is what happened in St. Louis---no storms were on radar at all, but wind began forming in a
circular motion right in the city proper, so 60mph circular winds began tearing debris off things and whipping it around), then the plume of heat and wind intensified until a red hot cell of Tstorms was suddenly
formed directly over the city."

Even though I've lived here for 40 something yrs., I cannot picture St. Louis as a 'major city' capable of creating such a plume. This sounds more like something that would happen in an intense forest fire, or a nuclear bombing attack -- or like what happened in Dresden Germany in WWII. Looking forward to your comments, opinions, any links if you got 'em. Educate me!



By: Susie77, 6:17 AM GMT on July 20, 2006

Good gods, that was a mighty blow that struck the St. Louis area. Up in Lincoln county, we had some minor wind damage, but not even a spit of rain. I hope all those w/o power find a cool place to bide in tomorrow.
If you're hot and want some cool scenery to view, just put up some web pages of Alaskan photos I took last week. Hope you enjoy!


North to Alaska

By: Susie77, 3:46 PM GMT on July 16, 2006

Got back Friday, just now finished going through the digital pix. Have uploaded a couple for your viewing pleasure. If you ever get a chance to go to Alaska -- go for it! I had a wonderful, magical time there. Words and photos cannot describe it.


North to Alaska!

By: Susie77, 9:15 PM GMT on July 08, 2006

Hey, bloggers, this time tomorrow I'll be on a plane headed for Fairbanks, ultimate destination: Denali National Park. Stayed tuned for some hopefully great photos at this spot and place next Saturday! Keep cool, ya'll.


Wednesday Wisdom

By: Susie77, 12:15 AM GMT on July 06, 2006

Words for all of us, no matter what our religious path:

"Summer is a time when the power of the ripening earth readily draws our awareness to the Goddess. Yet the inner truth of goddess religion is that of the planet's cycles. What is now growing will someday die; what is now warm will someday be cold; what is now light will someday be dark. Loving the world, our Mother Earth, means embracing all of these apparent opposites. Winter is far away from us today, but the glorious summer moves inexorably toward it - and its briefness is part of its beauty." )0(
By Patricia Monaghan - From "The Goddess Companion" and GrannyMoon's Morning Feast



By: Susie77, 6:17 PM GMT on July 04, 2006

Godspeed, brave souls, and come home safely.


Rain tomorrow?

By: Susie77, 4:46 PM GMT on July 03, 2006

Sure hope we get some. Our yard has huge cracks in it.... the old dude across the street says he's almost afraid to walk in his yard. 'The devil might reach up from one of those cracks and grab my ankle!'


Global warming?

By: Susie77, 5:36 PM GMT on July 01, 2006

Anyone want to comment on whether or not the climate is heating up, and if so, are we the cause? I haven't seen Al Gore's movie yet so if you want to comment on that, feel free.
My own local observations show that for us here in eastern Missouri, recent yrs. have been warmer and drier than usual. This appears to be regardless of El Nino/La Nina currents.


June Red Moon

By: Susie77, 4:50 AM GMT on July 01, 2006

Anyone catch tonight's moon? It was an eerie yet lovely red crescent, riding low in the western sky at close to midnight ... lower horn tilted up. It presages hot, humid and dry weather ahead.


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