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Changes of Spring in NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:39 PM GMT on April 03, 2014

April 30, 7 AM

The last day of April and it looks like we could call it the last day of July! Wow! A little flush of hot weather has found its way to the Pacific NW! it has been predicted and it is here. Yesterday really began the ramp up, and we finished with a high of 79 at home, the warmest all year. That was a bit warmer than forecast. Now today and tomorrow we are forecast into the middle 80's!! It will be fun to see how warm it does get.

Yesterday I took advantage of the day and worked some outside - doing some weeding of garden beds and I have that area pretty well cleaned up now. And, I also took out of winter storage some deck furniture and cleaned it up. We still have just a smallish deck area that also serves as an extended front porch since we have our big replacement project that was to happen last year still on hold. But the area that we have is big enough for some small tables and a few chairs. I have done nothing regarding any flower planting or getting pots started on the deck, but I did want at least a couple chairs out and a table so we can enjoy these nice days, while they are here. They won't last long. By Friday the cool-down arrives. And some rain after that.

This kind of weather is possible in May, but not real common, especially of late. And especially so early in May (okay, tomorrow we will get there) but for anytime in April it is really rare. And that is probably why it will be so brief.

I think I will head out later this morning and do more yard jobs, before it gets "too" hot! Here in the NW we can't stand it too hot! Especially so soon after the long gray winter! But it is surely fun to be so pleasantly warm for now!

April 26, 9 pm

Pretty typical spring weather has continued. Periods of rain, showers and sunbreaks. The temperatures have been pleasant – low 60’s.

A new front is moving in right now and steady rain is in its opening stages.

Excitedly, we are looking forward to the middle of next week! It looks like we could see a couple of days in the 70’s and even topping 80 is a possibility!! I kind of hate to write about it this far out – don’t want it to flee and turn into a mirage.

College daughter is home this weekend and we spent a lot of time on some specific shopping today, with a little more to do tomorrow. It is fun to have her here!

April 18, 7:45 AM

Rain returned for us with a loud voice. The front that came ashore yesterday dumped 1.12” rain on us. Needless to say, it was a wet day. This morning is “dry” but the air is cool (42), quite damp feeling, and everything is drippy with heavy clouds still around. A weak ridge of high pressure is more or less promising some sunshine later today. Until tomorrow when the next round of rain returns.

Meanwhile I am hoping to get our yard mowed. In places, on slopes, it needs a machete, since it has been too long since last mowed in those areas. I hope we can get at it this afternoon. I would like our yard ship-shape for Easter, which may be another in-between day.

I’ve realized that I have spent more time trying to work through the WU problems this week than actually paying much attention to the weather. I did say a few minutes ago that I suppose it and we will eventually settle down over time. But at the moment I feel like retracting that, as I had typed up most of my thoughts here and somehow in the wink of an eye it was all erased! Again!! It just suddenly goes Poof! Gone! I don’t know what in the world is going on with my ability to post something on my blog. So, now I am typing this on a Word document and hope to copy it onto the blog and I wonder how that will go. At least I will still have a copy if the attempt bombs.

The earthquakes in Nicaragua have calmed down, although there are still small shakes or tremors now and then. The locals are still thinking that there will be something “big”, however. A combination of history, jittery nerves, a hyped-up local media, a lack of scientific information (but, really, is there any of this that is meaningful anyway? No one anywhere really knows when an earthquake will strike, no matter how much “science” they try to use) all fuel the notion that something else will come. But, life goes on I guess. I don’t know if people are still sleeping in the streets.

Nice! Just as I am wrapping this up, here comes some sunshine!

April 11, 7 AM

This is my third time to try to post something here, this new website doesn't keep anything on the screen long enough for me to actually get it posted up. There are many things that aren't working or I can't find the way to either see them or do them. So I will muddle along here. I'm hoping that as time goes along they will figure it out, but it should have been done before releasing it. Guess we are the lucky ones in Washington to be experimented on.

Well, spring is underway and we have had some nice days. Very much "spring" - still a bit of early and late nip in the air and most of the days are pleasant but not overly warm - but those couple of days in the 70's were sure nice! Most aren't like that. But it has been pleasant. A nice day looks to be arriving right now.

More news on the earthquake front. A 6.1 earthquake rocked Nicaragua again late yesterday afternoon. There was damage and injury in parts of the country, but the community where my son lives seems to have weathered it pretty well, although they were not very far from the epicenter (30+ miles, with some much closer aftershocks that were smaller). But the people in his little town are all pretty scared. Last night no one wanted to be indoors or thought they could sleep. Initially power, phone and water were knocked out but they did come back more quickly than I would maybe expect. We were able to Skype with our son late last evening. It turned out that he did not feel the original quake at all! He and some others were driving at the time, on the return from the city of Managua. He says that the roads are so rough that it is like an earthquake every time on them, so they didn't notice the difference. But once back home, the populace was quite shaken up and scared. So, his earthquake experiences are continuing and sort of seem to follow him around.

April 8, 7 AM

A pretty morning this morning, but not as nice a day as yesterday. Sunshine prevailed and we hit 76 degrees! Spring hit hard yesterday!

Today won't be as nice. We can't sustain yesterday's weather very long this early in the season, but days like that are not unheard of in April either. Little spurts that come and go happen now and then. Clouds are increasing this morning and a weak front is going to move through. We expect some rain later today.

My tulips are just opening up - the sunshine and warmth seemed to really prod them along. I'm hoping to see signs of my new little baby grass soon. My daughter and SIL are here staying briefly with us to work on a car project of theirs where they need to beat today's rain, so we have unexpected company and the feeling of spring. Nice!

April 3, 7:40 AM

Thin clouds are overhead this morning, but a spell of dry weather is about to end. Rain is already at the coast and should move inland through the day. This would be the first rain of April, after just completing the WETTEST March on record in Seattle! It was a wet one. At home we recorded 8.89" rain for March. The official total was over 9". I think the average is in the 3" range. They say the pattern is changing again and going forward should be closer to "normal" for rain. But that usually means a rainy spring. Those April showers do bring some very beautiful May flowers, usually.

This week I began a new renovation of last fall's partial renovation of our lawn. The first go at it several months ago proved partially successful. New grass came up and filled in patches, but for some reason other patches really never did sprout and grow. Not sure why that was. I do think birds got to the seed in places (I saw them at times) but I had no real way to continually stop them. Perhaps I was a bit too late in the season too. Well, now I am at it again, although not as much needs to be fixed this time. I have re-seeded the bad spots and now I am waiting. The rain over the next few days should be a good thing for it, then warmer weather may come early next week.

Trees are at the very beginning of leafing out. A light green haze is filling in the bare branches on some of the trees. That is a welcome sight! Once it starts, it goes quickly. You turn around a couple of times and suddenly the real leaves are fluttering in the breeze. Daffodils are blooming and tulips are just about to burst open. Other bushes, such as heather and camellias have been in bloom for some time now. On the down side, the dandelions are also showing off their bright yellow faces; before I see them and snap them off. The birds are singing early in the morning, even before the sun is really up. All of these signal "spring" in this region.

What types of life, blooms and growth signals "spring" in your area and brings a smile to your face to see, realizing that winter is passing and a whole new start that holds much promise is underway?

Here are a couple of local ideas that I photographed over my son's recent Spring Break. These cherry blossoms on the campus of Univ of Washington are quite famous (locally, anyway) and draw huge crowds during their bloom. This was the day that reached 72 degrees and it was a wonderful afternoon outing among the blossoms. There are many more trees that don't really show up in these photos. When looking from some height it is very impressive.


Average High Temperature: 57
Average Low Temperature: 39
Highest Temperature: 72 (3/24)
Lowest Temperature: 30 (3/22)
Lowest High Temperature: 41 (3/2)
Wettest Day: March 16 (1.75" rain)
Days of 1+ inch rain: 3
Days of measurable precipitation: 18
Days of 60+ degrees: 10

Total Rain for March: 8.89"

Snow: Flurries (3/1)

Note: This March was the wettest March ever recorded officially for Seattle. Which follows an increasingly wet February, which followed an exceptionally dry most-of-fall-and-winter. The rainy season this year has been odd. A very wet September led to many quite dry months, followed by such a wet March.

April 3

Sunrise: 6:43 AM --- Sunset: 7:41 PM (PDT)
(gaining 3 min, 25 sec tomorrow)

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