Muscle Pharm Assault - Review Of This Preworkout Formula

By: RogersAnderson74 , 6:27 PM GMT on March 24, 2014

Muscle Pharm Assault is a new preworkout on the market. You might recognize the company from watching just about any UFC fight on TV. Muscle Pharm really spends a ton of money sponsoring fighters and even has some professional football players advertising their supplements. Sadly, that huge marketing budget gets passed on to their customers from the looks of it. At $64.99 for 20 servings, this is the most expensive preworkout powder on the market and we want to see if it is worth the extra price. In this economy most companies are trying to give more value to their consumers. Muscle Pharm Assault did a reversal of the trend and piled on another $10 to their preworkout powder. The key questions is whether it is worth the extra money!

At 20 scoops, this makes each scoop cost about $3.25 per serving! Pretty expensive, especially when, other preworkouts on the market like Anadraulic State GT are only 99 cents per serving. This makes Muscle Pharm Assault over 3 times more expensive. Muscle Pharm try's to call a half scoop a serving, but that goes against their directions so you really only get 20 servings.

They also claim to have 47% higher bioavailability than "other creatine products". Creatine has been shown to be nearly 100% bioavailable in just about every form. I find this claim to be unsubstantiated and the Muscle Pharm web site provides absolutely no proof for this 47%. In fact I don't know how you get better than 100%. This kind of claim really makes me suspect about the product.

Ingredient wise, Muscle Pharm Assault is your typical "kitchen sink" preworkout powder and might as well be one of a thousand like it. So many other products on the market contain, the same stuff, but I suppose it is everything you need. Beta Alanine is there, as is Arginine and a few other exotic amino acids like Citrulline.

They also have creatine monohydrate, which is king among all creatine products along with creatine HCL. Creatine HCL sounds exotic, but doesn't offer any known benefits over standard creatine monohydrate (except that it tastes like battery acid) as stated above creatine monohydrate is 100% bioavailable.

For a carbohydrate Muscle Pharm Assault uses maltodextrin, which I feel is a pretty worthless carbohydrate source. It isn't digested fast enough to give you a good insulin spike, yet it will still add calories to your diet.

Caffeine is the only stimulant in Muscle Pharm Assault. Caffeine isn't a bad thing, it's just not anything special. Most newer preworkout formula's use geranium oil extract or bitter orange along with caffeine to give you an even more of a mental lift before you work out. Caffeine is fine, but doesn't hit as hard as some of these other preworkout powders. So, if you like getting amped up, this isn't probably going to be as strong as some of the others.


I wouldn't call it great. It's pretty salty, not bad but not really good either. I had the Blue Raspberry and all things considered, it is "ok" tasting.

What's Missing?

Muscle Pharm Assault is a very ho-hum formula. There isn't much "bad" I can say about it except that it is 20 dollars more expensive than it's nearest competitor and is under dosed in comparison. For the extra 20 bucks, you don't get anything I can see that is justifying the price.

I wish Muscle Pharm Assault would have included some hydrolyzed amino acids. Hydrolyzed amino acids are the secret of professional bodybuilders. They are pre-digested, which means they are immediately available to build muscle and reduce tear down. Taking in 3-4g of hydrolyzed amino acids before your workout means you never need to worry about getting full or sick during the workout, yet you still get weight gain benefit!


Compared to it's peer's Muscle Pharm Assault is the most expensive preworkout we've seen in many years. Here's a comparison of the ingredients, amounts and price of the market leaders:

Product________________ Rating_____________Retail

Price_________Cost Per Scoop

Anadraulic State GT_______9.2 out of 10________$44.99____________$0.99

Muscle Pharm Assault_____9.1 out of 10________$64.99____________$3.25

NO-Xplode______________8.1 out of 10________$59.99___________$1.20

SuperPump 250__________8.4 out of 10________$59.99___________$1.50

So, as you can see, Muscle Pharm Assault is over 3 times more than a similar ranked product Anadraulic State GT. These rankings are votes and reviews given on the most popular bodybuilding site.

This is the biggest Achilles heel to Muscle Pharm Assault. It's just too pricey for me to give it a thumbs up. It's a good formula and comparable to others on the market, but I can't justify spending the extra money. The choice is yours however and if you choose to pay the extra money that's up to you!

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1. ricderr
6:29 PM GMT on March 24, 2014
hey look...spam...cus the product company...aint got enough money to market this anywhere want to buy this crap...go right ahead...but know..they're too cheap to market in a paid arena
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