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SLU teaches DE and LA broken into 4 separate courses, instead of one!

By: RTSplayer, 9:59 PM GMT on August 15, 2013

NO education category? What gives? Anyway:

I'm sitting here looking at SLU's math curricula, and I'm really, really ticked about LSU's math curricula from back when I was at LSU.

At LSU they the entire subject of DE and Linear Algebra, vector spaces, matrices, determinants, eigenvalues, etc, all in one course which counted for just 5 credit hours. Additionally, it was before Calculus 3 and statistics.

At SLU, the course labelled "Differential Equations and Linear Algebra" from LSU is broken down into four courses of 3 credit hours each, which can be taken (in a minor anyway) over as many as 4 semesters. Which means it would be at a pace I could actually pass.

SLU breaks it down as:

M350 Applied Differential Equations 3 credits.
M360 Applied Linear Algebra 3 credits
M402 Differential Equations 3 credits
M409 Linear Algebra 3 credits.

I always said that course at LSU was ridiculous and should have been broken down into several smaller courses, and here it is.

I'd only need 12 more credits to get a minor in math at SLU, and I know I can pass all 4 of the classes with at least a half-decent instructor.

On the other hand, I'd only need 6 math hours in some of the same courses, plus a thesis, to get an honors diploma in math.

Additionally, the B.S. in Mathematics Education would only require a further 12 hours beyond the minor, and those courses look relatively laid back, actually. Two are actually high school equivalent courses. Then it requires some education course work and a few electives, some of which I already have.

There is also a pure mathematics major, and Ironically, from LSU Freshman Curricula, I've already passed courses equivalent to the 4th year level math requirements and electives at SLU, though the credits won't transfer, because it's not a direct overlap, but I got an A in that class. That part was actually easy. Additionally, it's possible to take the mathematics major, and still work in all the other requirements from the mathematics education major in the same number of total hours.

The point of all this is I see their hardest math subjects are broken down into several easier, slower paced classes than what was at LSU, and I should be able to pass it with reasonable teachers, cliff notes, and tutors. I had no idea the pace of a math major could be that slow. What they did to us at LSU was insane.

So if the Nursing thing doesn't work out, I'll do some combination of this, which is what I really wanted to do anyway 12 years ago, but LSU sucked in the realm of counseling people and in the order they required courses to be taken.

If I do things correctly, I could reasonably end up with multiple degrees within 3 years, because I can just take credit exams to skip most of the electives and such.


New Friend, or dating opportunity? or both...

By: RTSplayer, 10:46 PM GMT on August 05, 2013

Okay, so here's the situation.

I was out walking a bit and on my way back to the house, this adorable blonde girl about my age drove up beside me, and asked about some car trouble. I promptly helped her out. After this, she gave me her name and both telephone numbers, and asked if I'd like to be a walking partner with her. I mean, just fell in my lap. I didn't have to say a word. She also politely offered to buy me a beer, but I politely declined, but only because I was so sweaty and messed up at the time. Maybe that was the wrong move, because I guess a guy should never turn down anything good that a girl offers, but oh well, it's done.

So, I'm wondering, is she just being polite?

She's really, really my type, so I'd like to do this with her to get to know her anyway, but any advice is appreciated. I am not an active dater.

I know, I know, I shouldn't take it to mean anything more or less than just walking at the time being, but if there is date potential here, I don't want to screw it up.

Any thoughts?

Oh yeah, I don't play stupid games with people. I just want to be nice to her and see where things go, that's all.

Updated: 10:51 PM GMT on August 05, 2013


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