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What...? February already?

By: Rotty3, 1:14 AM GMT on February 06, 2012

Well, I admit, I tried to start a new entry a few times and it didn't work. Mostly b/c computer was acting up. Work was super busy and then there was always something to do at home and I couldn't wait for the machine to figure out if it wanted to work or not.

Seems I resolved at least SOME issues. I'm sure some more will pop up. Invariably they will with a machine that's about 3 1/2 years old. Can't wait to get done w/ the writing so I can build a new one. Just need the time to figure out which MB I want in there. I kinda know what I want but haven't looked too deeply into it b/c of time.

The red/younger mare is doing well for all keeping up with her progress. Seems back to normal. Yesterday I went out and sprayed stinging nettles (aka weak nettle, and trust me there ain't NOTHING WEAK about this one, it hurts like a Portuguese Man o' War jelly fish "bite." This stuff BURNS for 24 hours and then some).
Well, the "baby" in his 17.2 hh glory was nosy and I had to chase him a few times, so he figured, he can go and sniff the mare's derriere to see if she might be smelling... umm.. interesting (yes he's gelded, but that's "only" about 15 months ago).
She decided she didn't want ANYthing to do w/ his amorous advances and showed him what the underside of those hooves looked like, dirt flinging and all.

Miss Sharpy is doing great. She's now allowed to be out and off leash. Her "bump" has gone down to a walnut-sized lump. She's getting her prednisone but I also added Vitamin C and D to her diet. And of course, she always gets a fresh eggie :) She's feeling super spoiled (and she should lol).

Otherwise, I'm still sitting here chomping at the bit. No word from the professor other than "still working on it." URGH... need to be setting dates for defense. I'm so not liking this dragging feet. Send some needling vibes that there's a sense of urgency to finish the commentaries...

For those who might remember my entry about my friend's Rottie--they put her down yesterday only a short while after diagnosis. After putting the first dog through chemo (and losing him after about 6 not so good months), they lost the other one about 2 weeks ago. Now the one that was diagnosed w/ cancer is gone. That's 3 dogs in less than 6 months. Granted, they were all related, but still.. that is such a huge cluster. Please keep them in your thoughts as they deal with such loss. Sadly, one of the dogs belonged to their daughter in law who died 5 years ago from lung cancer (and who never smoked in her whole life, in fact, she was a fitness nut).

On a weird weather note... it was 24C here today. With a HEAT INDEX of 26C. Ummmm... this IS February, right?! And Invest 90 is in the Gulf of Mexico.
Europe is under extreme freezing temps, centrally it's around -18C or so. While cold winters have happened there, this is a rather unusual situation as they had similar cold spells last winter, but hardly any before that.
Oh yea, Dutch Harbor hits +3C.

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