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Winter Rolls into March

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:35 PM GMT on March 03, 2014

March 25, 9 pm
Weather Changing Rapidly Over Two Days

The last two days have been a bit of a whip-saw for us. Yesterday was predicted to be nice, and it was. It was sunny, but not blazing - mainly a filtered sun. But a warm one. Our high was an amazing 72 degrees!!!! The warmest in many months now. And quite a jolt for us all. Everyone was out and you can just feel a lot of dreariness and weight being lifted off of everyone's spirits to finally feel the sun and some warmth outside! My son and I went to the University of Washington campus to see the beautiful cherry blossom display in the center of campus. He has been watching them come to life for the last while and I haven't seen them in years. So we went and we were not alone, which we knew would happen. Even though this is Spring Break week, that area of the campus was quite filled with people, students and otherwise, all enjoying the many trees in full bloom. Cameras were rolling everywhere. I have some pics I will try to post soon. The warm weather was just glorious.

Then today happened. Crash went the temperature (high of 57), in came the rain (up to .44" today), and the stormy skies and windy winds rolled over us. It has rained off and on all day - alternating with heavy, dark sky showers, then a burst of sunshine, then heavy showers, and back and forth. Not really "feeling" too showery as earlier it was just steady rain. Much of it changed in just a few minutes back and forth, especially this afternoon. Rainbow one minute, downpour the next. Spring! But the stormy side of it. This evening as the front is passing, pretty gusty winds are hitting and overall it has just been a stormy day.

March 23, 3:45 pm

Spring arrived since I last wrote and it has arrived here in the PNW too. Birds are out singing, kids are playing outside, the skies are clearing some, the grass is growing, dandelions are growing too, and it is warming up with the sunshine. Quite a few recent frosty mornings, however. Nonetheless, it is spring and while very early in the season, we can feel and smell it. I just came in from finally pruning my few roses, pulling up a lot of dandelions, and doing a first cut at some outdoor sweeping to clear the debris of winter away. It needs more, and the grass still needs mowing. It is looking shabby now, but it is still pretty wet in places. And I need to round up a crew here to help with it - possibly tomorrow. Need to hurry with it. Rain is returning by Tuesday. And the rest of the week after that doesn't look so inspiring. Wetter. Cooler.

My two college kids are on spring break this week. That always signals the coming of better days. I'm hoping to go soon with my son to see a beautiful cherry blossom display in Seattle. Maybe we can zip through the lawn tomorrow and then treat ourselves to that outing in the afternoon??

Our rain total for the month so far is 7.37". Today's high was 61! Very much a "spring temperature" for us. But already at mid afternoon it has dropped into the mid 50's.

The rain this month has unfortunately proven tragic with the mudslide yesterday up northeast of Seattle that has claimed several lives so far, with quite a few people still missing. Landslides are common with our hills and rain but this one was extreme. Praying for all involved in this.

March 12, 7 AM
Early Spring Arrives

Rain has quieted down this week and the season is making a turn. Early spring is here. Not that the rain will end, more is coming in the next couple days, but the season has turned.

Early bloomers are showing up more, the sun has more strength when it comes out, and the air just has that "early spring" look and feel. Just one of those things that you can sense. It won't be long and certain cherry blossoms (early varieties) will be in full bloom and new growth is becoming more evident on plants of all sorts as you look around the yard. Our grass is needing mowed now, but it is too wet. Pretty soggy ground. So far just in March we have 4.85" rain and it hasn't rained much now for a few days. It is still cool. This morning our low is the current 35 (coldest in some time) under clear skies, and the days have hit into the low 60's, but mostly remaining in the 50's. I've shed coats now and then when out and about and a sweater has been enough at times, but coats are surely not "gone" either. A lot of changeable weather lies ahead with likely plenty of cool rain, but periods of sunshine, like today promises to bring, really do herald a change of the season and the opening of Spring.

March 5, 5 pm
Hawaii Floating NE

Rain! A lot of rain fell overnight last night - just shy of an inch. And each day before that this month has seen decent rains. We had a few hours break during the midday hours today between systems. A little sun and it warmed clear up to 62! That is a bit of a clue.

Now, already, the next system is arriving. We have had some sprinkles already and the ceiling is lowering severely. This one is supposed to be stronger than the one last night - more rain and windier too. Another 1-2 inches could fall here by tomorrow. This warm front is juiced, as in a pineapple express - warm subtropical moisture entrained from near Hawaii will give us heavy rain tonight. River flooding is a possibility soon.

I'm working on a decorating project for an event - gathering photos of the beach and sea from our collection to make a wall display. We are focusing pretty much on NW beaches, which in my previous blog you got a good idea of (between the stormy photos and Briar's contribution of the ad showing NW beaches in their "nice" condition) but the photos I have passed by of tropical beaches we have been to over the years are beginning to lure me in. It is warming up, but sure is wet lately!

March 3, 7:30 AM

March! And winter continues...

Snow showers over the weekend, on Saturday, but none stuck for us. It did further north. Lots of snow in the mountains. Then, yesterday, almost an inch of cold rain for us. Very wet and dark all day.

Now this morning lots more rain is falling. It has been heavy this morning in waves. A very heavy, dark, wet sky promises a lot more rain before it ends. And, the rest of the week looks dark and wet.

After such a dry "winter" for us, things began to change in February. Rain picked up and a few more stormy days rolled through. Even snow! One nice little evening of accumulating snow and a couple more days of flirting with it. We are not a "snow zone" so any we get is a fun break in the much more typical rain or just clouds.

So it looks like March is off to a wet start and no real change is seen ahead yet. The first three days are not showing any indication of approaching spring, but rather a regression back toward winter. Not all that unusual for us. Springs around here are hard to tell apart from winter, for the most part. Certainly in March anyway. Daffodils should start to appear this month in spite of it - they seem to be hardly little souls - and that will signal spring.

But for all who are stuck in the deep freeze of winter and snow, there must be a glimmer of hope that March has now rolled in. For now I'm just pleased to be in around the fire and not really needing to do much outdoors. Way too soggy to even contemplate that.


Average High: 48
Average Low: 33
Highest Temp: 63 (2/26)
Coldest Temp: 16 (2/6)
Coldest High Temp: 32 (2/6)
Wettest Day: 2/16 (1.02" rain)
Days of Measurable Precip: 19

Total Rainfall for February: 4.6"

Total Snowfall for February: 2.5"

Note: The second cold snap of winter occurred during the first week of February, which was dry until it ended with the snowfall. After that the pattern changed and that is when the rain started to pick up for us. So nearly all of the rain fell in a 2.5 week period during the middle to second half of the month.

March 3
Sunrise: 6:45 AM --- Sunset: 5:56 PM (PST)
(gaining 3 min, 25 sec tomorrow)

Updated: 4:02 AM GMT on March 26, 2014


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