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Sweet July

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:59 PM GMT on July 03, 2013

July 17, 7:30 AM
"Drought" Ends

A whopping .02" rain fell overnight, after some non-measuring sprinkles last evening, so our rainless days streak has ended. No rain until now since sometime in the third week of June, or so.

The rain is due to a little system moving over that has brought some weak thunderstorms with it. There have been a few rather distant thunderbooms in the last several minutes. A little bit more threatening sky is closing in as well - looks more like rain than thunder, actually.

A lot of nice weather in the last few days. Yesterday zipped up to a high of 92 - only really tempered by the high cloud cover at the leading edge of what we are seeing this morning. Once this clears, it looks like another nice streak will begin.

Our garden, mostly in pots (but not all) is doing really well this summer. In the pots we have mostly peppers, but also eggplant, lettuce, one tomato that is doing very well, little strawberry plants (the plants are being grown to spread to other people), and basil. In the ground we have more peppers and lettuce, pumpkins, cukes, beans, carrots and swiss chard. Some of this garden is not doing quite as well, but there are some plants excelling in the ground too. A very big percentage of everything we have is growing from our own saved seed from last year's crops. Kind of fun to see how that goes and see the "circle of life" in our plants. My zinnias are doing very nicely. I seeded over a period of time, so not all are the same age, but the earliest ones are setting buds now and it looks like they will be very pretty before too long. It will be great to get some pockets of bright color here and there in the yard.

July 11, 8:30 PM
A Cool Spell

A break in the weather for this second half of the week. Considerably cooler and more clouds, both morning and through the day. The marine layer has been more stubborn to burn off, and then just revealing higher broken clouds that hang around. Partly cloudy this afternoon and evening, with the temperature hanging close to 70 or slightly under most of the afternoon. It is currently 61, so not really a terrific summer day/evening. We did not eat any meal outside today - I think a first in quite awhile now. Felt nicer to be inside. But, it is temporary - a return to sunnier, warmer weather is coming in just a few days. I kind of like the little break right now; I just don't want it to last too long!

It is hard to believe we are already up to July 11 - pretty much in the heart of summer for us. It doesn't last very long but so far this has been a nice one for weather. Not a drop of rain so far in July. The marine layer this morning did drop some drizzle, but nothing measured. A little odd to be this far into the month with no rain. And each passing day gives us less chance for rain for the next few weeks. We are heading into the driest part of our year, with the least chances for rain, especially during the last couple of weeks of July, and really especially the last week of July. Calpoppy, you have picked a wonderful time of the year to visit Seattle! At least statistically.

July 7, 6 pm

We made it through the 4th. A pretty quiet day. Our daughter was here, but not her husband (had to work that night as an EMT) and so kind of an unusual grouping for us these days - just our original six only. Not used to that anymore! We did go to the town fireworks and they were nice, but just kind of an odd day all around.

More things in the house and some overdue yard work has been done since the holiday. Our weather has been okay, but not extra great either. The holiday was mostly cloudy (sun did come out late but never with a lot of summer pep; it was borderline to eat outside, but we did it) and since then a lot of marine layer mornings, and nicer afternoons, and I guess mainly pretty normal early July. Not a heat wave.

It looks like more of the same lies ahead for the upcoming week.

July 3, 8:00 AM

Some broken skies greeted us this morning. A change from the last many days. Our heat wave is over and we are sliding back down to more "normal" early July days. At least for a few days.

The average high for us over the past one week has been 86 degrees. Pretty nice for us in the cool northwest. The hottest we reached in this recent spell was 93, and we had three days that were 90+. In the end it turned out to be a rather "average" hot spell. I kind of expected the hottest to be hotter than it was, but it was plenty warm for us and a nice spike of summer. We don't often get much heat in June, when this all started, but it has happened before. I am kind of wondering if overall we may be headed toward a warmer-than-usual summer. It seems to be trending that way so far.

Some marine air has pushed in and we are cooler than we have been, but these scattered clouds are expected to burn off rather soon into a nice sunny day that will be warm. The next couple of days may see a deeper marine layer, a bit harder to burn off, and cooler yet, but there are signs it may be warmer and sunnier again next week.

It is always a joke around here that summer starts on July 5. Seems to have gotten an earlier start this year. A long spell of nice sunshine would be very welcome for us.

Yesterday we made a nice accomplishment in the yard. A big mowing/weeding project that made a huge difference. It was good to get out and tackle it. My zinnias are up and look good. Slugs ate the first sprouts in one area, but I re-seeded, added slug bait, and so far looking promising in that area. The seeds in the pots are up and looking good and should be a nice addition to the front yard. Washington cherries are in the stores now and that is always a wonderful part of July. Sweet and yummy. Cherries are one of Washington's dominant crops.

No big plans for us for the 4th. We may just do something at home, or possibly take an easy picnic to a nearby park. Not sure. We have schedules to work around and it will take some thinking to figure it out. We used to be able to shoot fireworks right here at home, and that was fun, but just recently they were banned, so not really that much left to do for the holiday. And not a lot of holiday spirit anyway. It takes a lot of energy to go to those firework shows. We may do it; not sure yet.

June In Review:

Average High: 77
Average Low: 53
Highest Temperature: 93 (6/30)
Coldest Temperature: 46 (6/10)
Coldest High Temp: 62 (6/20)
Wettest Day: June 20 (.58")
Days Below 70 for Highs: 1
Days Above 90: 2
Days of Measurable Precipitation: 12

Total Rain for June: 1.63"

Note: nearly all of our rain came after June 17, so another month with two distinct halves. What a difference this year compared to last June! Last June saw an average high of only 71, only got above 80 twice, and we had a whopping 4 inches of rain! A very different summer so far this year.

July 3
Sunrise: 5:16 AM --- Sunset: 9:09 PM (PDT)
(losing 1 minute, 4 seconds tomorrow)

Updated: 2:36 PM GMT on July 17, 2013


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