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Whew... what a whirlwind...

By: Rotty3, 3:25 AM GMT on January 17, 2012

Okay, here it is Monday night of MLK Day. Already 16 days into the new year and I am busier than a one armed coat hanger and haven't had a day off yet. Although I did get about 20 minutes of saddle time in on Saturday. Badly needed time. :)

Sharpy's visit to the vet on Saturday was mostly uneventful, unless one considers the nearly 300 cc of serum extracted from the pocket where the tumor had been.
Vet kindly wrote prescription and I found a place that sells the 1,000 ct for around $60. Yes, I'm an optimist. :)
The baggie has filled up with serum again, but it's not as bad as it was. It will probably need draining tomorrow as too many sticks will make it less sterile.

Sunday and Monday were rather uneventful for the most part - just filled with the usual... writing my fingers sore. As of tonight, I have sent of all chapters, minus introduction and summary. All 300 or so pages. I am hoping that the prof will be kind and accept most of what has been written (if for no other reason than the fact that it is such a long opus and we're both tired of messing with it... lol).

To make the day a little more stressful, the younger mare (she's a 26 yo pony at 13.3hh) was acting VERY odd tonight. Slept on the ground (not the most unusual for her), but strangely, this chow hound of a pony did not come in to be fed. Although, once in her stall, she ate as if nothing had happened. But then, when turned back out, she just stood there, almost dazed and confused. Normally she will go over where the baby eats to see if he left perhaps a stray crumb for her to inhale. Not tonight. When I checked just a few minutes ago she was up, alert but not eating. (Skye, yes, we had air and apples, so I don't think it's truly a colic, but I gave about 1/4 g of bute anyways, just in case it's a general soreness malaise). I don't think she's ready to checkout, but of course at that age, anything can happen.

Did I mention, gotta go back to work tomorrow morning again? Just hoping she's doing well. In contrast, the sweet old girl is doing great. She is eating her pellets like, ummm... a horse lol.

Weatherwise it's been strange. WU kept insisting that temps would be in the -1C to +3C overnight the last few nights. Ehhh, yea.. let's see -5C on Saturday morning, -4C yesterday and -2C this morning. Hmmm... glad I covered my veggies. The lettuce is doing great (and did I mention, tastes awesome?). Spinach is going good too finally. Now I'm waiting on the ol' radishes and some of the brassica to get ready.

Supposed to rain tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. Day to night time differences in the range of about 20C. Wednesday night? About 0C (32F). By next weekend, almost summerly temps with 27C for the day (that's almost 80F!).
What a messed up winter. But I'm happy it's relatively warm and sunny.

Eggie count has hit 1,400 with today clocking in a 12 after yesterday's 11. Not too bad given that we "only" get about 10 1/2 hours of light :)

Have a great week everyone. Keep fingers crossed for Sharpy, the pony mare and my writing endeavor.

(Skye / trauma: if you haven't checked them out, has some good sales items right now)

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Happy 2012

By: Rotty3, 10:23 PM GMT on January 01, 2012

Wishing everyone a wonderful, happy, healthy and otherwise great 2012. I know many people were happy to see 2011 go.
There's always new adventure in every day, so I am somewhat reluctant to agree with the passing of 2011, but time waits on no one.

This is the year I hope to tie a bunch of lose ends and hoping for Sharpy to have a great year (along w/ the other pups, kitties, chickies and equines).

Started the year with a lovely trail ride (mare that caused the hand injury last June was doing pretty good today, no squealing, screaming, and definitely no kicking when loading the big TB Boy.
Weather was more than accommodating at 77F (25C) and lovely sun though the trail was mostly under a tree canopy. Slight breeze, otherwise, just picture perfect 01/01.

It'll be 18F tomorrow night ... what a drop. Just hoping the garden (lettuce, spinach, radishes, cabbage and other cruciferous "critters") can handle it. It will all be covered of course. And this is only the second time the chicks are going to be in the nasty cold. We'll see how that goes.

For 2011 (20 Aug through 31 Dec), the egg tally stands at 1,243 actually accounted for plus 11 known cannibalized and water ballooned eggies. Not bad for 13 1/2 hens... :) Still an overall average of 10 eggies / day. Pretty productive flock ... must be pretty happy :)

If anyone is interested, Kennebunker posted a neat image of a fellow dom-e-cile. Check it out! ge.html?mode=singleimage&handle=Kennebunker&number =1585#commenttop

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