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Back To Normal in the NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 8:32 PM GMT on December 13, 2013

December 26, 8:45 AM


Christmas has come and gone. It was a quiet one for us and we did have our family with us part of the time. A nice Christmas Eve with my daughter and SIL, as well as my other three kids, here with us. And also a brother-in-law. Christmas Eve is our more formal celebration time - nice dinner and gift opening, although we do have gifts the next morning too. We also went to a Christmas Eve service at our church in the early afternoon. The idea described below of carols around a roaring fire is not what our service was like, but it sounds very nice. So, to accommodate everyone and the schedules, one eye has to be kept on the clock most of Christmas Eve. My married daughter, the nurse, had to leave here in time to get to work at the hospital for the 11 pm shift. I know she did not want to leave that evening and by next year changes will occur again and they possibly won't be here at all. That, along with losing my mom at this time last year, has kept these days a bit poignant in my mind too. By yesterday we were down to just five of us here and it was a much quieter day, but a nice brunch at home, leftover dinner with some new elements added, and a movie together last night made it a nice day too.

Foggy weather is at hand. Yesterday's fog didn't burn off till afternoon but it stayed cool, even with a few hours of clear sunshine. It was only 38 for a high. Now this morning the fog is quite thick again and it is barely above freezing. It looks similar to yesterday so far. Now onto the rest of vacation holiday and it sounds like Mr. PSP has some errands for us to do today.

December 21, 7 PM
Winter Arrives!

It has been winter around here for many weeks now. So it is good to see the calendar finally caught up.

Our little snow yesterday was fun and just a nice little way to usher in these last few days before Christmas. It is gone in this area, but I heard not too far north of us still had some on the ground. We got a whopping one inch! It did turn to light rain, but never really warmed up that much. Hung in the 30's all day yesterday.

Today has been very dark and dreary looking outside. Low ceiling clouds/fog have hung in the air all day, with misty rain off and on. The high today was 43 and it is just drippy and quiet. No wind. A perfect way to start winter here in the Pacific NW. The lights of Christmas really pierce the darkness and bring a warm glow to us all.

I took the picture below on my phone and just put it up to add some Christmas color and cheer for the season!

Sunrise: 7:54 AM --- Sunset: 4:19 PM (PST)
(gaining 4 seconds tomorrow)

December 20, 6:20 AM


It is here! A covering of snow is on the ground this morning and it is still steadily snowing. The flakes are small. We currently have about a half inch. So, at least we weren't skunked and it is making a pretty, or will be pretty once the sun comes up in a long while, scene for extra Christmas spirit. I have my neighbor coming over for coffee later this morning, so I need to bake up something good and get ready for her. Loving the snow, till it turns to rain later today! :(

December 13, 12:30 PM

Back to normal December weather. The cold weather has left us, and by a pretty big surprise, no snow fell for us, at either end of the cold spell. Just about always when we get that cold of weather we will see snow - either when it begins, or when it ends - warm moisture usually overruns the cold air in place and begins as snow before turning over to rain. This time none of that happened. There was a little snow down in SW Washington (any for you Briar?) and on the coast, but nothing anywhere near us. Just a gradual warming. So my forecast of "some snow sometime" bombed. As a recap, our coldest temperature was 15, which was the low for us two mornings in a row.

However change is here otherwise. Yesterday brought our first rain since Dec 2, and the most of the month (about a quarter inch) and now today is drizzly, but mainly very foggy where I sit. We are socked in under dense fog, even at noon, making it a very dark day today. It doesn't look like it will change much. It is currently 45. The next several days look like on and off showers possible, nothing of much consequence, and highs in the usual 40's for December. There is a chance again for another colder spell, including lowland snow in about a week, but so far away in time that I am not counting on it much.

This has been an interesting week for us. On Sunday Mr. PSP started having some trouble with an eye, out of nowhere. By Monday morning we figured he needed to be seen and after a long day of four different doctors, including two hospital eye clinic stops, he was diagnosed with two tears in his retina. A consequence of the wonderful "aging process" for him, and he apparently now has some susceptibility for this. He was able to have laser surgery that same day (it was considered "emergency" that he have it done right away, to avoid more tears or eventual retina detachment) and to keep his eye "quiet" (reducing how much he moves the eye and physical activity) for the following week, so he has been home from work ever since. We didn't SEE this coming, but are thankful that we did get in and that all of those doctors and moving from one place to the other was able to be accomplished all in one day! He has been busy on projects here at home all week (not one to "rest" much, but these projects aren't too active) but I think it has been a lot better for his eye than being at work solidly in front of a computer all day. So, so far so good with the eye. Always something, isn't it?!

December 13

Sunrise: 7:49 AM --- Sunset: 4:16 PM (PST)

Updated: 4:45 PM GMT on December 26, 2013


Cold Snap

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:13 PM GMT on December 02, 2013

December 6, 9 AM

The cold snap is continuing, and perhaps strengthening today through the weekend. We have had a lot of sunshine, except for yesterday. A weak system dropped south just off of the coast and spread a higher, thin overcast over us all day. Some areas got some snow out of it and others only flurries, and places like my house (and big area around) got nothing. But, the cloud cover did dampen the high temperature down to only 34 yesterday. The mornings have been cold, 22 for us the past two mornings in a row. I know that more outlying areas and probably in the valleys are likely colder.

The weekend ahead has potential to be cooler yet, as more cold air is being drawn down from Canada, but we will see how that pans out. It is sunny again today, so that will give the high temp a little boost.

There are waffling chances of snow around Monday/Tuesday, but pinning anything down seems to be challenging. Meanwhile the change this week has been fun and refreshing. Today I need to run some errands and look forward to the day.

December 2, 7:15 AM

A big change is underway, as the calendar flipped to December. Winter is here to stay.

Cold air is coming up the walkway to the front porch and should start knocking on the door over the coming hours of today. A big pattern change is allowing cold, continental Canadian air to flow in a bit of an unusual direction: toward us. And, it looks like it packed more than an overnight bag, as it plans to stay through the week, perhaps.

These cold outbursts happen now and then during the winter, but it certainly is not our "usual" winter fare, where we usually stay much more maritime influenced, and thus moderated, in temperature. But this time all is lining up right to allow the cold air to flow, and with some force if you are north of us closer to the border, out of the Fraser River Valley in Canada, spilling out the really cold interior air that had been bottled up. By the time it reaches us it does moderate some, so places east of the Cascades, and all the way to the Great Plains I think I heard, will get even more frigid air, but for us it will still be a slap in the face compared to what we more typically see.

Snow is a possibility today and possibly later in the week, but the chances are not great and if it does snow it's not likely to amount to much. But the cold air will be coming, sending the region into the teens and 20's for lows and as they say, "struggling to reach freezing" during the day, and it is expected to last all week and maybe into the weekend! So, a good shot of winter is at hand.

Yesterday didn't turn out as expected much here for weather. The advertised rainy/windy storm was a bust, here in the metro area, anyway. We had just about zero rain, in the end, due to stubborn rain shadowing from the Olympic Mountains. But heavy rain did affect areas north and south of us and the mountains got a good soaking. We were overcast all day but only sprinkles for rain. It was fairly warm, so this switch that is underway today will really be felt.

Thanksgiving went well for us and it was a good time. Our two dinners were nice and we could see everyone between the two. We had company here for part of the time. One highlight was a trip to the zoo in Seattle on Friday! It was great! It was a chilly, overcast day (upper 40's and kind of threatening rain, but it never happened) and while certainly not crowded, there were people going around the zoo besides us. We had a large group, so it was festive. As a nice bonus, some of the animals were the most active I have ever seen them in the zoo and were fun to watch. One fun thing to watch was a lion hunting some ducks swimming in their moat/pond. A flock of ducks had flown in and was happily swimming around on the water, all the while a lion was on the shore stalking them! No one ended up being hurt by it all but it was fun to watch. Now on their winter hours, the zoo closes at 4 pm (getting rather dark by then) and so you have to keep moving to see it all. Everyone had a good time and our visitors, who live on a farm, have not had much zoo experience.

Now onto Christmas and a flurry of activity. We have some lights up on the house now, and my Fall decorations are put away. This week I need to really focus on getting things turned toward Christmas, the season is so short this year, and I don't want to spend all of it on chores. The cold, possibly snowy weather ought to send us off in the right direction for the coming Christmas season.

November in Review:

Average High: 52
Average Low: 38
High Temperature: 61 (Nov. 1)
Low Temperature: 25 (Nov. 21)
Coldest High: 43 (Nov. 21)
Wettest Day: Nov. 7 (1.02" rain)
Days of Measurable Precip: 18

Total Rain for November: 3.82"

Note: The temperatures for this November compared to last November are similar. But what a difference in rainfall! Last November we saw nearly three times the amount of this year - a whopping 9 inches! Once September was over this year, the autumn ended up quite dry.

December 2
Sunrise: 7:37 AM --- Sunset: 4:18 PM (PST)
(losing 1 minute, 35 seconds tomorrow)

Updated: 5:08 PM GMT on December 06, 2013


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