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By: PugetSoundPost, 3:50 PM GMT on March 15, 2013

March 22, 9 AM
Snow! Sliding on Our Way!

Our first snow of the winter (oops, Spring!) arrived this morning! Currently 34 and snowing. May get an inch total out of this. An interesting day to start our trip to the DESERT! Soon to get on the road and migrate south! Keeping in touch as we go, hopefully!! Bye!

March 20, 4:15 pm
First Day of Spring, and a Winter/Spring Storm

Spring began early this morning and in blew a winter storm. It does seem to be living up to its billing, pretty much. It rained overnight and this morning, hard at times, totaling about .80". Then, right at 10 AM, the wind hit with some big gusts and it has been pretty blustery ever since. I am surely missing my anemometer. I am pretty sure this is the biggest wind I am missing since it went out quite a few months ago now. Hard to say, but probably gusting into the 30's, possibly hitting 40, at times, and quite breezy inbetween. The sun came out brightly when the front passed, but clouds and showers have come and gone all afternoon. This is probably our strongest storm of the winter. Cold air is supposed to flow in tonight, lowering the snow level a lot, and it is a possibility even for us over the next couple of days. Hard to really plan on that, but should keep an eye out for flakes; but not yet. Currently 51 degrees after a high of balmy 55. Need a lot more cold air to make snow happen.

College daughter is coming home tonight - finals will be finished for everyone, and then tomorrow to finalize packing and off we go!

March 19, 9:45 PM
Storm Beginning to Be Felt

It does seem that we will feel some impacts from the strong incoming storm. Already we have had some breezy gusts and rain is falling outside. Earlier this evening more of a squall went through and now we are in a bit of a lull, but we aren't finished. Our high today was 61 at 1 pm, and it has been now at 41 for quite awhile this evening. A big swing for us.

The newest forecast is calling for tomorrow to be pretty stormy. Rain, winds up into the 40's + mph possible throughout the Puget Sound region, thunderstorms and even snow. I never count on snow and I am not this time, but there does seem to be a decent possibility of seeing some from this storm. And, in the end, I wonder what we will truly see occur out of all of this?

I've been busy - got the car's oil changed and other maintenance things done, shopped for more on-the-road lunch materials, organized all the food I am bringing, worked on clearing out the fridge, and have a few other tasks done as well. Tomorrow during the storm (?) I will work on packing more, in anticipation of moving on to a change of climate. It will do us some good!

March 19, 8 AM
Storm's A'Coming

According to the forecast, we could have an interesting start to spring, beginning tonight and through tomorrow. A rather strong storm is on its way in from the ocean, with a fairly deep low center making landfall on Vancouver Island. The associated front could pelt the region with rain (maybe up around an inch here in the lowlands?), gusty/stronger winds (25-45 mph), possible thunderstorms, and a seriously lowering snow level (perhaps as low as 300-500 feet, which could impact us) by the time all is said and done. It was 34 this morning. Tomorrow looks pretty stormy; possibly. I always have to hedge just a bit, as we certainly know how to fizzle out too.

The old-timers used to say to watch out for a storm around each equinox, and this one may be right on cue.

I think it is getting time to flee to the desert! Only three days to go till we leave, and a lot to do before then! It would be kind of funny if we have to contend with snow on our way out of town, running to warmer/nicer climes.

March 15, 9 AM

My last blog entry was about a Pineapple Express heading in, and for us in my area, it was a giant FIZZLE. It pretty much did not rain at all. Finally the next day we did get some kind of slop-over rain that in the end totaled only .20", although it seemed like it rained more than that for a few hours. I think the drops were small and misty-ish. Anyway, a lot of clouds this week, and cooler than they kept saying it would be (highs in the low 50's)but just about no rain. We were rain shadowed by the Olympic Mountains and thus, stayed dry, dry. More rain is threatening again today and over the weekend, but showery and cooler yet. Snow levels are dropping again (in the lower mountains, not down here) and 40's/low 50's for highs, along with heavy overcast, just like it is outside right now.

So, I think, instead of hanging around here, we will Hit the Road! Yes, in one week we are leaving on a road trip during our college kids' Spring Break. And, we are heading for the sun and hopefully warmth. California deserts!! Whoo-hoo!! Mainly, we will be driving down to Death Valley and spending a few days there. We have been before, but the last time was 15 years ago! Yikes! So it is time to rediscover the park, see very different scenery, and just change atmospheres for awhile. I'm really looking forward to it and just getting onto the open highway. We have done many long road trips over the years, but it has been a few since we have really done one longer than a weekend. Too many difficult schedules and circumstances to have the chance recently, but things are changing and we will get back onto the road. We will spend time on trails and on dirt/rock/sand backroads in the canyons and washes, and valley floor, and plan to take a lot of photos. Can't wait!

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Marching In Place

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:04 PM GMT on March 01, 2013

March 12, 8 AM
Pineapple Express

A Pineapple Express is heading our way and we are awaiting the rain to arrive. For those who don't know what these are, it is basically a "fire hose" of rain aimed right at us, and the "hose" is connected to the hydrant down around Hawaii. A steady river of moisture that taps into the subtropics, so a lot of moisture is entrained into the flow, and it is also much warmer than our typical Gulf of Alaska systems. You can imagine the difference in air mass temperatures between Alaska and Hawaii. Hmmm. These events occur periodically during the winter months for us, maybe only once or twice. As the warm, moisture-rich air hits our mountains it really can drop a lot of rain, I think this one could produce 4-7 inches, often causing river flooding. Thus, a flood watch is posted now for several of our western Washington rivers.

But so far you couldn't tell by looking outside. There is a heavy overcast this morning, but nary a drop of rain so far for us. Radar does show a lot of rain out over the Olympics (the Rainforest out there will live up to its name, I am sure) and it is forecast to drop eventually over us here in the central Sound region, and rain will continue into Wed or Thursday. It is currently 50 degrees this morning, warmer than so many of our recent highs, so the Pineapple effect is being felt, even without the rain along with it; yet. I'm looking forward to a good soaking. We haven't had much rain at all for quite awhile now. Dull weather that needs some pop.

We've been busy working on several different sets of taxes lately, so glad to have most of it done now. And more estate issues from my mom to continue with as well. It all keeps the days rolling by.

March 6, 10 PM

Well, it did rain today. A total to this pointin the day of .45" rain. And the high was only 45, so with the several hours of light rain, heavy clouds, and chilly damp air, not a very nice day, I'd say.

March 5, 9:45 PM

I thought it was going to rain today, but, no it did not. Only some spritzy sprinkles this afternoon that were few and random. But it was cloudy all day and when I ran in and out of the car a few times, more of a jacket would have been nice that just long sleeves and a light vest. The high was 54 but when there really isn't any sun, that temperature doesn't do a lot for me. I'm looking now for more sun and warmer warmth. Getting more anxious to leave winter behind.

March 2, 10:50 PM
A Twist to the Day

Today hasn't been as dull as so many of the recent days after all. It surely has been a day in two parts. The first part of the day was pretty benign, and it warmed up quite pleasantly - I think maybe the warmest it has been this year. Just before noon we reached our high of 58 degrees! It felt nice for the few minutes I was out there. I wish I stayed longer. I saw a neighbor doing a little yardwork and the thought crossed my mind to get out and do the same, but in the end I didn't.

By the middle of the afternoon the cold front started to sweep across, it got quite dark, the rain came (even a little hail), and the temperature dropped 15 degrees by 4 pm. We were running in the low 40's before dinner time and the rain kept on going, and is still going. A Puget Sound Convergence Zone set up over us, holding the rain in one narrow band. The temperature has fallen further, down to the current 38, and the rainiest day in a long time has us at a current total of .46". So, the day provided a little zip and interest after all!

March 1, 10 AM

I think I would have to say that March is coming in like a lion. Heavy overcast, .14" rain overnight with more threatening, overhead clouds within the overcast scudding by with some urgency, and so far just a very gloomy looking morning. It is a little warmer, currently 50 degrees.

This has been the recent pattern. After a few hints of coming spring a week or so ago, this week has been cloudy and damp again. The bare trees and gray skies don't look at all like spring. At this time we are not moving forward at all, and it could be argued we have taken a step back. No big change is in sight either. This look is set to continue into next week at least. Monday does show some sun, but that is the only day in the next week's forecast with such a bright spot on the forecast square. Well, it still is winter and can't argue that yet. As a sidenote, it is warming up a bit, but without the sun it doesn't seem to matter much.

I have been busy cleaning the house and happily clearing drawers and closets too. That does make a person feel lighter and less weighed down, which if the weather won't do it, finding another way works too!


Average High: 49
Average Low: 38
Warmest Temp: 55 (Feb 25)
Coldest Temp: 31 (Feb 8)
Coldest High Temp: 43 (Feb 2 and 21)
Wettest Day: Feb. 16 (.33" rain)
Days of Measurable Precipitation: 19 (however 13 of those had less than .10")

Total Rain for February: 1.99"

Note: I see that officially Seattle is over 3 inches below normal for rain from Jan. 1 - March 1. Our 9th driest year for this time period since 1945. Last February saw 4.01" rain and a much bigger swing of temperatures than this year. Last year ranged from 25 to 63, but also included snow and much more rain in the same number of rainy days.

March 1
Sunrise: 6:48 AM --- Sunset: 5:54 PM (PST)
(tomorrow we will gain 3 min, 26 sec)

Updated: 3:04 PM GMT on March 12, 2013


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