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Japans Second Tornado this week

By: Spetrm, 7:42 AM GMT on September 04, 2013

Natural disasters being recorded across Japan again today, Tropical Storm Toraji made landfall and a new Tornado ripped through Tochigi Yaita just north west of Mondays Tornado that rolled through Saitama Japan.

The Tornado caused roofing to blow off, damaged windows and tossed light items. A primary school was also damaged in the storm. No injuries have been reported at this time.
Given the amount of damage I would put intensity of this storm at a weak F1.

More information will be updated on this as it comes in.

This video was put out before we were informed of this Tornado, but it does have Severe Weather Warnings and other information on what is going on today.

This also comes the same day Tropical Storm made landfall in Western Japan and a 6.9m quake struck off the coast shaking much of the country. (Including me for about 30s.)


Tornado hits the Tokyo Area Japan

By: Spetrm, 7:32 AM GMT on September 03, 2013

I wrote this article yesterday for my website and meant to get around to sharing the information here, but as you can imagine a Tornado in the Tokyo area kept me rather busy all day on Monday. I hope you find the information useful! ...

A tornado caused extensive damage in Saitama just north of Tokyo Monday afternoon around 2PM Japan Time. At least 63 people have been injured and 600 buildings damaged as a result of the storm given reports at this time.

The Tornado damaged a school while blowing out about 50 windows. Students were injured as a result of the storm many of them walking home from school after being released just prior to the Tornado occurring.

Hook Echo on Radar

What caused the supercell to blow up was the instability in the atmosphere brought in by a stationary front over Japan. Severe Weather was anticipated to occur today especially in inland Kanto. Yet Tornadoes in Japan are not a common site but in this case JMA did put out Tornado Advisories one hour ahead of the event occurring.

Many witnesses said there was no rain or hail, a classic super cell situation with the updraft spawning the tornado. Hook echo shown on radar above.

Updated: 7:39 AM GMT on September 03, 2013


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