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Education is Independence

By: SayNoToTea , 2:34 PM GMT on July 04, 2012

Increasingly we hear from the tea party and the far right a disdain for educated individuals. However our forefathers and the framers of the constitution were for the most part classically schooled people. These men were not the norm as at the time the average person had little to no formal education. If you have a moment or two read up on the libraries of our forefathers. At a time that the average home only held a Bible and maybe one or two other books, these men had libraries of a thousand books and more. In fact at the time it was a widely held belief that what kept the European ruling class in power was the lack of education of their populace.

If you want to preserve freedom, support education!

A List of the Educational background of the Framers of the Constitution.


Elbridge Gerry (1762)
Rufus King (1777)
William Samuel Johnson (M.A. 1747)
Caleb Strong (1774)
George Washington (Honorary LLD 1776)


Abraham Baldwin (1772)
Jared Ingersoll (1766)
William Samuel Johnson (1744)
William Livingston (1741)
Roger Sherman (Honorary MA 1768)
William Livingston (Honorary LLD 1788)

College of New Jersey (Princeton)

Gunning Bedford, Jr. (1771)
William R. Davie (1776)
Jonathan Dayton (1776)
Oliver Ellsworth (1766)
William C. Houston
(1768, M.A. 1771)
James Madison Jr. (1771)
Alexander Martin (1756, M.A. 1759)
Luther Martin (1766)
William Paterson (1763)
David Brearly (Honorary M.A. 1781)
John Dickinson (Honorary LLD)

Middle Temple (London)

John Dickinson (1757)
John Rutledge (1760)
John Blair (Juris Doctoris)
Jared Ingersoll (Juris Doctoris 1776)

College of William and Mary

John Blair
James McClurg (1762)
John F. Mercer (1775)
William L. Pierce (attended)
Edmund J. Randolph (attended)

King's College (Columbia)

Gouverneur Morris (1768, M.A. 1771)
Alexander Hamilton (attended)

College of Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania)

Thomas Mifflin (1760)
Hugh Williamson (1757, M.A. 1760)
James Wilson (Honorary M.A. 1766)


John Langdon (Honorary LLD 1805)

Newark Academy

James McHenry (1772)

Inner Temple (London)

William Houstoun (1776)

Oxford (England)

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1764)

St. Andrews (Scotland)

James Wilson

Glasgow (Scotland)

Richard Dobbs Spaight (1778)

Edinburgh (Scotland)

James McClurg (M.D. 1770)

College of Saint Omer (Netherlands)

Daniel Carroll (1747)

Tutor or Professor

Abraham Baldwin
William C. Houston
James McClurg
Hugh Williamson
James Wilson
George Wythe

Counter the above with this quote from a far right blogger and tea party member:

I have no college and over the past few years I have become more and more thankful for that blessing

And how was this same blogger perceived when he was interviewed in 2010 by MediaMatters, In this excerpt from the article, truthfully, ignorant.

A Sebastian, Fla. small business owner named Jerry Brown who came up for the rally told me afterward that while he came here because of his worries about government spending and because "we've been getting away from constitutional principles," he ended up moved by the King comparisons, although it was hard for him to elaborate exactly why.

Not surprising

May your 4th of July celebration focus on what a great country we live in and also what a greater country we can be.

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2. jaheen08
6:50 AM GMT on April 16, 2014
Yeah one case cited in the report talks of an unnamed academy in south east London which insisted parents should buy their uniforms from the school at a cost of £300. It was charging £40 for a blazer which was readily available at a local supermarket for just £10 . well i have read related as an information on school results.
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
1. SayNoToTea
10:06 PM GMT on July 04, 2012
Here is the man responsible for starting our move towards independence. He was no local yokel. Note his education. Once again, it is our educated or uneducated children that will lead our country in the near future. Personally, my hopes for our countries future lies in those children that will be well educated, not someone who prides themselves on their lack of education.

Richard Henry Lee of Virginia was the classical yeoman farmer and a justice of the peace. The Virginia-born aristocrat benefited from an English private school education. At first an "indifferent figure," he later rose to the radical occasion and became an admired orator who, according to Patrick Henry, "reasoned well, and declaimed freely and splendidly" with a "deep and melodious" voice. At the second Continental Congress, he put forth the motion to cut maternal ties with Britain.

"That these united colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states; that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown; and that all political connexion between them and the state of Great Britain is, and ought to be, totally dissolved... Let this happy day give birth to an American republic." ("Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence," 1856, via Colonial Hall)

As it was his proposal, Lee would have been chair of the Committee of Five and its likely scribe, but his wife's illness called him away. His sub: Jefferson

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