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By: StormGoddess, 4:54 PM GMT on April 01, 2012


"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22

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A poem I wrote in 1996:

The Earth Made Us, To Make Plastic

She realized she couldn’t do it straight away herself,
So she had to make creatures that would do it for her.
Fleas that like plastic. What an idea.
And if you don’t believe it,
Think about it.
While you chew away at your plastic fingernails,
and twirl your plastic hair extensions,
wearing your plastic clothes, watch, shoes, and accessories.
Maybe later you’ll go for a drive in your plastic car,
Sit on your plastic seat and listen to some CD plastic tunes,
Coming out of your plastic radio.
Might just go through the plastic coated drive-through,
Eat some food that’s wrapped in plastic.
Or, just come back home again,
To your house of plastic and tree bones.
Look in your plastic refrigerator,
At some food in the plastic containers.
Watch some plastic T.V. while relaxing on the plastic sofa.
Then, time to go to sleep on your plastic bed,
under your nice soft, “synthetic” plastic blankets.
Next morning, you go to work at your job, where you either….
make or assemble plastic,
buy or sell something made with plastic or plastic parts,
or provide services
where you either interact, or deal
with plastic things, equipment, or other services that have
Something….to do…….with plastic.
Computer...telephone...copying machine?
So how’s that for something to mull over, the next time
You’re on vacation and laying on the beach,
or lounging besides the plastic pool,
In your plastic lounge chair,
Pouring drinks from a plastic pitcher,
sipping a Margarita through a plastic straw in a plastic cup.
What it is that the Earth Mother will do with all of this plastic?
Once we have all choked ourselves with it and are gone………..

© “StormGoddess” 1996


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