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May Showers and Flowers

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:37 PM GMT on May 05, 2014

May 19, 7:15 AM

Here are a couple more rhododendron blossom photos from my yard showing two different colors - white and a lovely purple shade. I am not sure how well the purple will translate to all of your computer screens, but in real life it is a real pretty shade and probably my favorite. But all of them are very nice. May is rhododendron month here in western Washington. It is our state flower and I think this one is a great pick that someone in the state managed to pull off way back when. They have a long bloom season as different varieties bloom at different times - from pretty early spring through early summer. So it is easy to find one blooming somewhere for a long while during the year, plus they have a nice variety of colors, are on nice big bushes, and the blooms are big and easy-to-spot.

We had a better-than-expected weekend, but it wasn't as stellar as a week or so ago. This week ahead looks fairly seasonal - moderate temperatures for this time of year and smallish chances of showers each day. A preview of Memorial Day weekend ahead looks like it may be wetter. Which would not be too surprising.

May 5, 8:40 AM

Time for a new blog here since spring has moved on into the heart of the season, namely early May for us. But, kind of a wild swing to the weather as well, which I guess is the definition of “spring”.

Last week was hot; part of the time. A short heat wave descended around us, and last Thursday was the peak. At our house we hit 91 degrees!! There have been entire years when we never hit 90, and now we did it on the first day of May! That is pretty crazy. But this year is not too different from last year, as tomorrow marks the date one year ago when we also hit just about 91. Most of the last week was pretty nice with two of the days especially so, and hot for us.

Then the weekend arrived. Warm sprinkles started in Friday evening, and by Saturday they were less warm and no longer sprinkles, but periods of pretty hard rain. In the end we ended up with .90” rain on Saturday, and the trend continued yesterday with just about a half inch added on. We apparently are on the lower side of other area totals. I see that already Seattle officially has received about the same amount of rain that an average May gets for the whole month! And records have been set for those dates as well. So, back to record-setting rainfall days for us. There have been such swings this year in rainfall especially – from too-dry to to-wet in rapid succession.

Meanwhile, while it was nice last week, I did get outside a lot and worked in the yard. Weeded, trimmed, cleaned up. And, I planted flowers. Good progress was made. I have a display of geraniums in the ground in the front yard that add a pretty nice splash of color. I also worked on pots on our smaller version deck. I have more geraniums potted, as well as impatiens and some petunias, but not as many of those as I used to do. I also got a couple of begonias going. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up and re-organizing our deck space too, chasing out the winter and bringing in the spring and approaching summer. We can now use it with cleaned up furniture and the new flowers bringing in a new season. I am not finished, probably, but actually I am pretty content right now and don’t see a need to do a whole lot more there. I do have more pots to figure out for the front of the house but those will give me something to think about. I still need to seed some zinnias in a couple of places. So all in all, last week was productive and it was a perfect weather-week to be doing all of these jobs. I could see then that this week was going to be a bust for that, so I had better make hay. It pays to pay attention to the weather!

Here are some photos of "what's blooming in our yard". I took these over the weekend, in between rain downpours, and everything is pretty wet and drippy. I guess that is a common way to see them around here, so you are getting a bit of the local "flavor".

Here are some drippy pink azalea blooms:

And a blooming, but soggy, rhododendron:

And finally, a big splash of pink color with the loaded azalea bush:

April in Review

Average High: 65
Average Low: 43
Warmest Temperature: 87 (30th)
Coldest Temperature: 39 (10th and 13th)
Coldest High: 55 (5th)
Wettest Day: April 17 (.95”)
Days of 70+ degrees: 6
Days of Measurable Precipitation: 16

Total Rain for April: 3.30”

May 5
Sunrise: 5:44 AM ---- Sunset: 8:26 PM (PDT)

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