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My observations on George Zimmerman Trial

By: RTSplayer, 12:17 AM GMT on July 03, 2013

I'm still contemplating the Zimmerman trial, and how a prosecution witness could seriously claim Trayvvon only had to hit him once to cause all those injuries: A broken nose, several cuts to the brow line and crown of the head on the front, a cut near the corner of the mouth, two cuts on the back of the head along different axis, and two very large knots on opposite sides of the crown of the head. Trayvvon would have to be some sort of comic book super-being to cause all that damage from just one strike, even with George's head hitting the concrete.

I figure it would take a bare minimum of 4 to 6 full power strikes, not counting any blows George managed to block or dodge: at least 2 full power strikes to the front of the face from slightly different angles to the nose and the right corner of the mouth, resulting in Georges head banging against the concrete along different axis, and then at least 2 full power strikes to the sides of the head in order to explain the lumps and cuts there.

Punching someone "once" on the nose doesn't magically make fresh cuts and lumps appear all over different parts of the head, and anyone dumb enough to believe that prosecution expert actually knows a darn thing about fight science should not be on the jury.

Besides, the forensic gunpowder evidence from the shirt shows Trayvvon was on top when he was shot.

The only eye witness and the best "anything" witness, agreed perfectly with both the Zimmerman re-enactment testimony and the forensic evidence.

The Jury must aquit, and even if they do give a guilty verdict, it will eventually get over-turned in a higher court.

The prosecutor's claim that the use of a curse word shows "ill will or malice". I say that's ridiculous. I call the prosecutor a worthless dumbass. Does that mean I want any harm to him? No. It just means I think he's a worthless dumbass, because only a worthless dumbass would think that calling someone a worthless dumbass was evidence of intent to murder someone; that's that. People talk like that to one another all the time in America anyway.


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