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It's been a long time, hasn't it?

By: Rotty3, 11:15 PM GMT on August 05, 2012

Well, it looks like the last entry was in April. Lots of things have happened. Many that have taken more time than anything else to get me through.

Thank you to everyone who checked on me. I'm sorry I haven't been much on WU, a comment here or there when I had a moment to check the weather and a picture caught my eye. But never the peace to sit down and write another blog entry.

Let's start with April: I did finish the degree, got the entry in the graduation listing, although I ended up not walking. Will do that next April as I want my Mom to be there. Yes, she's been my greatest cheerleader in getting through this ordeal of the writing and the degree. Just a few days ago I got an email that my 350+ page opus has been processed by the company that usually sells these (no, in this case the author gets practically nothing in case you wondered).

May did not go so well... The beagle passed away after some up and downs. She seemed to rally, then went down, came back and I had hoped she'd make it, but then she crashed and went downhill fast. I was very upset over some circumstances past the actual loss (part of why I wasn't around much was the extreme care that her condition required for the time she was still here).

Since the rules at work had changed, I am now also back in school. Just finishing the first two classes (and the first semester back) this week. The recent rule change stated that the degree must be position related. Well, the current position and the field I got my degree in are not the same. So, back to the bench (virtually speaking) and sitting through classes. Thankfully they are online, so it's not SOOOO bad. But the reading is pretty intense at times. And it DOES take time away from my "fun time".

After asking a not-so-friend anymore to move some of the stored stuff out the house, I finally got to cleaning and sorting and emptying boxes. Still a LOOOOONG ways to got, but it's getting somewhere.
Plus, lots of outside work that has been neglected for way too long.

On 02 June, I completely and utterly unexpectedly lost Miss Sharpy. It is still hard for me to type this as she was a very special girl. Although she had only been with me for about 18 months, she was very special and we had a unique bond. That morning she went out, didn't come in as I called her, but eventually did mosey in and went to her crate. She didn't seem in anyway in any trouble, but was wagging her tail and gave me a kiss. I went out to mow some way overgrown grass. By the time I returned back in, she didn't look quite right, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Having been dehydrated, I washed my face and got some water. No more than 10 minutes later, she was in the beginning stage of leaving this world. Even though my vet said, he was actually surprised she made it that long, it did take me by total surprise as she had been perfectly fine the day before. Jumping, running, having fun. And less than 24 hours later... gone!

Admittedly, I was very distraught. Some people at work said, "it's a dawg, get another." Well, most of the regular readers here know, that's not how I see things. But, apparently both the beagle and Miss Sharpy felt that I needed some "distraction."
So, I was home one day and doing some school stuff, when out of the blue all remaining dogs were barking their heads off. In unison. They hadn't vocalized since Miss Sharpy had left the pack.

So I look outside and see a truck in the driveway, two guys coming from the pasture area. I storm out, ready to tell 'em to get lost (yes, I'm so far in the boonies, you're on the premise, you're trespassing big times!). One guys says "you need another dawg? We found this one down by the creek and he is full o' fleas." Great... just what I needed... a male pup when I already have two 3 yo boys who would do nothing more but try to kill each other if given a chance.

Long story short, he turned out to be of course a SHE and she is now about 15 weeks old. A brindle boxer (mix?). The Rott'n ones are very laid back at that age, but this one is HYPER and hard-headed (both boxer traits I've been told).

So, between work, catching up with chores around here, classes and the new pup, I've been totally occupied. It's been hard for me to type the notes about the loss, and I admit, I've been in parts avoiding to write the entry.

TS Debby and subsequent rain storms have also left a mark. Debby dumped 12+ inches, but the horses have since been doused by another 25 or so inches in the last month. 7" last weekend (one of the t-storms killed the NWS down the road - not sure when it'll be up again), another 2" in 4 different downpours yesterday and another 1/4" today.

Horses are thankfully all well, though the big goofy TB either had his front feet trimmed too short or was sporting an abscess. He had been lame (and unrideable) for 2 weeks. Sigh. At least I got lots of stuff done, nevertheless.

Oh yea, chickies are fine too. The new batch is still not laying but hoping they will soon... gone past the 3,000 mark and coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the first flock's first egg :)

Well, I hope to be back here more often, though I can't promise with the extra classes. Two more in the fall, then four more semesters. And I hopefully get the pay raise then. Sigh. At least I'm pretty marketable at some point should I ever need to change jobs. LOL.

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