Hello again!

By: StormPete, 2:54 PM GMT on September 27, 2013

After a two weeks "disappearing act" caused by personal situations and no tropical major activity I am back to report life in Northern central PR. Very hot days, with high light blue, cloud-less skies have been the norm for these past two weeks here.

Climate is starting to look more autumn rather than still typical summer like by this time of the year. Days look more like typical October days in my area. Even cooler breeze at night fall has been observed....

More storms and wave's, nothing for the Caribbean

By: StormPete, 6:06 PM GMT on September 13, 2013

Weather in the Atlantic Ocean have been heating up. while most of it, will not affect the Caribbean. There are several storms but all of them on the borders of the Atlantic Ocean. None will be affecting directly (appears)the Caribbean. That is very good news!

We have a very rainy Wednesday and Thursday. Today, very sunny day without any rain to my area. We expect to have some more drier days for the weekend and hopefully, we can do something outside this ...


By: StormPete, 2:15 PM GMT on September 09, 2013

After TS Gabrielle fiasco in PR, we decided to take the weekend off climate hunting. Yesterday, I found out about the TD (Today TS Humberto) and the other Invest in front of it. Both are predicted to go north before they are far away from Africa. We confirm that this morning. This will give us a nice 5-7 days of non-tropical development at early September. NICE!

For us in the tropic this is like vacation time. No tropical cyclones on week @ 2 of September...

TD Gabrielle is dancing some 2 step salsa

By: StormPete, 4:58 PM GMT on September 05, 2013

After apparently reforming it center this morning over Vieques island, TD Gabrielle decided that the south is better than the east. The reformed center spin off to the NE and again, the original center resurfaced to south of Ponce, almost the same spot it was clear at 5AM. Salsa dancing you can go either on 1 (dancing to the side) or 2 (dancing to the front and back). She loves #2 Salsa of Puerto Rico, the best in the world!

I suspected something since I ...

Starnge things happening to Gabrielle

By: StormPete, 1:40 PM GMT on September 05, 2013

Very strange things happening to Gabrielle. Last night and while the system was named TD 7 and latter TS Gabrielle, rain stopped. Most of the rain during night stayed away of southern and western parts of PR. While 5 AM report was on the TV, center of the storm looks disorganized. While I arrived to work this morning, I started noticing on the Doppler radar that appears that a center is reforming at the eastern part of the island, specifically over Vieques island. N...

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