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It's About the 14th Ammendment

By: SayNoToTea, 3:46 PM GMT on November 14, 2012

The stupidity of the far right never ceases to amaze me. Why is it that a people who claim to be so smart, so understanding of our forefathers and the constitution, time and time show that they are imbeciles knowing so little?

Today's prime example is the petitions that are popping up on a White House web site asking that their state have the ability to secede from the United States. First and most hilarious is that the site was created by the Obama team, the same team these people hate so much and want to leave over. This web site is the first of it's kind. Second, these fools are putting on their websites that just 25,000 signatures is all that is needed and they will be able to secede. That's not the website says at all and if these monkeys had the ability to comprehend the little they can read they would understand that the web site states that with 25,000 signatures the white house will respond to the petition. Thirdly I can only hope that when the White House does respond they do so simply by reprinting the 14th amendment which placed states as subordinate sovereigns to the United States thus eliminating the right of secession.


It's About Victory

By: SayNoToTea, 3:46 PM GMT on November 07, 2012

First let me speak to my fellow moderates. Last nights victory was not a referendum for Obama, instead it was a referendum against the far right and the religious right. Last nights votes signified that women have rights, that gays and lesbians have rights, that all colors of skin have rights and that Americans will not be bound to a group of elitists and wanna be elitists that allow no other thoughts sans their own. Congratulations to the moderates, hopefully this will enable government flow once again.

Now, to the letter writers who harped on me for being tough on SebastianJer, you and I know why he left and last night was the reason. Boy dished out so much crap, he was rightfully afraid he would have to eat it today. Not that any of the far right will believe that the election shows that the majority of Americans do not hold their views, they've already started with the excuses.

The biggest excuse of the far right to downplay Obama's victory is to place the blame on the main stream media. First, that is such a great play on words as to categorize any organization that reports what they do not want to hear and therefore dismiss what is reported. More importantly though it is arrogance and disrespectful to everyone that did not vote according to their ideals as it states that you and I are not intelligent enough to cipher through the editorializing and make an educated decision on what we deem is important for our country, ourselves and our families. We are not sheeple, we are not ignorant and we will no longer stand idly by while we are insulted by those that are indeed the ignorant ones.

I won last night, but most importantly AMERICA WON!


It's About Voting

By: SayNoToTea, 2:37 PM GMT on November 06, 2012

It's been quite a ride to get here to this point. By tomorrow, America will have elected a black man (You know the far right cringes when they read that.) to a second term as commander and chief of the greatest country in the world. Even though we know it won't happen it would be nice to see some far right windbags honor their word and pack their bags and leave this country.

This election cycle has brought about the end of the tea party. Oh they're still there, much smaller in numbers, still blogging and acting self important, however they have been marked for their true colors, racist, chauvinistic,afraid of change and lack of morals while they preach exactly what they lack. They have no power and they have no sway. many politicians and even far right politicians have distanced themselves. We have so easily forgotten the Republican primary debates where the tea party claimed they would pick the candidate. No longer is Palin or Cain daily on our lips or in our thoughts. We have chosen to ignore the threats and support gay and lesbians, women and their rights and government that is for the people and not for the corporations.

Now we move forward together and those that choose to whine and cry can be ignored.


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