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Rolling Through October

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:00 PM GMT on October 18, 2013

November 2, 11:30 am

Strong weather is moving through today. Almost a half inch of rain overnight fell and strong wind gusts all morning. Today is the strongest winds we have had here at home in a long time. The lights have blinked quite a bit but are still on. Quite a mess of leaves are down and swirling by outside.

October 29, 10:15 PM
First Frost!

We had our first frost of the season this morning, although it didn't quite "freeze". The low of 34 brought plenty of ice scraping for car windows this morning for my kids heading out. But a gloriously beautiful sunshine-filled day ensued. Upper 50's for a high and no wind.

I managed to pretty much finish up cleaning out the garden and covered up our deck chairs for the season. Kind of a nice feeling to wrap up the majority of outdoors work for the year. Tomorrow the weather changes.

This tree at the bottom of the blog is next to our yard, and is another representation of October for us.

October 27 3:40 PM

The drought has broken! Some real rain fell this morning - the first in 15 days, and that was pretty minimal back then. And today wasn't much to speak of - a grand total of .12" ! Our high has been 55. There are still clouds around, some breeziness, but also patches of blue sky and I think that fog has washed away. Kind of nice to hear the light rain this morning.

October 23, 7:15 AM

Another quite foggy morning is still lurking out there in the darkness. The theme for October has been Fog. We haven't had such a spell like this in a long time. For several days the skies didn't clear at all and the fog has been growing in density - fog would lift much higher but in the end still no sun - but yesterday finally changed and during the afternoon the sun did come out quite brightly and so nice!

Perfectly timed, since yesterday we celebrated my oldest son's 26th birthday, and for a change managed to do all of the celebrating on the real day. He isn't much of a birthday celebrator, but we did have a nice day. Daughter at university came home for the evening and an uncle was with us too. So many folks who used to make these parties much bigger affairs aren't with us any longer, so at times like this is when we feel the losses more sharply again. And speaking of this, today my mom would have been 81. Instead of going to lunch with me today, she is rejoicing with the angels, but I am thinking of her today.

Back to my son, a new drama is that a few days ago someone stole his debit card number (not the card, just the number) and wiped out his account on a local spending spree - actually they spent a lot more than he had in the account. The bank notified him pretty quickly, but the spending was done by then. So yesterday he spent quite awhile wrangling with the bank and the police too, filing a report with them. Apparently they will investigate. The police suspect that his number was stolen from an illicit card reader placed on a gas station pump. The policeman said that these guys have a universal key that opens up all of these pumps and they slip in their reader, probably during the night, and then return later to pick up the reader and have all the swiped card numbers downloaded onto their device, then they make cards from them. All of this stuff is readily available on the internet. One of the biggest spending places was at a local liquor store (any surprise there?). We had assumed that the store would have security cameras that may pick up the person. But, the police said that due to a recent change in Washington's liquor sales (we used to have state run liquor stores only, but I think last year the people voted to privatize them, which has opened up a lot of cans of worms, it seems)now liquor stores mostly have eliminated a lot of security, including cameras because of costs, and also checking ID's is going out the window since no one is really making them do it. Nothing but problems will come from this. And already has come to us. The police seem quite frustrated. Well, the good news from this episode is that MasterCard is supposed to reimburse my son's lost money, and hopefully he will see it in a few days time.

October 18, 6:50 AM

The weeks are rolling by quickly and we are surely in the picturesque part of Fall now. Leaves are turning color all around, some more spectacularly than others, foggy mornings, and afternoons with sunshine (and that autumn golden glow in the air from the weakening sun rays) that do require a sweater or jacket for comfort. The progression of the seasons is fun to watch and see how silently, but relentlessly, they march forward. For us, this is the part of fall that people photograph and paint pictures of; ending up on calendar pages and in people's subconscious memories of the passage of time.

So far a very different month than September was for us, and I am not very surprised. September was such an unusual month for us - stormy and so wet. Now, as I speculated about earlier, October has turned the tables and swung into reverse. While the season is marching deeper away from summer and fall is tightening its grip, the weather has not proved so much so as did September. Very little rain has fallen so far - we are still under one inch total. No storms, pretty much no rain, no wind and not so much cloudiness as could be possible. We now have had a long string of foggy mornings with mostly afternoon clearing. But the warmth in those clear afternoons is slipping. Recently we turned a bit of a corner again and now it is getting harder to reach even 60 for highs - mostly remaining in the upper 50's for us, occasionally hitting 60. No frost yet, but chillier mornings now, ranging from upper 30's into the 40's. And this pattern is set to continue into next week with no big change in sight yet.

I have been busy here at home. I'm really working on cleaning up and clearing out a lot of "stuff" that has accumulated for many reasons, for far too long. Each week our garbage and recycle cans (along with numerous trips to Goodwill) are heaped and it feels very good to unload so much stuff that we no longer need or will use. So much has changed for us and lifestyles are changing. No longer any "kids" in the house (young ones, at least), which makes a huge difference on what you need to still carry around with you in a house. I am still at this job and have some more difficult areas ahead, I am going kind of room-by-room, but I have made wonderful progress that I am happy about. Most of the work has been inside the house, but I am getting some outside cleaning done too in areas that have collected too much old clutter and too many winters of blown in dirt and leaves. This is the most time I have had to work on things like this in decades.

My grass project is still ongoing too. The first seeding finally did come up but a few days ago I did a second seeding. Filling in gaps and thin areas, but went over the whole area again. No sign of those newest little grasslings, but I don't expect them yet. The first round took till pretty much the maximum time allowed on the seed bag. We are kind of pushing the envelope now on the weather and getting them up decently before something strikes and stunts their progress for the winter.

We still have a lot of peppers to be harvested. More have gone out to other people in the past and now we have a lot more than we need, so it is slower to get them in - we are tempting time and frost by leaving them out there but so far so good with them. They are in a more protected area in pots anyway. My tomato plant was finished off awhile back. We still have apples to pick too. I made an apple pie last week, but not with our apples. Wish they were that good.

So this kind of catches up the season in our area and our home during these bucolic days of autumn. Off to the dentist later this morning for a replacement filling. Great.

October 18
Sunrise: 7:32 AM --- Sunset: 6:14 PM (PDT)
(losing 3 minutes, 18 seconds tomorrow)

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