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By: RobDaHood, 12:54 AM GMT on October 30, 2011

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Hurry up and wait.

Days like this I think my life can be summed up in 4 words.
Was a long, hard, hike at night from the drop zone 5 klicks to the southwest and 5000 feet below through a land that the various occupants have fought tooth and nail over since the dawn of time...God only knows why! A rock pile. That's about it. So, as per usual, we sit, we wait, for all the ducks to line up.

I see the 4 guards in pairs converge a hundred yards below my perch in the bombed out apartment complex. They stop to chat and share a smoke. What I wouldn't give for a drag of that right now, but mine were back on the bird. No dog tags, european arms, generic black apparel, and definately no American cigarettes! They are a problem anyway. Ruin your night vision and give away your position in several possible ways. So, I sit...I wait...I suffer.

"Sat and Drone online, Op is a go." my Lt reports. "Boss, I think you could use this..." She hands me a black metal tube a little shorter and slightly heavier than a bic pen.

"What's this?" I ask.

It's an E-cig. Put it in your mouth and inhale slowly.

I did. Black coffee, and what...cherry?

"Well, that's different!"

"That's Kahlua and cream with a touch of black cherry. Wait a minute..." she took the tube, dug around in a pouch, changed some parts around and handed it back. "This should be more your style."

I puffed again. Menthol...very strong...and mint. After several more puffs I started to get that familiar rush that means I 've gone too long without a smoke.

Meanwhile, the group of guards split up and headed off in opposite directions. We had at least 10 minutes.
"Lets go!"
I handed the device back to her, she took a quick puff and stashed it away.

Well, It's been a while now, so I guess I can officially say I quit. September 17 I received my order for an e-cig kit. More properly called a PV or personal vaporizer. I love smoking, but I'm reaching an age where I might oughta start thinking about my health a little bit. Except for a few cracked ribs and some fractured vertabrae I've always enjoyed perfect health, and the Doc is amazed at how clear my lungs are. That said, smoking is getting to be a pain in the butt and very expensive. Time for a change.

So, what to do. Well, I tried the patch once. Almost killed me. After all the things I've survived in my life, no way I'm getting taken out by a medicated band-aid. Nicotine gum is a least for me. I'm also not about to take mind altering drugs. That PV thing has been in the back of my mind for a couple years now. One very important thing that I can see from it is the "simulation" of smoking. The hand-mouth thing. So, I did my research, placed an order, and never looked back.

Is it the same as smoking? Hell no!
Do I still crave a cig from time to time? Sure I do...but even though it isn't quite the same, it gives me what I need to hang in there. In the past few weeks, I've lit a cigarette about 4 times. Took a couple puffs and put it out. What I read was right. After a couple weeks on the PV the real thing doesn't taste good at all.

So...this is working for me. There is a lot of debate going on about whether these things should be legal, whether they should be taxed, etc. Well, I can tell you this. Me and thousands of other folks have used these things to get away from tobacco. You see, nicotine does not cause cancer. It's the thousands of other chemical compounds in tobacco that do. And addiction has to do with a lot more than nicotine. I can tell you that they are working for me, and I have already cut my nicotine content down by 30% from 18 to 12 mg/ml and am expecting to be down to 6 mg by next weekend.

So... IMHO these are a good thing. That isn't really a topic for the blog, just something I wanted to share. If anyone is interested, please feel free to WUmail me and I'll send you links for more info.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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By: RobDaHood, 12:46 AM GMT on October 07, 2011

Welcome to The Ark

UPDATE 11:16am 10/09/11
Update from RTLSNK's wife:

Quoting Harleybear:
Here I am, Harleybear, aka sugarbear. Chris had a tough 24 hours after surgery, but by 10 am the day after surgery he was walking the halls, waving and telling stories. Chris on morphine is quite a sight to behold. He will be home tomorrow.

UPDATE 10:35am 10/07/11
RTLSNK's wife just called. Surgery over. Doctor pleased with how things went.

My Good Friend Chris...aka:RTLSNK is having knee replacement surgery on Friday the 7th of October commencing about 7:15 am Macon, GA time.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
I will post here as soon as I know anything.

God Bless and Godspeed Ranger!

My Good Blog Buddy RTLSNK aka: Chris, Ranger Rick, etc. and former Airborne Ranger apparently jumped out of one too many airplanes during the course of his military career, or maybe got blown out of one too many jeeps...who knows, but for what ever reason, he wore one of his knees completely out.
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