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It's About Teachers, Not Police

By: SayNoToTea, 4:29 PM GMT on December 22, 2012

The far right will never cease to amaze me with their stupidity and audacity. Today's example comes in the wake of the Sandy Hook Shootings. Their cure, keep uniformed, armed police to guard or schools. It's a WTF moment, These people will gladly give their tax dollars for schools to become police states, but whine like spoiled babies when it comes to paying to educate the future of our country.


Still Here

By: SayNoToTea, 5:03 PM GMT on December 12, 2012

I was glad to let this blog ride into the sunset after the election as we saw the defeat of the tea party and the defeat of the far right. Not just a defeat but a sound spanking. We also saw pure insanity towards science and reason as the far right decried the polls wrong

I also was glad to let this go as the tea party itself has seen half of it's support while doubling those that oppose them and their ideologies. As meteoric a climb they enjoyed their demise was even faster. Now all that remains for them is infighting and blaming each other. The only thing that we can not expect to happen is for these idiots to realize that their way is not the way of most Americans.

Of course watching Jer run with his tail tucked between his legs was amusing and made my rebuttals not needed any longer helped my decision, but I was shocked by comments and a few e-mails asking me not to quit.

So here I am, I will keep this blog up, but I think the tone will soften, to a point.

I wish all well and I take away hope as we watch many that stepped to the right only out of political expediency move to a better centered position that our country will continue to thrive and grow.


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