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Deep Autumn Days in the NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:11 PM GMT on November 05, 2013

November 26, 6:45 AM
Stirrings of Weather Change This Thankful Week

The weather has stayed about the same for quite a few days now. Clear, with frosty nights and gradually warming days of sunshine. But, it appears to be on the edge of a change. The high pressure that has held sway for this long stretch is beginning to move. Already there is a change today. Fog at 33 degrees. It is back this morning for the first time in quite awhile. The air has been getting increasingly stagnant and this is a sign, along with the burn bans that are in effect. I hope those can go away by Thursday.

With the high pressure starting to budge away from us, the door is opening up for more typical weather, but not right away. We should stay dry for the next handful of days, but more clouds will dull that sunshine and drop our daytime temps. Yesterday was quite lovely - a high of 55 and it was very pleasant outside for errands. I'm thinking we won't see it that warm again for awhile, at least that warm AND sunshine with it. By the coming weekend the weather is expected to ramp up quite a bit with more back-to-normal rain and winds. And cooling. Chance of lowland snow early next week, but right now that is just a whisper.

Busy days ahead. We have two big Thanksgiving dinners this week, the first is tomorrow, Wednesday. Out-of-state family is coming and hosting a dinner at my brother-in-law's place. They will be gone on Thursday and then I will spread out a dinner for my family and out-of-town sister's family coming that day. Three chairs will be empty this year around the table, so to speak, so a lot of differences and changes. We will remember them always. But, we have been blessed in so many ways, both large and small, and we continue to move forward. Just being together with whom we have will be wonderful and is such a sweet thankful treasure. I am looking forward to Thursday morning and a busy time in the kitchen with both of my daughters as my helpers. A rare treat worth the day by itself!


November 22, 7:30 AM
Cool Sunshine

It has been awhile since I reported here, but there is not too much to report. The weather pattern has changed. High pressure is certainly dominating our skies. Therefore, we are in the midst of a long string of dry, clear, quite sunny, but frosty cold days. Yesterday was possibly the coldest of the bunch. Our low then was 25 and the high only reached a nippy 43. This morning's low was 26, so similar, but inching just a bit higher overall than yesterday, which the high today is expected to do too, but not much higher. This weather will continue for the next quite a few days, but with gradual moderate warming. It doesn't look like much will significantly change anytime in the foreseeable forecast, so November may end up rather dull by the end after all. It is pretty with the sunshine and I enjoy the frosty temps, but it is pretty quiet and serene for what can be our "stormiest" month, and what is on average our wettest month. It looks like it won't be this year.

I have made a final push on my house cleaning/clearing out of mainly my mom's things, plus a sizeable amount of our own stuff. While I am not finished forever with the job - I have some more tedious projects in mind, I think I am just about finished with the big part of the job to make our basement useable again and will soon call it quits until after the Christmas season is complete. I am hoping to be able to use it over Thanksgiving for some entertaining, but we will see who comes and how the holiday ends up happening. Quite a few things are still up in the air.

November 16, 10:20 AM

A chilly morning, but the sun is breaking through a scattered sky. It is a break between systems today. Yesterday was a "November" day. It rained and the wind blew and it was cool. Our high yesterday was a season-low high of 46, and .66" rain fell on us, with gusty winds. I wasn't out in it much. Rain will return tomorrow and Monday.

Here we sit in the middle of November. This is our rainiest month of the year, on average. So, for a half-way total we have 2.94" currently, which I think is right in the ballpark of ending up with an "average" month of rain. Nothing very unusual has happened, and nothing unusual is forecast either, in the next week anyway. Snow is beginning to accumulate in the mountains - the storm yesterday really piled up snow in the Cascades, so ski season is probably very close now. But sometimes "early starts" are thwarted by any heavy warm rain that washes the snow away and so ski starts can kind of sputter along, or not, this early. We don't ski, so not particularly a worry for us.

No big plans for the weekend other than working at home, and my cleaning/organizing has made good headway, but it is still ongoing. I think I will get back at it pretty soon now.

November 12, 7:30 AM

It is raining this morning but not too significantly and it doesn't look like it will last too much longer. A mild front is moving through and once it passes, not much left to say about it. Probably showery and lots of cloudiness the rest of the week. The next peek of sunshine on the forecast doesn't show up until next Monday.

Yesterday, Veteran's Day, was a very lovely day for us. It was sunny, calm, and the high temp climbed clear up to 60! As Calpoppy wrote, it would have been a very wonderful day for a long walk somewhere. Unfortunately, I barely got outside. My youngest daughter was still here till last evening, and I just ended up inside kind of waiting on her to finish hours of homework (demanding quarter for her) and be ready to go onto some things we needed to do before she returned to school. So when you are just "waiting" on someone else, at least I have a hard time really moving into something else that takes too long. So, I enjoyed the day through the windows and it was quiet and relaxing too. I was able to sit and read and finish a book I have been all fall reading, so it was nice to be slower around here too for a day; at least for part of it, till we had to get those other things done. And last evening Mr. PSP and I took her back to school and then stopped to visit married daughter and SIL, something we don't often do - too hard to catch them in their hectic, super crazy schedules, or get us out of ours. A very enjoyable day.

November 10, 7:45 PM

Here we are approaching the middle of November and it does seem pretty much November-esque. Not too much sunshine and a couple of stormier days - rain and blustery/gusty winds. This past Thursday was really a raw, wet day. A total of 1.03" rain just that day and cold (upper 40's) gusty winds. It has been much calmer since then with some drippy rain now and then, but a lot of clouds and a late autumn look to everything. Tomorrow looks like more sunshine for a few hours, anyway. And, as a sneak peak, there are hints of lower elevation (but so far predicted higher than we are) possible snow in one more week. But that may as well be next year, it is so far away forecasting-wise. We'll see.

Youngest daughter is home from college this weekend since it is a holiday weekend - the first overnight stays since the middle of September when she left, so it is a nice change. She has me inspired to do a little more and better cooking/baking. A great time of year to do these things.

November 5, 6:00 AM

November blew in for us the other day, making a statement that the month had changed and so had the season.

Most years, it seems, Halloween ushers in a change to the season for us, and it happened this year too. Fall has turned a corner and we are deep into it now. In fact, depending on the day, one could say that weather-wise, winter is coming up the walkway. The temperatures rather suddenly seem to take an overall drop, the storms pack more punch, rain comes more often and in greater quantity. All of this is true in just this first week of the November.

Our weekend windstorm was the biggest one in quite a long while for us. Peak winds in the region (lowlands, in the windier spots) were in the 50-60 mph range, 200,000 + people lost power, a major cross-lake bridge was closed for a couple of hours, trees down, etc. Here at home we never lost power, although it was threatening quite a bit. And we had no real damage, so for us it was just fun to hear the wind whistle around the house. The biggest result we had was red leaves down in large piles up around our house. That red tree in the photo on my last blog unloaded its leaves and they drifted in up close to our door and the house. I spent a good part of yesterday sweeping leaves up in cool sunshine. I enjoyed it. Not so many on the grass - most were in areas that needed sweeping. Just on Saturday we received over half (.56") of our entire October total for rain, so already we are off to a new rain start for November. And, the mountains are starting to see snow, several inches have fallen at lower elevations.

Rain is forecast the rest of the week, although only one system mid week looks a bit stronger and perhaps breezier. Yesterday morning was clear, so it dropped to 33, then warmed to 53 for a high. This morning is warmer (low 40's so far) with cloudy/drippy skies.

The holiday season is upon us. I see the stores are all in gear now. As the weather falls into winter, it does help energize me a bit toward the holiday season. For now I have a lot left to do in the house to move closer in that direction.

A couple of days ago in my last blog I wrote an update on my son's debit card problem - I will just copy that and move it over here for better reading.

A little update on the debit card problem for my son is that he did get all of his money returned by the bank. And the police are investigating. Kind of a shock when you see that the FBI is calling you one day! Anyway, the newer information is that they don't think the theft of his number occurred at a gas station, but instead said that his number had been "hand-keyed" in because the card they were using didn't work! The magnetic strip was likely blank. So the "smart" clerks at all of these stores (well known chains, many of them) went ahead and typed in the numbers!! What??? Isn't that a giant red flag???? Especially for quite large purchases?? So, the police think he lost his number at a place where they take your card away from you, where the person could write down the number, then bring it back to you to complete the sale, none-the-wiser. So, a restaurant is the type of place the investigation was targeting the most, and they have a list of only a few my son has been to that is sit-down, as opposed to fast food types. So, another thing to think about with debit cards.

November 5
Sunrise: 6:59 AM --- Sunset: 4:44 PM (PST)
(losing 2 min, 57 sec tomorrow)


Average High: 59
Average Low: 42
Highest Temperature: 74 (10/6)
Coldest Temperature: 34 (10/29)
Coldest High: 51 (10/20)
Wettest Day: Oct 8 (.14")
Days of Measurable Precip: 17
Days of Measuring Only .01" (due to fog): 13

Total Rain for October: 1.05"

Note: Only four days saw precip total more than .01" for that day, meaning more of "real rain", even as whimpy as it was. A pretty unusual October. The long spell of foggy mornings was all that gave the month any "weather character" at all to me.

These photos are showing early November here. The maple tree was completely full of leaves before the windstorm hit; this is what survived. And the pile of leaves on the ground - iconic "fall".

Nov. 26

Late November is here and this frosty leaves photo is representing the change from the earlier brighter colors still on the trees. The leaves are gone now and so is the color. The recent run of frosty mornings, sometimes lingering to afternoon (last week) shows that autumn is really turning now to winter.

Updated: 6:27 AM GMT on November 27, 2013


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