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It's May already?

By: Rotty3, 3:57 PM GMT on May 24, 2013

Yea, I am alive. Can't believe it's already another semester. Where did the first third of 2013 go?

Well, I'm alive, diving deep these days and coming up for air very infrequently.
Angel is getting BIIIIG.. everyone else is doing well. I'm just busy over my ears.

End of Spring semester marked the half point to finish the current degree. This semester (summer) is busy as one is a 6 weeks class with heavy assignments. The other is pretty intense too. But... I'll be over before I know it :)

All the horses are well, even the old girl is kicking up her heels from time to time :)

Added a new feline population to the barn. Two boys. A gray tiger w/ white feet DSH and a sandy-peach colored Siamese(?) tiger mutt. He's an interesting character.
Horses watch chick and kitty TV, chicks watch horse TV (get too excited over kitty TV) and the kitties watch whatever channel plays (including deer and others).

Attempts to add another bunch of bitties to the flock so far have been unsuccessful this year. May have to wait till it gets closer to winter. Sigh.

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who served to keep this country free.

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