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March Madness? You betcha - but not what you think lol

By: Rotty3, 10:58 PM GMT on March 18, 2012

Although it's not the same as what one would consider USUALLY "March Madness" i.e. that whole basketball game stuff.
Admittedly, I don't watch TV (don't have cable or satellite although I still have a big 15+ year ol' TV sitting around collecting mostly dust and wondering if it gets ever used again), so I'm not getting much into the sports stuff.

And of course, this was THE madness month for me. Started w/ waiting for the "storm" in form of the defense on the 12th. It promptly came on the 5th w/ the major prof sending me 459 comments with a note that at the time read (between the lines), fix or you won't pass for sure! So, I did fix 'em ... all of them, yup ... finished on the 11th (Sunday) in the late afternoon.

On Friday 02 March, got email from lawyers that they needed me to allow a building inspection prior to the mediation date (which I thankfully had set AFTER the defense date). So, the day after those 459 comments, I went and had building inspector show up (promptly wasting about 4 hours).

The next Friday, i.e. Friday before the defense, Miss Sharpy looked bloated. I kinda freaked. Lost already 3 dogs to bloat, so after rushing to feed horses, I scooped her up, rushed her to the vet and made it back to work about an hour late (vet is 50 miles from home and about 25 miles from work). Thankfully I have a great boss. :)

She's fine, although the vet suggested to do some ultrasound to see why her guts are pushed aside. At this point, I'm weighing the options of doing the u/s which will probably result in a surgical exploration of anything found (xrays showed "something" but vet couldn't tell WHAT) or waiting and letting things progress. We have dropped the prednisone from 40 mg to 20 mg now and the bloaty look seems a little less, so I HOPE it's from the preds.

The reason I'm not jumping to the u/s option is that in the past I tended to lose any dog about 3 - 4 months post surgery (for whatever type surgery). Any anesthesia of older dogs seemed to have resulted in losing said canine. With her having had the surgery end of December to remove that massive mast cell tumor (which is gone now), I am very reluctant to put her under another full anesthesia for an abdominal surgery. Plus, IF I get to go see my Mom, I hate for someone to watch the critters to have to hand walk her the whole time I'm gone. So it's a toss up right now. Wished I had a crystal ball...

The defense, as I already posted, came and went and I passed on the first try. Whew. There is no guarantee that one passes these things -- the signature page form has boxes for PASS, FAIL and RETEST...

The final written opus (with the new modifications based on smaller spacing per new rules) still is 350 pages long... would have been 435 w/ the old margins and spacings.

So, this weekend I finished the (obligatory and VERY normal) revisions and will send the file in a few to the committee for final approval (no, at this stage they don't retract that "pass" whew!). This gives the committee a chance to look the writing over one last time, make final changes (if they are so inclined) and then it goes to be published (well, sorta... I rejected that, so you won't see it out there. I'm so over this, I can't even begin to detail the reasons. Let's just say, I'm so glad it is OVER!).

Finally I get to go to another horse show again (coming weekend), although with only 3 rides in the past 6 weeks, I decided to "just" work there but not show actively. No sense in wasting money on entry, diesel (which is heading for four and quarter / gallon) and then come back with poor scores. Rather get prepared and then show.

Oh yea, and then there was the lawsuit mediation. I spent all day Tuesday putting a huge folder together. Although it wasn't complete by any stretch of the imagination, I got 2 inches of papers in one single place. Most of the stuff was there.

Pretty much went as expected: we (lawyers and myself) detailed the problems, the reasons for why the contractor got fired (oh yea, three years to the day today) and put forth a number.

The opposite side said, nada, zip, zilch, and that contractor didn't do anything wrong though he took 3 months and didn't complete what I was able to finish in under 5 weeks while working full time and doing the school stuff. He still had about 60% of the interior work to complete, including purchase of appliances for which he had already received money.

So, now that case goes to trial next month. Jury trial that is. Keep fingers crossed. The hardest part will be to actually collect the $$$... but, I worry about that AFTER the verdict has been handed down. For now, I'm confident I can make a good case and that's all I can do.

Weather has been as crazy as this month had been. Troy AL where a friend of mine used to live, had a record HIGH of plus 84F (around here we tied a few record 87F temps lately), while a small place in AK (Bethel, AK) had a record LOW of minus 23F. Incredible span of temps!

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