Why the NRA is wrong

By: RTSplayer , 5:32 PM GMT on April 04, 2013

So the NRA says reducing magazine size won't help because the criminals already have the bigger magazines, or will continue to get them.

I say that's only true initially.

Over time, as police pick up different criminals for different reasons, they will confiscate the larger magazines and various banned guns, which will gradually reduce the total number of weapons available.

Additionally, ALL of the massacres recently have involved guns and magazines legally purchased either by the eventual shooter or a relative of the shooter, none of whom had violent past criminal records or jail time.

So right away, since ALL of the recent massacre shootings have involved LEGALLY purchased large magazines, if the smaller magazines legislation had been in place it is a mathematical fact that the number of deaths and injuries would have been smaller.

As for gang violence and other criminals who have high capacity magazines, those existing magazines and weapons can be confiscated over time. It isn't a magic pill that will instantly stop all high capacity magazine related shootings, but it will reduce such killings over time, perhaps a period of several years.

Gun lobby doesn't want that either because they own stock in a gun company and stand to lose money if they don't sell as many bullets, OR because they have a radical ideology whereby they believe everyone should have a "right" to own their own personal mini-super weapon.

The free shotguns thing which is being done in Colorado will not help anyway, since most break-ins occur when nobody is at home. The criminals will just break in the house while the owners aren't there, and they'll steal the shotguns while they're stealing the money, jewelry, and electronic goods they normally steal.

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2. SkyWatcher86
4:12 AM GMT on May 01, 2013
I'm sorry but i have to disagree with you on the a few points you made.
First,even if you did get rid of all high capacity clips it would not change how many people could die in a shooting I am a legal gun owner and i can tell you first hand it only takes one to two seconds to change a clip out even if it was only a five round magazine the people who are doing these shootings would just carry more mags with them.
Second,you say they will be confiscated over time but what your not putting in effect is the fact that if you cant get them here then your just giving the cartels something else they can ship here illegally and make a profit off of just because you cant buy it in a store in the US doesn't mean its going to disappear from the streets I don't know about you but i don't remember the last time i saw meth,heroin,crack,or any other illegal drugs on store shelves but alas they are still everywhere and the more you get off the streets the more gets brought into our country.
And third you say having a gun wont do much good against robbers because they only break in while you sleep,well i personally have had a situation where having a gun saved me and my family's life.A man had broken into my house in the middle of the night with a crowbar he then proceeded his way towards our bedrooms the only thing that stopped him was the sight of me with a shotgun standing in the hallway,needless to say he ran the other way.I know that if i was unarmed or only had a bat he would have taken the chance to take me out but hes not going to bring a crowbar to a gunfight.
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6:06 PM GMT on April 10, 2013
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