South Florida Weekend Weather & Tropical Outlook

By: SWFLDigTek , 5:37 PM GMT on October 01, 2010

I will be fairly brief today since we have no active tropical systems to look out for, and the weather should be very nice this weekend in south Florida. In fact, we should see highs near 90 each day with a mix of sun and clouds. Lows do begin to dip down now and may fall into the upper 60's overnight. No rain is being forecast until Monday, though we all know a shower or even a quick storm may sneak into the mix anyway.

No active storms in the Atlantic right now, but a few areas to watch... 97L is being given good odds for some development at least, and with a west to NW track in which the model consensus does not show a recurve, this system could potentially threaten a wide area. The Caribbean also has a disturbed area to monitor, and it almost seems close enough that it could pose at least a threat to Florida in the not so distant future. If that would be the case though, it is certainly not in the official forecast, which again, is for excellent weather. Enjoy you weekend everyone.

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