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Tea Party members Prove Themselves Idiots

By: SayNoToTea, 5:58 PM GMT on October 29, 2011

Patrap asked a valid question the other day querying what job plans have the Republicans have initialized. Of course Wunderground's prized tea party puppet, Spathy found a quick article through Google and played Johnny on the spot with a "cut and paste." The problem is it would appear that although it looks good, but after looking at two, they don't increase jobs. So I decided to reporduce his post and actually examine them one by one. See Spathy, we can all cut and paste, but a little digging is necessary to fully understand what is it that you are actually posting. There's another blog here that does the same thing as you, paste what looks good each day and it's funny because many times an article posted one day contradicts the article posted a few days before. It amkes the poster look like an idiot, but oh well, they're tea party folk and we expect that.

Campaigning for another failed stimulus and more job destroying taxes, President Obama has repeatedly—and falsely—asserted that “Congress isn’t willing to move” legislation to facilitate job growth. While the president plays politics, House Republicans have been working and approving legislation to promote economic growth and job creation. The House has approved more than 15 bills that, if enacted, would immediately help to grow the economy without more failed stimulus spending. These bills are currently stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate and the president has not encouraged the Senate to act.

Today, House GOP leaders and freshman lawmakers held a press conference to call for Senate action on the “forgotten 15” jobs bills that the House approved as part of House Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators. The following is a summary of the “forgotten 15” and other stalled legislation listed on the Majority Leader’s Job Tracker website.

The “Forgotten Fifteen”

1) H.R. 872—Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act: The bill would amend the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to clarify that the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or a state may not require a permit under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act for the application of pesticides regulated under FIFRA. By removing duplicative requirements, the bill would reduce overlapping and unnecessary regulation on pesticides that are already regulated, thereby reducing costs to both farmers and small business owners.

2) H.R. 910—Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011: H.R. 910 would prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases to address climate change under the Clean Air Act. More specifically, the bill would prohibit the EPA from regulating: water vapor; carbon dioxide; methane; nitrous oxide; and any other substance subject to regulation, action or consideration under the Clean Air Act to address climate change. The bill would prevent a needless increase in energy prices for American households and businesses.

3) H.J.Res. 37—Disapproving the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission with respect to regulating the Internet and broadband industry practices: The bill would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from implementing a net-neutrality rule which would prohibit Internet providers from slowing or blocking legal websites or Internet services because of concerns over bandwidth. In May 2010, seventy-four House Democrats sent a letter to FCC Chairman Genachowski making the case that net-neutrality rules will “jeopardize jobs” and “should not be done without additional direction from Congress.”

4) H.R. 1230—Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act: H.R. 1230 would require the Department of the Interior (DOI) to auction offshore oil and gas leases in the Central and Western Gulf of Mexico, as well as in an area off the coast of Virginia. The bill would help to reduce energy prices and promote job creation by expediting offshore oil and natural gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and the Virginia coast.

5) H.R. 1229—Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act: H.R. 1229 would direct the Secretary of the Interior to require that any lessee operating under an approved exploration plan obtain a permit before drilling any well, and obtain a new permit before drilling any well of a design that is significantly different than the design for which an existing permit was issued. The bill would prohibit the Secretary from issuing a permit without ensuring that the proposed drilling operations meet all critical safety system requirements (including blowout prevention), and oil spill response and containment requirements.

6) H.R. 1231—Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act: H.R. 1231 would require that each five-year offshore oil and gas leasing program offer leasing in the areas with the most prospective oil and gas resources, and would establish a domestic oil and natural gas production goal. The bill would essentially lift the President's ban on new offshore drilling by requiring the Administration to move forward on American energy production in areas estimated to contain the most oil and natural gas resources.

7) H.R. 2021—The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act of 2011: H.R. 2021 would eliminate needless permitting delays that have stalled important energy production opportunities off the coast of Alaska. The bill would also eliminate the permitting back-and-forth that occurs between the EPA and its Environmental Appeals Board. Rather than having exploration air permits repeatedly approved and rescinded by the agency and its review board, the EPA will be required to take final action – granting or denying a permit—within six months.

8) H.R. 2018—Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act of 2011: H.R. 2018 would a restrict the EPA ability to issue a revised or new water quality standard for a pollutant whenever a state has adopted and EPA already has approved a water quality standard for that pollutant, unless the state concurs with the EPA Administrator’s determination that the revised or new standard is necessary to meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act. The bill would prevent unilateral actions by the EPA that second-guess the decisions of the state regulatory agency.

9) H.R. 1315—Consumer Financial Protection & Soundness Improvement Act: H.R. 1315 would improve consumer protection and provides greater economic stability by allowing the Financial Stability Oversight Council to vote to set aside any harmful federal regulation.

10) H.R. 1938— North American-Made Energy Security Act: H.R. 1938 would direct the President, acting through the Secretary of Energy, to coordinate with all federal agencies responsible for an aspect of the President's National Interest Determination and Presidential Permit decision regarding construction and operation of Keystone XL, to ensure that all necessary actions are taken on an expedited schedule. The bill would promote job creation and energy security by ending the needless delay of the construction and operation of the Keystone XL pipeline.

11) H.R. 2587—Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act: H.R. 2587 would prohibit the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment under any circumstance.

12) H.R. 2401—Transparency In Regulatory Analysis Of Impacts On The Nation: H.R. 2401 would require analyses of the cumulative and incremental impacts of certain rules and actions of the Environmental EPA. Specifically, the bill would require the President to establish the Committee for the Cumulative Analysis of Regulations that Impact Energy and Manufacturing. The Committee would be charged with analyzing and reporting on the cumulative and incremental impacts of covered rules and actions of the EPA concerning air, waste, water, and climate change. The bill would establish the interagency committee to evaluate the economic impacts of EPA regulations and delay the final dates for both the maximum achievable control technology (Utility MACT) standards and the cross-state air pollution rule (CSAPR) until the full impact has been studied. Both regulations would cost consumers and businesses $184 billion from 2011-2030 and would cause electrical prices to skyrocket.

13) H.R. 2681—Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act: H.R. 2681 would provide a legislative stay of three EPA emissions standards that apply to cement manufacturing plants and are known as the “Cement MACT rules.” The bill would also provide for the implementation of effective regulation that protects communities both environmentally and economically.

14) H.R. 2250—EPA Regulatory Relief Act: H.R. 2250 would provide a legislative stay of four interrelated EPA rules, commonly referred to as the “Boiler MACT rules,” that govern emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants from approximately 200,000 boilers and incinerators nationwide. The bill would remove this excessive regulatory burden placed on employers by the EPA’s Boiler MACT rules, potentially costing companies $14 billion and 224,000 American jobs, and replace them with sensible, achievable rules that do not destroy jobs.

15) H.R. 2273—Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act: H.R. 2273 would utilize the framework and requirements of an existing federal regulatory program developed by the EPA under the Solid Waste Disposal Act (RCRA) as the basis for enforceable minimum federal standards for the regulation of a waste stream known as coal ash. The bill would include enforceable federal standards, but would leave regulation and enforcement to the states. The bill would also provide consistent, safe management of coal combustion residuals in a way that protects jobs and encourages recycling and beneficial use.

And Still Counting…

16) H.R. 2433—Veterans Opportunity to Work Act: H.R. 2433 would create or modify programs that provide employment and training services to veterans and service members separating from active duty. The bill would also make changes to programs that offer home loan guarantees, ambulance services, and pension payments to qualifying individuals. Among other things, the bill would provide up to 12 months of Veterans Retraining Assistance to no more than 100,000 unemployed veterans that enter education or training programs at community colleges or technical schools to prepare them for employment in an occupational field that is determined by Department of Labor to have significant employment opportunities.

17) H.R. 674—To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the imposition of 3 percent withholding on certain payments made to vendors by government entities: H.R. 674 would permanently repeal the imposition of 3 percent withholding on certain payments made to vendors by government entities. Currently, the imposition of the 3 percent withholding is set to take effect on January 1, 2013. If the 3 percent withholding tax were implemented as scheduled, government entities would be required to withhold 3 percent of payments to persons providing property or services to the government. For example, on an invoice for $20,000 the government would pay the business $19,400 and withhold $600 as a preemptive tax. These added costs would almost certainly translate into fewer private-sector jobs and higher costs for the government and taxpayers.

18) H.Con.Res. 34—Budget for Fiscal Year 2012: The FY 2012 budget resolution passed by House Republicans promotes job creation and certainty by preventing the president’s job destroying tax increases and runaway spending.
For additional information, contact:
The House Republican Conference Policy Office

Tea Party Equals Same Ole Same Ole

By: SayNoToTea, 3:34 PM GMT on October 19, 2011

Just a few notes:

Yes, I started a new blog and as I was creating it I received a call and all of a sudden I had an assignment that required all of my attention. I guess I hit the enter button by accident.

To my more liberal friends; as I'm sure you know, when the tea party starts trying to tell you what would be good for you, do just the opposite.

I still am not sure of my stance on the Occupy Movement, however the way the tea party villinizes them is laughbale. Their portrayal that OWS is nothing but a "hippy like" movement that is unorganized and bent on breaking the law is so ironic. The tea party name itself is based upon a group of rebels that broke the law, their actions caused things to become worse in the way og more restrictive trade, levies and taxes. However, the Boston Tea party was the spark that awoke the colonists into taking action and ultimately revolution. Will "OWS" become that same spark to ignite we the 99 percent to take back our government?

I actually took a stroll through our towns version of OWS as i wanted a first hand view of who they were made up of. I found unemployed, employed, college students, moms and dads, retirees and veterans. There were business owners and homeless. They have created their own library, security, first aid station and communication center. It was not dirty nor was it terribly neet and organized but though many had differing views and ideals there was a common thread that all people, including corporations must be held to the same standards of legality.

I am a regular reader of the "Gentleman's view" and below is an a recent posting that fits my view of today's governemnt.

Gentleman’s view.
The dirty game of politics played by gangsters with degrees cloaked in Brooks Brothers proper!

Robert Gates on the GOP’s Breakdown and Failure at “The Basic Functions of Government”

Robert Gates, a respected elder statesman of the political establishment, recently delivered some provocative remarks on the health, of lack thereof, of the American political system. Brian Beutler had a good item on this the other day, noting the increasing frequency with which prominent voices, not prone to hyperbole or alarmism, are raising awkward questions.

The GOP’s hyper-partisan turn after Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 meant 112th Congress was destined to test the limits of dysfunctional governance. But it also happened to coincide with a moment in history when the country needed the government to do better than the bare minimum. Instead, it’s done less. And that’s shaken people who’ve spent their careers steering the ship of state.

“I do believe that we are now in uncharted waters when it comes to the dysfunction in our political system — and it is no longer a joking matter,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates told an audience two weeks ago at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where he received the Liberty Medal for national service. “It appears that as a result of several long-building, polarizing trends in American politics and culture, we have lost the ability to execute even the basic functions of government much less solve the most difficult and divisive problems facing the country. Thus, I am more concerned than I have ever been about the state of American governance.”

James Fallows noted the same remarks, emphasizing Gates’ demeanor. “I specifically recognize how carefully he has always chosen his public words,” Fallows wrote. “For such a person to say plainly that the American government has lost its basic ability to function, and that he is more concerned than he has ever been about this issue is … well, it’s worth more notice than it’s received so far.”

I often think of a column E.J. Dionne Jr. wrote a while back, in which he asked, “Can a nation remain a superpower if its internal politics are incorrigibly stupid?”

I’m a chronic optimist about America. But we are letting stupid politics, irrational ideas on fiscal policy and an antiquated political structure undermine our power.

We need a new conservatism in our country that is worthy of the name. We need liberals willing to speak out on the threat our daft politics poses to our influence in the world. We need moderates who do more than stick their fingers in the wind to calculate the halfway point between two political poles.

And, yes, we need to reform a Senate that has become an embarrassment to our democratic claims.

And, I’d argue, we need well-intentioned Republicans who care about the national interest to realize something has gone fundamentally wrong with their party, and to work to help bring back.

Dionne wrote that column, by the way, in July 2010. There’s ample evidence conditions have deteriorated since and the incorrigible stupidity is more pronounced. Some have even begun suggesting it’s part of a larger effort on the part of the radicalized right to deliberately undermine confidence in America’s public institutions and create conditions in which voters give up on government altogether.

If the public considers this unacceptable, they’re going to have to say so.

This week, in the midst of a jobs crisis and intense public demand for congressional action, killed a credible jobs bill for no apparent reason. Most Americans support the American Jobs Act’s provisions; it enjoys strong support from economists; it includes ideas from both parties; and the CBO found it will even lower the deficit over the next decade.

And despite all of this, literally every Republican in the Senate — including the alleged “moderates” — not only rejected the popular jobs bill, they refused to even let the chamber vote on it at all. This happened, at least in part, because GOP officials didn’t want to “give [Obama] a win.”

As Gates put it, “It is no longer a joking matter.”

Tea Party and Taxes Hurt Americans

By: SayNoToTea, 10:20 PM GMT on October 13, 2011

It seems that the tea party likes things that easilly

The Tea Party Would Not Like Reagan

By: SayNoToTea, 1:29 AM GMT on October 08, 2011

Thanks for the Reagan videos Spathy. I believe he was the best president of the 20th century. An opinion I think many republicans and Americans also share. However, if you look at his Presidency and the policies and actions he took, the Tea Party would brand him as a RINO and he would lack their support. Another example of why I am so adamantly opposed to the Tea Party.

Here are a few examples:

Reagan cut taxes and changed tax rates at the beginning of his Presidency, but by elinating loopholes, adding taxes and changing tax codes by the end of his 2nd term taxes were 11 percent higher. Now the Tea Party claims that cutting taxes will spur job growth. This was not the case. After these tax cuts unemployment climbed to 10.6 percent. It was not until taxes were raised that job growth began.

He increased the debt ceiling 18 times.

As a result the federal debt nearly tripled during his two terms in office and again after a post cold war militray spending at one of our countries lowest levels

In fact the federal government spending increased 68 percent under his tenure. The most under any President before or after. ALl this while the defense spending was at 6 percent. Consider that present day it is over 20 percent.

He strengthened immigration laws, and in doing so allowed legal status to 3 million illegal aliens presently residing in the United States.

He was the first President to allow an openly gay couple to spend the night in the White House and in 2004 he stated that the constitution speaks about "all men are created equal" and as such gays should not be prevented the same rights that those not gay take for granted on a daily basis.

He worked with Tipper O'Neil and saved Social Security, even though they both were polar opposites politically.

He was a proponent of open borders with both Mexico and Canada. As a result, NAFTA was a work that he started.

So Spathy, once again I thank you for the videos. Reagan was a great President and a good reason why I so dislike the Tea Party movement and what they stand for.

Tea Party Puppets and Sarah Palin

By: SayNoToTea, 2:56 PM GMT on October 02, 2011

Aub could you please add a complete text of these bills?
Or a simple link.
It is a common tactic to name a good sounding bill that is never meant to be passed.
Then crud is attached to give fodder for good political adds.
Cover and ammo.
Common tactic on both sides.
Clean bills should be the forward course of action.Not these shenanigans.

The above is a classic response showing what type of personality makes a great tea party puppet or even a cultist for that matter. They start by asking for information but lacking that information, rather than investigating to prove their point or not prove it or even just remain indifferent, they blindly either accept it or deny it, depending what fits their preconceived ideas. The bills this blogger is questioning might or might not fit his line of reasoning, but he doesn't care because if they didn't fit his reasoning then he could not blindly follow the path he is on. If you ever have read the psychology of cultism, this person would be a good recruit.

This ties into todays topic. People have blindly followed and in much the same ways as cults, given Sarah Palin God-Like status. Without questioning or without facts to back up their opinions tea party zealots have decided she portrays the wholesome family modern ideal woman they want to have lead their country. A soon to be released biography debunks this myth.

Now let me add my two cents to this article. There are many things I fins disturbing. It doesn't matter to me the color of skin the men she dates, It's not my moral choice to judge her for having a child out of wedlock. My critical points that this article brings up are the instances of infidelity, the lack of parental responsibility and the overall level of hostility shown

Top five Sarah Palin book allegations: Cocaine, sex and burnt macaroni
A new book, The Rogue by Joe McGinnis claims to show the real Sarah Palin. So does she have a fetish for black men, did she snort coke off an oil barrel, and how good is her macaroni and cheese? Or do we just not care?

Sarah Palin. Photocredit: asecondhandconjecture 11/sizes/m/in/photostream/
The former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, has spent a lot of time and effort on her “hockey mom” image. Now all that could change, as allegations from a forthcoming biography of her by Joe McGinnis called The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, surface. The book will be published in America next week. McGinnis spent some time in a house very close to Palin’s domicile in Alaska and interviewed about 200 people associated with her. Giles Whittell in The Times took the angle that this could be “devastating” for her political ambitions. The top five allegations made in the book are listed below.

“This might not go down so well with the hockey moms, but Guido is certainly amused,” said the Guido Fawkes blog. Referring to the assertion that Palin as a young TV journalist jumped into bed with basketball star Glen Rice, Engineer commented on Fakwes’ blog: “Which is worse behaviour by a young journalist, a one-night stand and a possible experiment with recreational chemicals or a habit of fabricating quotes and interviews?”, whilst a lot of comments referred to the young Sarah Heath’s beauty (Heath was Palin’s maiden name). Alexandra Petri, in a lovely Iliadic allusion, shrugged on her Washington Post blog: “This is on the level of Book 22 of the Iliad, when Achilles mutilates Hector’s dead body and drags it around the walls of Troy behind his chariot. Hector is dead. Give it a rest. You’re just embarrassing yourself.” The Superficial said it was “basically the most believable shit you’ll ever read in your life,” adding “it could all be completely true because who doesn’t love black penis?”

Danny Groner on The Huffington Post said that really he didn’t care, and it was about time that writers of bestsellers were subjected to the same strictures journalists were. “Through all of Palin’s Fox News appearances, dissection of her emails, bus tour, family saga, there are people wondering aloud ‘Who Cares?’ in hopes that others will back away. Yet, here we are again.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has written an essay about economics that she’s posted on Facebook.

“I think Sarah Palin’s hairstyle from this era is mortifying enough without bringing one-night stands into the picture,” tutted Alexandra Petri on her Washington Post blog.

•1. She had a one-night stand with basketball star Glen Rice. This allegedly happened 9 months before she married Todd Palin, whilst Sarah Heath, a sports reporter for an Anchorage TV station, (as she then was) attended a basketball tournament at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where her younger sister studied. Apparently things got hot and heavy pretty quickly. Maureen O’Connor on seemed to think that this one was most likely to be “true”, as Rice himself confirms it. Allegations that she has a fetish for, ahem, hot black men, are perhaps a little less compelling.
•2. She snorted drugs off an oil drum. Whilst snowmobiling, Sarah Palin and her husband Todd were allegedly seen snorting cocaine off the back of a 55-gallon oil drum. O’Connor on Gawker thought that this was physically impossible, asking “what about wind?” Jamie Blair, however on, said “as a former fisherman on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod Bay, I can confidently say that small, seasonal communities are rampant with drug use.”
•3. She had an affair with her one of her husband’s business partners. In the mid 1990s, as originally reported in The National Enquirer in 2008, it was alleged that Palin had had an affair with her husband Todd’s business partner Brad Hanson. The rumour was knocked down back in 2008, according to CBS News.
•4. Shock horror – she allegedly smoked marijuana, with a professor whilst studying journalism at Mat-Su college in Anchorage. Perhaps the most believable of the allegations – according to CBS News in 2010 Palin came out in defence of marijuana, calling it a “minimal problem.”
•5. Perhaps the most damaging allegation of all: that she (allegedly) fed her children burnt macaroni and cheese (specifically Kraft cheese). This is more to do with the fact that despite her claims to be a regular hockey mom who looks after her children, she’s actually a bad mother. Will she be able to survive the claims? We’ll have to wait and see.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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