What...? February already?

By: Rotty3 , 1:14 AM GMT on February 06, 2012

Well, I admit, I tried to start a new entry a few times and it didn't work. Mostly b/c computer was acting up. Work was super busy and then there was always something to do at home and I couldn't wait for the machine to figure out if it wanted to work or not.

Seems I resolved at least SOME issues. I'm sure some more will pop up. Invariably they will with a machine that's about 3 1/2 years old. Can't wait to get done w/ the writing so I can build a new one. Just need the time to figure out which MB I want in there. I kinda know what I want but haven't looked too deeply into it b/c of time.

The red/younger mare is doing well for all keeping up with her progress. Seems back to normal. Yesterday I went out and sprayed stinging nettles (aka weak nettle, and trust me there ain't NOTHING WEAK about this one, it hurts like a Portuguese Man o' War jelly fish "bite." This stuff BURNS for 24 hours and then some).
Well, the "baby" in his 17.2 hh glory was nosy and I had to chase him a few times, so he figured, he can go and sniff the mare's derriere to see if she might be smelling... umm.. interesting (yes he's gelded, but that's "only" about 15 months ago).
She decided she didn't want ANYthing to do w/ his amorous advances and showed him what the underside of those hooves looked like, dirt flinging and all.

Miss Sharpy is doing great. She's now allowed to be out and off leash. Her "bump" has gone down to a walnut-sized lump. She's getting her prednisone but I also added Vitamin C and D to her diet. And of course, she always gets a fresh eggie :) She's feeling super spoiled (and she should lol).

Otherwise, I'm still sitting here chomping at the bit. No word from the professor other than "still working on it." URGH... need to be setting dates for defense. I'm so not liking this dragging feet. Send some needling vibes that there's a sense of urgency to finish the commentaries...

For those who might remember my entry about my friend's Rottie--they put her down yesterday only a short while after diagnosis. After putting the first dog through chemo (and losing him after about 6 not so good months), they lost the other one about 2 weeks ago. Now the one that was diagnosed w/ cancer is gone. That's 3 dogs in less than 6 months. Granted, they were all related, but still.. that is such a huge cluster. Please keep them in your thoughts as they deal with such loss. Sadly, one of the dogs belonged to their daughter in law who died 5 years ago from lung cancer (and who never smoked in her whole life, in fact, she was a fitness nut).

On a weird weather note... it was 24C here today. With a HEAT INDEX of 26C. Ummmm... this IS February, right?! And Invest 90 is in the Gulf of Mexico.
Europe is under extreme freezing temps, centrally it's around -18C or so. While cold winters have happened there, this is a rather unusual situation as they had similar cold spells last winter, but hardly any before that.
Oh yea, Dutch Harbor hits +3C.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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52. OGal
4:03 PM GMT on March 16, 2012

Sure proves I need to spend more time on WU. Rotty you have worked hard and the hard work has paid off. A hug Congratulations. Now maybe you can have a little kick back time. But hey, you need to stay away from those evil ticks. They really can do a nasty job on you. Keep chugging those horse pills down.
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51. Ylee
3:49 PM GMT on March 16, 2012
I thought I'd posted earlier, but congratulations on your defense!

How did the mediation come out? Is it still in progress?

You and Sharpy take care!
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50. dix608greys
3:09 PM GMT on March 16, 2012
Holy cow Rotty!!!!!!! I just read the news! BIG congratulations on your accomplishment. You must be so relieved and I'm sure I am one of many who are hugely proud of you. My best and biggest congrats on a longggggggg, hard job .
PS- I just sent you an e-mail to your regular addy regarding my trip.
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49. Arbie
2:16 PM GMT on March 16, 2012
Thanks, Skye. I guess I should explain that I'm a country girl myself, so I know all about composting, manure, county extension, etc. But it is different living in the forest. Unless you are growing native forest plants, you can't grow anything without massive conditioning of the soil. Hence the container gardening.

Nobody attempts farming here, except in a few scattered open areas where meadows have grown and conditioned the soil. It has been good for the forest, since it doesn't get cut down unless someone wants to build something.

Of course, there are some people that garden. It is a lot of work though. You have to build the garden just like you would build a house. Nothing like where I grew up in Ohio, where you could pretty much just stick plants in the ground, water them, and they would grow. Fertilizing was something you did if you wanted them to be extra nice, not a necessity.

So, that is my class on the East Texas forestlands today... :) I think it is pretty similar in many places along the gulf coast. I believe the forest flows along the coast from Texas, all the way across and up the atlantic side. I am sure the temperate climate changes things as it goes northward.

Have a good day all.
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48. Skyepony (Mod)
4:14 AM GMT on March 15, 2012
Arbie~ There is no smell. You get composted horse manure from a farm. As it composts (turns to black gold) it reduces to about 1/3 the original amount of horse manure. It doesn't smell while it composts if everything is in balance. You can compost your house veggie & yard waste into soil for your containers too. There is lots of great sites about how to compost & what to compost. Many farms (including me) happen to compost their horse manure & then trade it to gardeners. People bring me things like plants & jellies they made. They get a growing medium that is much better than these sludge soils & petrol enriched bags in the box stores. It's alive with earthworms & life that plants thrive on.

Check your local AG extension agency for planting dates, varieties & such. Here's a link that might help.

I've had alot of luck planting by the moon calender. The moon affects plants in ways like it does the tides or animals. I keep that calender up in my blog for reference.

Other than that just start small. Grow what does well. Save & replant seeds from plants you liked. See what other people in your area are growing.
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47. Arbie
2:34 AM GMT on March 15, 2012
Thanks, shoreacres, for the two links. I have them bookmarked and am checking them out. I see the nursery has classes in container gardening. I can always combine something like this with a beach trip, right?

I like Texans too. :) But I think the FL panhandle is a lot like where I live, on the border between East Texas and SE Texas. Thick forest with sandy soil that is good at growing big trees but not vegetables, and similar temps.

I also need to check out grass and how to plant trees. We get longer dry spells up here than in Houston, even in normal weather, and I want to find things more drought resistant. Lost lots of trees and grass in the drought. Funny so many of the loblollies died. That wasn't what I would have thought would go first.

Rotty, I will be planting things too close to the house to use manure (like on windowsills and decks). It is a good idea though. I live on the edge of Houston's horsey area, so I could probably get it, although I have no idea where off the top of my head. Would have to ask around. Let me know if there are ways to hide the smell.

I am taking some days off for spring break, even though I am not in education. It is fun, although I know I will miss the lost vacation days later in the year.

Congrats again, Rotty!
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46. happytoberetired
1:39 PM GMT on March 13, 2012
Well, it kinda makes the regulars part of your celebration! You are a keeper my friend so go gettem'!!
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45. Rotty3
1:21 PM GMT on March 13, 2012
H2BR: Bawk, bawk, bawk LOL.

Yes, it's a relief. Still have to make revisions, but now it's fixing up the folder for the mediation tomorrow, then I will worry about the revisions starting on Thursday.
As someone said to me, it's an endurance test, to see how much $#!+ you can eat. When they feel you ate enough and they get tired of you, they pass you. Seems pretty much right on target.

But it's also a heavy weed out process. That's why you see lots of folks get their ABD (all but dead, errr.. dissertation), but few make it past the hurdles to reach the piled higher and deeper manure pile on the other side. Tenacity and fighter spirit is definitely something I have, thankfully. And a lot of great support :) Couldn't have done it w/out friends to lift me up when I was in pieces on the ground. So, the thank goes to all who have patiently let me vent and encouraged me :)
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44. happytoberetired
12:13 PM GMT on March 13, 2012
Rotty a huge congratulations from the Space Coast. You must be so relieved. This has been a very long haul for you. So proud of you. Can't imagine all that you do in addition to the paperwork. You must be one tough chick! Again! Congratulations!
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43. Rotty3
11:23 AM GMT on March 13, 2012
thank you calpoppy. It's finally sort of sinking in and I'm grinning a lot this morning lol.

Here's something to keep ya on the edge of your seat:

I promise, it has a good ending though :)
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42. calpoppy
1:41 AM GMT on March 13, 2012
A big WU CONGRATS, Rotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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41. Rotty3
1:35 AM GMT on March 13, 2012
shores, actually, I can't even have a good sip right now. I'm on a 3 week round of doxycycline after a very nasty tick bite. So, I'm STUCK w/ just drinking water to wash the big horse pill down and am about to crash LOL.

Arbie: another tip... best soil? Composted equine manure :) if you can get that, esp. with a bit of straight up sand, it's super for a soil. That's all i do in my raised beds. Remember all the stuff I grew the last two years? Practically effortless. Just good composted equine "apples" :)
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40. shoreacres
12:56 AM GMT on March 13, 2012
Rotty ~ Congratulations! I hope you still are somewhere with a little something to drink and your feet up! It must feel wonderful!

Arbie ~ Florida people are very nice, but you need tips from and for Texans. Here's the link to Maas Nursery in Seabrook. There are all kinds of newsletter archives, etc. They also hold classes, and are more than happy to answer questions over the phone.

I use their landscape soil exclusively - and I do only container gardening. The only time I mix it is when I'm repotting African violets. Otherwise, it's great for ficus, flowering annuals, Christmas cactus, geraniums - just everything. It's about $8/40 pounds, if I remember. Maybe a little cheaper. It's time for me to go get more.

It would be worth a trip, I think. Get in mind what you want to do, ask all of your questions and get some good dirt! And their classes are great.

I don't know if you listen to Randy Lemmon on KTRH, but I never miss him weekend mornings. He's got a newsletter, too, and archives that tell you what to do about any problem you can think of!
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39. Rotty3
12:45 AM GMT on March 13, 2012
thank you trauma!
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38. traumaboyy
12:40 AM GMT on March 13, 2012
Congratulations Rotty!!
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37. Rotty3
10:50 PM GMT on March 12, 2012
Well, you heard it here first.. I passed the defense. Now the obligatory revisions, but that was expected, so no surprise. They actually, gasp, liked the work. I was shocked to say the least. And it was after the initial stress, quite light hearted (that suprised me). A good big of laughter and joking. I'm just glad it's ALMOST over...

THANK YOU EVERYONE for letting me vent and steam off and whine. Couldn't have done it w/out those little whine sessions. Now, for some cheese with that w(h)ine LOL.

More when I'm less exhausted.
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36. Ylee
11:34 AM GMT on March 12, 2012
Rotty, best wishes today!
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35. Arbie
11:06 AM GMT on March 12, 2012
Thanks, Rotty and Ylee. I am going to bookmark those two blogs so I don't forget.

Good luck, Rotty! I will be thinking of you today. Rotty, I know you have answered this before, but I forget--what is your degree going to be in? We will have to call you Dr. Rotty then! :)
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34. Rotty3
2:37 AM GMT on March 12, 2012
just coming up for air before the big day (tomorrow at 1 EDT).

Arbie... Try AquaK9, too.

hitting sacks for a crash'n burn so I'm rested enough for the grilling tomorrow. I'm okay if I'm well done by the time they're finished grilling me, just don't char me... I don't like burned steak or chik'in lol.

hopefully by Wednesday (lawsuit mediation) the stres is going to be almost over...

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33. Ylee
6:15 AM GMT on March 11, 2012
Arbie, Skypony's blog has stuff about central Fla.(She lives in Melbourne) gardening. You can try that out!
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32. Arbie
2:05 PM GMT on March 10, 2012
Rotty, that little video of NASA's was awesome. I hope you don't mind I passed it along to Katy in Tok, AK. She was wondering what the people in airplanes flying through the northern lights saw. Not quite the same thing, but close. I know she will love it.

I was also wondering if you (or anyone!) could tell me who has wunderground gardening type blogs from around the Gulf Coast? Especially others who have very bad soil and have to container garden. Our soil is forest soil and it is also very sandy. It seems we discussed that once before and you mentioned some people, but I wasn't ready to garden yet. I think I am ready to start on a very small scale.

No hurry! This can wait until after you have the 500 comments under wraps. :)
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31. Ylee
8:03 PM GMT on March 08, 2012
Rotty, I don't know what to tell you; just to let you know that we're all pulling for you!

That was a neat vid from APOD, wasn't it? :)
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30. traumaboyy
2:40 AM GMT on March 06, 2012
I would be happy to take roo off your hands Rotty!! Know you will be happy to be finished with this defense!! Good luck and when you finally come up for air...Drinks are on me!! Oh...lol...if you don't drink then Apple Horse treats on me!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
29. Rotty3
12:14 AM GMT on March 06, 2012
Something neat for anyone who likes to see earth from above (ISS) and some great Aurora Borealis. Shared with me by a friend. And too beautiful not to share with others. :)

http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html.

Buckle up and enjoy the flight. It was a great vacation even if it only lasted a few minutes :)

Well,... just got email from major prof. "Please carefully address comments and have the issues fixed before the defense." Ummm... 459 comments and you want them done BEFORE MONDAY?! Great... Diving back into the abyss of the Marianna Trench... Hasta la Vista, Baby... I'll be baaaack...
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28. Rotty3
3:12 AM GMT on March 05, 2012
Hey guys'n dolls... coming up for air for a moment.

Sorry for the incommunicado and MIA. Crazy? Here? nah... nev'ah, right? Well, I'm about to EXPLODE I'm so mad! The law twisters (remember contractor lawsuit) now want a house inspection THIS week after not doing much of anything for 2 years (other than ask for mo' money...). I told them I had NO (bleepity bleep) time for this stuff. I am so mad b/c I KNEW this was going to happen and they were told that I was up for degree defense this month.

And to add to the stress, this week I got FINALLY the first chapter review from the last person who wants the revisions by Monday. Oh yea, 7 more to go for you buddy... that's another 300 pages. ummm... defense is Monday 12 March. I dunno how I can make your revisions of THOSE pages, esp. since the first 23 pages took ya "only" 7 weeks.

Oh yea, the contractor law suit mediation? 14 March. My head is spinning so badly, I can't even think straight... forgot my name, too.

Weather? yes, survived well. EF3 some 50 or 80 miles north of here in Georgia (Lowndes county IIRC). Me? Had several pine limbs come crashing down, another 4" of rain turning pasture into Olympic oversized mud pools, but otherwise, nothing much else.

Can I have a time warp in which *I* have 60 hours in each day while the rest of the world has the regular 24 hours? PLEEEEEZ?!? Purdy Pleeeeeez?!

Yea... and not ONE MOMENT of "natural prozac" aka saddle time all weekend. Been trying to tidy house all day yesterday and making changes today (plus reading the whole shebang again, all 300 pages b/c I found some problems that I have not yet been able to explain). Exhausted? Who? Me? Nah... well, diving for another week or two ... yes, eventually there's another blog entry -- I promise lol.

Hope everyone else is well (saw that Dotmom and KY got some serious damage. My heart goes out to all who lost loved ones in the storms).

Time to swim, paddle, splash and feed the big guys before I crash for the night. Oh, was there a weekend that just passed me by????
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27. Arbie
11:26 PM GMT on March 03, 2012
Hi Rotty, how is everything going? You started something here, you know. :)
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26. happytoberetired
3:20 PM GMT on March 03, 2012
Rotty, hope you weathered the storms yesterday. Our grandson is visiting a girlfriend in East Milton. You must be way out there somewhere! Let us know you are ok please! ;-)
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25. Ylee
4:12 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
Hi Rotty, wishing you a successful and happy March for you and Sharpy!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
24. Ylee
8:18 PM GMT on February 29, 2012
Hi, Rotty, bringing you back up to the top, hoping everything's going OK!
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23. calpoppy
9:14 PM GMT on February 24, 2012
That is one thing I have never had a problem with is hens picking on each other. Maybe its the breeds I have had, but they have all been mellow hens. Now I have had a couple of roos who would attack me on a regular basis but never did they go after the hens and peck them. I have a couple of silkies that are chased on occasion but they have never had wounds from other hens. So it could be because of the type of chicken and also boredom could play a part. We have straw bales in their pen, outside roosts, a camper shell for them to be able to get out of the wind. Also a bale of alfalfa for them to forage on.

J ust my opinion on the subject, certainly not scientific by any means, Lol!
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22. bearpaints
2:36 PM GMT on February 24, 2012
Trumaboyy's Granddaddy is right on. You can have all hens and they will pick on the less aggresive one. We have 4 different pens for chickens because of the picking order. If one is getting pecked on too much they are removed to a different pen to see if they fit in there. But once they get an ouchy all the others will pick on them till it clears up. There is also something called "Rooster Burster". You spray that on the chicken getting picked on and the others will leave them alone, I think it tastes bad or something. But anytime one gets an ouchy better to remove them till it heals and they get all their feathers back, other wise the others will pick on them because they look different.

Rotty, glad to hear your writing is done for now. Kick back and go for a long needed ride. Wish I could join you, but with all my work I think I forgot how to ride let alone get any of my horses in shape to ride. Have a great weekend.
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21. Rotty3
12:46 AM GMT on February 24, 2012
okay, coming up for a bit more air. Sheesh, is it really already Thursday?

I can't believe how difficult it is to get THREE ADULTS to agree on a TIME in the day. URGH. I had it set, then one says, oh I don't like to get up before noon. Uh, say what?! Sheesh... makes me wonder if I'm dealing w/ kindergarden kids or what... sigh.

Anyways, injured chickie is still alive. She's inside the house in a very large wire dog crate (we had some rather chilly days / nights following the bad weather). She even laid an egg the day I brought her inside. Hasn't since though.

I believe it is Roo who pecked her, not by means of spurs which are less than 3/4 inch long and soft (remember, he's only 10 months old). I did see some red specks on his beak a few times, bright red. And the morning I removed the hen, he was definitely having a reddish colored beak.

I don't think the Barred Plymouth are that badly inbred as I don't see it going on with the ones left in the area. Yes, they are semi-locked up, but with lots of room, lots of view (inside horse pasture, so they are really having quite a show w/ the horses standing there watching Chick TV while the chicks watch Horse TV LOL.

trauma: when I have more air again, if you want roo (for whatever purpose lol), LMK. I will be happy to capture him, and transfer him to you. Just can't wring his neck and I will not just dump him in the woods (though I have threatened lol).

Skye: if it wasn't that some of my work program stuff is not compatible w/ FF or other browsers, you bet I would have switched. It's mostly IE9 that's giving me issues right now w/ WU although it seems to have been resolved for now... knock on wood.

As for the writing, I am so glad when this is done and over with (just hoping I won't drop from a stress induced cardio infarction). Not everyone has that much of problems w/ their professors. I just happen to have one particularly nasty one.

Thank you everyone for the good luck wishes. I need all the good luck, vibes, prayers, etc. on 12 March and then on 14 March (mediation in contractor lawsuit). Yea... did someone say "stress"? Nah... who? Me??? I'm all calm! ROFL.
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20. traumaboyy
8:03 AM GMT on February 22, 2012
When I first noticed the chickies having those issues, I was sure some varmit was getting to them. Later I noticed that they were actually doing it to each other as they establish dominance. My grandaddy said "chickins aint that smart and sometimes they just commence to killin each other for no particular reason."

They go after each other, get too hot and too cold, suffer predation from owls, hawks, dogs, foxes, coyotes and coons that come callin. Not to mention possums coming around to steal feed and eggs during the night. There is also those unexplained losses. Out in the country, I have to balance letting them forage with keeping them locked up in Alcatraz!

I must say that having chickens along with horses, dogs, cats, a midget pot belly, and a moody snake is interesting, but the chickens seem to present the most unusual challenges.

Thanks for the weather Code Rotty. Did not get too bad where I was, but some of my friends had some rough stuff.

Good luck with your defense!! I don't miss those days at all!
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19. Skyepony (Mod)
3:52 AM GMT on February 22, 2012
Nice to see Sharpy feeling a little better.

Everything said about the roos are true. If it's the hens doing it to each other it could be the breed or some thing from a bad family line. We had some sexlinks when I was a kid that would pick each other to death. Vet said they were fine just inbred to the nines. Is it the roo, angry mob mentality or one got a taste for killing?

WU & IE don't play well.. Some browsers don't do so well when you start seriously digging in the weather data, even on a few other sites. It got worse as the weather toys got better. I switched to Firefox a few years ago & never looked back.

Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
18. calpoppy
2:12 AM GMT on February 22, 2012
Sometimes the roo's spurs can take a chunk out of the hens back. They have been known to kill hens from the raking of their backs when they mount them. I would not have just one hen with a roo, to rough on just one hen! Hope she will be okay, put her in a cage and let her heal without other chicks around. They would peck at the blood and cause further damage.

If you want to keep a hen in with the roo, there is such a thing as a saddle for the hens. It keeps them from being injured by the roo.

Good luck with her! And good luck with everything else you have going. Quite a load you have, sending positive thoughts for good outcomes in your degree quest!!!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
17. dix608greys
1:36 AM GMT on February 22, 2012
My daughter has chickens (a couple of different breeds) and in her cased it's the roosters who beat up on the hens.
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16. Ylee
10:59 PM GMT on February 21, 2012
Rotty, I can't imagine what it's like to have to write as much as you have to in order to get your degree! You have my admiration(and my sympathy!)!

Most of my chicken experience comes from my youth, but as I recall, my grandmother's Leghorns were all nice-behaved ladies, and bother each other much. Do you think it's a trait of that particular breed, or maybe it's because it's competition amongst the girls for the rooster's attention?

Take care!
Member Since: December 31, 1969 Posts: Comments:
15. Rotty3
3:56 AM GMT on February 19, 2012
Just quickly surfacing briefly to catch some air, so to speak.

I've been spending the past week including today literally working anywhere from 6 to 11 hours on the writing and the 650 comments. Didn't think I could make it this far by tonight, but I've got about 50 more pages and about 50 more comments to address... not going to do anymore than that ... I can always make some changes after the defense (got about 2 1/2 weeks after that to make any corrections). For now, I'm off on Monday to do more work. So that's practically all 300 pages and most of the 650 comments that I've reworked and where I made changes. Can we say, I'm beat? Exhausted and can't wait to finish this, as I'm really sick and tired of it. But, I promise, I won't give up. :-D

Looks like another chickie may not be making it. :( Found one of the BPR girls who is in w/ the roo sitting in a different place for roosting tonight when I did my night check. Not a good sign. So I got flashlight.
Sure 'nuff, she's missing a chunk from her back.
If she's alive when I get up in the morning and have daylight to set up a separate enclosure, she will be put into that. Otherwise, I guess I can't change the course of things? Saddens me, to say the least.

Calpoppy, trauma... any idea what makes the chickies do that to each other? I know they're in their own ways still mini-dinos, but still. That's a bit weird to me. Anything that would prevent that type of injurious behavior?

Code, trauma, stay safe. Looks like tornado watch in effect till early Sunday morning hours!
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14. Rotty3
3:32 PM GMT on February 16, 2012
dix: glad you're doing okay. Hope all will be resolved sooner than later. Sending quick health vibes for your better half.

As for the biblio, well, it's double spaced lol. But yes, the whole opus (w/ biblio) is nearly 400 pages... Keep fingers, eyes 'n toes crossed that the defense (set for 12 March) will go well. It's been a nerve wracking time so far.

Miss Sharpy sends lots of slobbery kisses and butt wiggles. She is just a sweetie and such a great pup. I admit, I'm happy to see her progress although I hate the prednisone. Alas, if that's what buys her a good year or two, so be it.

Thank you trauma and Ylee for the Happy VDay wishes. And yes, Ylee, I kept the ExLax out. I have more respect for cho-cho-cho-chocolate than doing something that bad LOL. (as in, hand over the cho-cho-cho-chocolate NOW and no one gets hurts...)
I hope yours and everyone else's was a good one.

Wow trauma, I didn't see any flakes, but then I'm a tad closer to the coast. It sure was hitting the below freezing (reached -7C here). And then yesterday, we were back up to 22C. Wacky!

I will probably not post much in the next four weeks unless I really can get some time eeked out or need time away from the other stuff. So, don't worry, I didn't vanish or fall off the edge of the world lol. Nope, that's not me you see floating into outer space (I'm not yet radioing in "Major Tom to Ground Control...." If anything, more like Dark Star. If you haven't seen that, make sure you are near or in bed when watching. It's highly sleep inducing).

Dix: computer issues... WU said basically after almost a week of back and forth that they are not able (I read it as "not really willing") to make sure their website displays and functions w/ individual browsers. I am NOT happy with their responses, but alas, I don't have time to mess with stuff right now. So I will just put it on the back burner and work on it when I'm done with the more important stuff. I can still log in just fine through my work machine.
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13. dix608greys
11:44 PM GMT on February 15, 2012
Hi all- Obviously I survived the stress test on Monday and although it was nothing I would agree to twice, it was OK. I made sure I told all involved that I was a nervous wreck and all the nurses and doctors were very kind and I appreciated it. Tomorrow morning I have an appt with my primary care provider and should get some facts about all my complaints. Well, hopefully anyway.

Such good news about Sharpy. I smiled as I read it. Love and kisses to her for a long and happy life.

Valentine's Day was a bit of a bust here as husband has an awful cold and with the COPD it makes it even worse. He saw the dr on Monday also and is on several RXs. I made a Valentine's cake but nobody felt like eating so here it sits.

A 73 page bibliography, Rotty? Good grief. You must have been doing research for eons.

Still not "normal" winter weather here in western SC. My daffodils are about 6" out of the ground and the Bradford Pear trees have swelling buds. For a while I thought we might get some snow or ice but at this point I'm changing my mind and suppose we will just go into spring as is. I'm just praying that our summer isn't hot as an oven due to this weather change.
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12. traumaboyy
7:26 AM GMT on February 15, 2012
Happy Late Valentines Day Rotty....Was Slammed last night at work and did not get a chance to make a second stop at the computer!! Glad animals are ok and hope you figure out the computer issues to your satisfaction. What an amazing winter indeed it has been great!! Right now 54 and Thick fog, but at approx 0530 yesterday my brother and I saw a few flakes falling. That is six years in a row I have seen snow in NW Florida. Of course no accumulations and usually very brief, but one of the privileges of working night shift.
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11. Ylee
10:26 PM GMT on February 14, 2012
Happy Valentine's Day, Rotty! Maybe you can give the prof a big box of chocolate! Try to keep the Ex-Lax out of them, though, lol!
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10. Rotty3
6:31 PM GMT on February 13, 2012
well, having issues at home logging into WU. A help ticket to WU? Yea.. I know more about computers than these folks for the most part. Sigh.

Lotis: Miss Sharpy says "Thank you for the hug and kiss" and she send slobbery kisses right back. She LOVED the chilly weather this weekend (temps barely reached north of 15C and hit -6C overnight here). She was out and off leash for a good bit this weekend and loved it. :) The bump has gone down to about hazelnut (aka filbert) size and I noticed that a bagging on her left front leg (low by the ankle) has also decreased. I can only hope the preds, Vit. C and Vit. D are doing the job in beating this back for several more good quality years. At least she's happy as a piggie in a blanket :)

Dix: hope all went (goes) well with the stress test. Nothing to really worry. Just think of it this way: it's your engine overhaul check :)
Keep us posted, if you don't mind...

Just hoping I can figure it out myself. I hate having to change browsers (it IS an issue ONLY with WU, so that's why I don't want to change browsers).

Spent nearly 24 hours on the bibliography this weekend. It's done... all 73 pages. And just as I finished I got word from major prof. Can we say ... ummm... a bit .... errr... schizo? On one hand I get "needs lots more work" (after I heard from several people that the previously submitted stuff was really liked while I was told it needed "a good bit more work...") and then the next paragraph says, "I can do the defense anytime in March." Emotional waterboarding anyone? Nothing like a little psychoterror to make ya feel good, right?!
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9. lotis2
8:40 PM GMT on February 12, 2012
dix: Don't sweat the stress test, just go with the flow. Had two stints put in last August then the doc wanted the stress test in Oct. Scheduled it for Halloween morning, that way if I was going to glow it would work well for the kiddos that night. Came thru it with flying colors. Had never had anything like that done before and was scared to death.

Rotty: Give Miss Sharpy a big hug & kiss for me (Tinsel & Skye say us too)!
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8. Rotty3
3:36 PM GMT on February 09, 2012
Glad to see that you're improving, dix. It's rather amazing to me to see how the so-called specialists don't talk to each other.

Eggies: some are used for bartering and a good bit is eaten by the pups and myself :) Miss Sharpy, for example, gets one fresh one cracked over her food every night :-D Spoiled pup? Nah... :)

Ylee, you're right, health care would be cheaper, but that would require a complete overhaul of how we pay doctors and other healthcare providers. If you pay attention to the way things are going in politics, you know that's not going to happen.

In the meantime, I ended up ordering a some new glasses from a place called EyeBuyDirect.com - they gave me a coupon code that I'm going to plug here lol... IFXUNA5C74 - this code gets anyone using it 15% off. Depending on the selected pair, it can be a nice deal and offset their 5.95 USPS or 19.00 UPS shipping cost.
I heard mostly good things (and very few grumbles, but that's normal in my opinion, always some disgruntled voices for any business) about them. They deliver the item(s) in protective case and w/ microcloth. Since it's a DMA, they are able to provide good discounts (with single lens packages starting at $7).
I was surprised at the nice deals they have. No, I'm not trying to advertise, just simply sharing what I think is a nice deal for all of us 'puter users who at one point or another need either glasses for distance or reading.
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7. dix608greys
4:02 PM GMT on February 08, 2012
You're absolutely correct, Ylee. All of my so called specialists have been "fired". Of course I have to see the cardiologist regarding the stress test on Monday but I have seen him before and have faith in him. Except for that, it's going to be my primary care internist and me working together to get my health back on track.
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6. Ylee
3:47 AM GMT on February 08, 2012
I think health care would be a lot cheaper if there were more general practitioners that looked at the human body as a complete system, instead of specialists that offer "cures" that conflict with other specialists' "cures", and puts the patient in worse shape than if nothing was done at all!
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5. dix608greys
3:02 AM GMT on February 08, 2012
I should have mentioned Andy Gabrielson. Such a tragedy. I'm so sorry for his family. May God bless his soul.
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4. dix608greys
3:00 AM GMT on February 08, 2012
And I'm happy to hear that you're happy to see her smile. God bless her little Sharpy heart. Tell her to stay well and happy for another few months (at the very least- years would be better) and I will be down to give that neck of hers a big hug.

What in the world have you done with 1600+ eggs? I know you said you barter with them and of course use some but 1600? That's a whole lot of quiches.

I saw my surgeon yesterday and have been discharged from his care so I was pleased about that. Now to get all the rest of my physical abnormalities straightened out. I still have a vague headache and that has gone on for 6 weeks now. I really think it came from the hormone patches that one of my so called specialists seemed to think would help my hot flashes that were caused by another specialist who thought I needed a cancer chemo drug for that endo in my colon. What a fiasco this has been. Next week I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test as I have a long standing heart problem and my BP has been high lately. Personally I think that is from all the stress of the last 8 months with my health. Well, honestly the stress has come more from the doctors and not so much the health problems.

Everything else seems to be doing OK here. I read the blog nearly daily hoping to hear some news from your professor. Maybe you could mention to him that you're not the only one waiting not so patiently? That there are people all over the country waiting too. Just a thought. ;-)
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3. Rotty3
8:13 PM GMT on February 06, 2012
Ylee, I don't know about that. Seems we've been way too lenient on it for way too long.

Some years back I went down to the Atlantic Coast in Central FL for a beach ride w/ several friends. Two young ladies came from Melrose. They owned a small cafe and were fulfilling their dream of riding on the beach. On the way home, their motorcycle was t-boned by a drunk driver who had lost his license, took his father's truck unauthorized and then ran a stop sign. Both ladies died at the scene. This was the guy's 3rd offense and he was still not booked on murder.

I still think of them from time to time, remembering them as they were passing my slow moving 40 ft. rig on that two wide open country lane road from the beach inland, waving and smiling happily. Not a good way to start a new year (02 January) finding out when I got home some 6 hours later that they had lost their lives so senselessly.

The ladies have been doing well. Despite an almost week long smoky air and some really bizarre weather, they are returning back to their 10 or more / day production. I think as of yesterday they have surpassed the 1650 mark (don't have the info here, but I *think* that's what I saw).

I'm monitoring to see if the swelling on Miss Sharpy is diminishing w/ more exercise or if it's going up again. So far, the hour or two out in the yard seem to have been doing well for her. She's happy, rolling in her favorite grassy spots and I'm happy to see her smile :)
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2. Ylee
7:36 PM GMT on February 06, 2012
Glad to see Sharpy is doing well! I'm assuming the hens are still producing well?

Maybe you should dig up some weak nettles and put them in the Profs' chair! :)

Thanks for the info on Andy Gabrielson. His name was mentioned on another blog, but I didn't know who he was, or what happened to him. Tragic waste; when are judges going to wake up and put the hammer down on drunk drivers?
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