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By: PugetSoundPost , 6:49 PM GMT on September 06, 2012

September 22, 11:15 PM
First Day of Fall, and it Feels Like It

Sure was nice to hear the patter of falling rain drops early this morning through the slightly open window! The first rain since early this month fell overnight and while still in bed this morning. Only measured .07", but it still sounded nice.

Fall is here and as I wrote before, the season changed right on cue for us. Yesterday and today were cloudy all day, and the temperature was only in the low 60's. The week ahead looks reasonable, but no more summer temperatures anywhere in view.

September 20, 9:00 PM

Wow, the days are zipping by! A week since I last wrote here and a lot has happened. Change again. But, I have to say that the weather hasn't changed too much. An amazing month - lots of sunshine and highs running in the low 80's for a lot of days lately!

BUT, today seemed to be the first real day of Fall. Our first fog of the season rolled in overnight, but it was rather thin. Eventually burned off, and then a lot of sunshine ensued again, however it was an early fall day. In spite of the sunshine, there was that obvious nip in the air all day. Much different than even yesterday. Our high reached 74, which is nice, but the intensity of the heat was just not there. I sat outside for lunch on the warm part of our deck, but even sitting in the direct sunshine was really just a tad cool. I kind of had to fight the urge to either just go inside to eat, or go in and get a sweater. Tomorrow is supposed to be foggy again and even cooler. So, fall is here.

Need to put this down for now, but I will write again soon with other updates.

September 13, 7:30 AM

Nice, but cooler weather has prevailed this week - highs in the low 70's, but lots of sunshine with the distinct feel of early fall in the air. The sun is rising this morning, but is a deep orange color, heavily filtered behind a layer of smoke from the eastern Washington forest fires that is unusually drifting westward over the Cascades and over us. The temperature is expected to be back into the 80's today. Actually a run of pretty nice weather is forecast for the next week at least.

Our mornings have taken a dip this week, another big indication of that fall nip. Our coolest temp this week was 43 - not all that cool, but a pretty big drop from up until last week when we were consistently remaining in the 50's for lows as a summer time constant.

To try to squeeze in one last little summer outing, which is pretty much our first one of the season due to all the busyness of weddings and so on, our remaining family is taking a little three day trip this weekend. We are heading up to North Cascades National Park to do a day hike. But we will rent a cabin on the Skagit River, about three hours up the highway, and stay while we take the hike on Saturday up to Cascade Pass. We will stop at the ridge that separates western and eastern Washington - along the Cascade mountains, but more intrepid hikers could continue on down the same trail for another nearly 30 miles and reach the northern shore of Lake Chelan. So, hope to have nice weather for the hike - but not too hot! It will be nice to get away and change the view a bit, but I still have a lot going on otherwise and it is kind of hard to pick up and go with such a big gear change. The middle of next week will see our youngest daughter move to college and she is far from packed, so the crazy days continue on! Fresh mountain air will do us some good, I am sure.

September 10, 10:40 PM
Dry Streak Ended

Indeed the dry spell is over. The little system swung through early this morning, dropping .24" rain on us. By later morning the day improved with quite a bit of sunshine and a high of 72. Pleasant.

A busy day - shopping with my college bound daughter most of the day, easy lunch out with her, and both of us ending the day by donating blood. Now time to call it a day. The rest of the week should be quite nice overall.

September 9, 9:30 pm
Dry Streak About to End

Just returned from a long day helping the newlyweds move into their new apartment. What a mess they have! Consolidating two lives and stuff from several different sources and locations. A lot is left to do, and to top it off, my daughter has been called to jury duty bright and early tomorrow!

Meanwhile, our first weather system in 48 days is moving in tonight. If measurable rain falls at SeaTac airport before 1 AM, and it looks likely to do that, our string of 48 consecutive dry days will end - making this the second longest dry streak on record. One more day would tie the old record. But, for now, the weather has certainly changed over what it has been the last several weeks. The wind has picked up considerably this evening, sprinkles of rain have fallen, and the real rain is headed in, already well inland from the coast. The first sounds of a bit of storm in a long time. The next couple of days are going to be a lot cooler than it has been. And considering the past few days with highs of 83, 84, 90, and 83 (only 72 today), dropping down into the 60's will be quite a change.

September 6

Just one week ago our crew started decorating the church. It took two days to accomplish, but was well worth it. Yes! The wedding came, and many people thought it was a beautiful affair. The bride was stunning, the music was lovely, the candlelight perfect, and now my daughter is a “Mrs.” ! That is kind of hard to imagine, but given time we all will adjust. The reception was a lot of fun, but it all flew by so quickly, as expected. It was fun to see a lot of people I haven’t seen for too long, with a tinge of regret that all those months of work evaporated so quickly. We had a lot of wonderful food (we are still eating it!), saw the slideshow my other daughter mostly put together (ok, we did it together), Dad danced with the bride and even I got out a bit on the floor with him (pretty poorly but didn’t care too much), and all too soon, the newlyweds were driving away with a string of cans behind the car, off to the future.

I had a lot of wonderful help from the coordination of everything, to taking our ideas and elements in decorating to truly bloom with a tea-in-the-garden theme, to all of the wonderful food and yes, even clean-up. I was ready to just move in and live in the reception garden (indoors) for awhile! So nice and people worked very hard to make it all a reality.

The couple are still on their honeymoon, returning this weekend, and then a lot of work begins for them (and maybe us too?) to get them settled into a new apartment, open their gifts, and pack up final things from here to go with them. However, we will turn into a convenient storage place for probably too much stuff. I remember those days for ourselves. “Hey Mom! Can you keep this here for us??”

One ongoing situation has been my mom. Just a week before the wedding I took her into the ER and she remained in the hospital all of last week. At first I had some hope that she may be able to somehow attend the wedding, but by last Friday it was finally decided that she just was not able to go. She did not have the strength and the logistics were just too hard. It was very disappointing for us both. My mom and I have been through a LOT together over recent years, but it was not going to be this wedding. However, it does have a happy ending.

The newlyweds were so sweet to visit her in her hospital room just after the wedding!!! When they left the reception they went off-site for some photos with the photographer. When that was complete, they went straight to the hospital, still dressed in their wedding clothes, to see Grandma! One can imagine the uproar that caused in the hospital! A bride and groom on the floor!! Staff came from all around, photos were taken, and my mom was so pleased, and completely surprised. Between their visit, a few photos she has seen, a visit in the morning by my two nephews who were ushers and dressed in their tuxes, and descriptions from a few attendees, she ended up with all the “wedding” she could handle and she seems very content and pleased. She has a vision in her mind of the wedding well established – it was a “fairy-tale wedding” with the most beautiful bride ever. A true grandma, and I am happy for it all to have ended up like this.

The hospital was kind also to let her planned discharge slide over the weekend, due to the wedding, which everyone was well aware of, so on Monday I had to move her out of the hospital to the same nursing home she has been in a lot, including six weeks earlier this summer. She is there now ostensibly for rehab and strengthening, with a possible chance of going home to her apartment. We shall wait and see the outcome of this.

Now we must move onward with all of our lives. The next big thing is to prepare my youngest child, daughter # 2, to be ready to move into Seattle in two weeks to start as a freshman at the University of Washington. We haven’t done anything yet for that. Need to shop again!!

I have a lot to do to catch up around the house and finish up wedding details. Our house is filled with an abundance of lavender roses, ivory spray roses, purple hydrangeas, purple and white stock, with lovely fragrance wafting throughout the house. Soon they will all be gone and everything will seem like a blur behind us.

Summer is passing, but it isn’t quite gone yet. September is starting off wonderfully. Lots of sunshine and reaching into the 80’s! May flirt with 90 tomorrow! September is often about our nicest month, and so far so good for this one. Summer was late to arrive, but once here, it has been a very nice second-half season. In fact, the headline has been “NO RAIN” ! Yes, it has not rained a measurable drop since July 23!! Summer is our dry season, but usually not this dry! August usually provides at least one good soaker rain. We are nearing a consecutive day dry record, but may fall one day short. Some rain may come next Sunday/Monday. But then possible improvement again later next week.

The weather for the wedding was perfect! Lots of sunshine and a high at home of 75! Very wonderful for the Big Day!! It was a truly wonderful day that we can remember always. The bride and groom are so very happy too!

August in Review:

Average High: 82
Average Low: 55
Hottest Temp: 95 (twice! On the 5th and 16th)
Coldest Temp: 47 (25th)
Coldest High: 73 (7th)

Total Rain for August: 0.00000”

September 6

Sunrise: 6:34 AM --- Sunset: 7:38 PM (PDT)
(losing 3 min 22 sec tomorrow)

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6. Buckey2745
6:46 PM GMT on September 25, 2012
I don't know about you but I am thankful fall is here. We had an absolute scorcher here in the Midwest, and obviously the drought was well published. Even though I was raised in the South I love the colder weather. I get strange looks when it's 40° outside and I walk to the mailbox in a t-shirt, but I love it!

The weather station is up and running and couldn't be better. Here's hoping it gets a work out with more rain coming our way.
Member Since: December 28, 2007 Posts: 710 Comments: 203
5. WatchinTheSky
5:36 PM GMT on September 20, 2012
Photos of trip were awesome, congrats on AC!
Dry spells don't last forever, even down here! But one for the records! We are still probably a month or two away from any rain. Season is changing, though.
Member Since: September 20, 2005 Posts: 162 Comments: 3958
4. PugetSoundPost
4:53 AM GMT on September 10, 2012
Hi Everyone! Nice to be in touch!

WTS - looks like some of those zeroes in the rain total will be gone by morning. I don't remember such a dry run as we have had - not even close, but looks to be nearly history.

Briar - you are right about not a lot of quiet time ahead right away. It is starting to back up again on priorities for getting everything done. But, we are planning to take some of the kids this weekend up to the North Cascades for a short cabin stay and hike. More about that to come!

Calpoppy - yes, lawns go brown around here in the summer, and I have to say I do not like it; but have little room to talk about it, since our lawn is quite brown right now. People around here just don't have much mindset for watering lawns during the summer. People are so used to just letting the clouds do the watering, that when they disappear, I guess there are no worries, because they will be back. I try to keep up better with watering our yard, but this summer it got away from me with all of our other activities and priorities, and now I am giving up too. Let the coming fall rains take over. We do keep up with garden and flower watering, but when I saw some azaleas looking sad the other day, I did set the sprinkler around the bushes in the yard. I will see about getting some photos up, hopefully!
Member Since: October 8, 2001 Posts: 211 Comments: 1312
3. calpoppy
4:58 PM GMT on September 09, 2012
So very glad it went so well!!! All your hard work payed off. Remember you didn't lose a daughter you gained a son!!

When I landed at Sea-Tac to change planes, all the grass was brown around all the houses. I thought this is Washington, land of green?? But I knew you hadn't got rain for awhile and I sure people do not bother with irrigation during dry spells. I think all your summer moisture is in Alaska.

Mt. Rainier was awesome!!!!

Post pics, please!!!!
Member Since: February 18, 2008 Posts: 90 Comments: 5675
2. BriarCraft
9:11 PM GMT on September 07, 2012
It's official, this was the driest August on record for Seattle. Somehow, I don't think that record can be beaten. Now, the record will be for longest consecutive days that include the month of August without rain.

Well, the wedding is over, but from the look of things, you won't be getting any quiet time to yourself for awhile yet.
Member Since: June 21, 2004 Posts: 94 Comments: 4712
1. WatchinTheSky
11:27 PM GMT on September 06, 2012
Had to grin at your August rain total!

Sounds like the wedding was good, plenty of related activities in the wings still. Too bad your mom couldn't make it, nice that the couple visited right after!

Youngest off to university, another milestone :)
Member Since: September 20, 2005 Posts: 162 Comments: 3958

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