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Moving Through the Winter

By: PugetSoundPost, 12:18 AM GMT on February 02, 2013

February 27, 7:15 PM
Falling Rain

The soothing sound of falling rain can be heard outside this evening. Ahhh.. We haven't had it rain hard enough to hear it hardly at all in quite awhile now. Sounds nice. Especially as I sit near the fire and rest. I'm very glad to be in the house and soon will get a cup of tea and read for awhile. Nothing else is drawing my eye too much this evening.

February 22, 10:45 PM
Breezes and Gusts, But So Little Rain

A breezy/windy day, but not much rain for us. It only totaled up to a paltry .10", so the storm wasn't much for us here. Our high was 46. There were gusty winds during the day, and a big change from the near-constant calm we have been under, but nothing too potent either. I did walk this afternoon and by late afternoon the sun had come out enough with big patches of blue sky, along with dark clouds in the distance and the breezy winds to have a clear impression that spring is trying to creep in. Daffodils coming up in yards is another big clue. Time for a change! But it will take many more weeks to be complete.

February 20, 6:30 PM

After what has so far been "officially" determined by a local weather guru (a UW weather professor who is in the media often) as the "most boring and uneventful winter" on record for Seattle! In fact, we are tied only with the winter of 1963-64! He has a formula for figuring this out, but anyone paying even a little attention can see that nothing has happened this winter! Fog in January is our biggest excitement, I'd say. So, thus designated as "boring" only last weekend, we now, finally have a little pattern change coming up for the first time in quite some time. Weather is coming.

After an early "spring-tease" yesterday (some sun, puffy clouds on the perimeter, no wind, high of 53) today has changed and rain, although pretty gentle so far, has returned this afternoon. But, more is coming. Especially by late tomorrow and on Friday. A much stronger system than we have had in some time will blow in, bringing possibly heavy rain, stronger winds, heavy mountain snow (and much lower snow levels), and big waves on the coast. Sounds fun! And, more rain after that. I have been anxious to have something happen and it looks like a nice little change is finally helping us shift gears. Today has been much chillier than we have seen for awhile (mid 40's with a bit of bite in the breeze this morning) and it does look like winter is still here.

February 14, 11 AM
Happy Valentine's Day!

Another dreary day so far today. A solid stratus gray sky, but to look for the optimism, the cloud deck is maybe higher than previously this week. I can see the base of the Cascades to the east!

A lot of dark days lately, with some drippiness now and then, but the rain total has been paltry. So far for all of February we only have .79" rain!! I have been even wishing for a good old fashioned rain storm lately! Something to happen! There is rain in the forecast for the weekend and maybe again next week, with some fog and possible sunshine in spurts inbetween, but it is also iffy whether the fog will really burn off and I wonder how much sun will really make it through, between the foggy times and then either incoming or outgoing clouds for these upcoming systems. Oh well, it is February, so actually it is all pretty much to be expected. Currently it is 44.

We shall be spending Valentines evening at a university band concert my daughter is in. Odd scheduling for that, but, I guess, whatever. It will be enjoyable.

Have a Sweet Day everyone!

February 5, 8 pm

Last Saturday, Groundhog Day, to change the pace and atmosphere of the last few weeks, Mr. PSP and I took a little trip. Just for Saturday. We headed up to the Skagit River in the Rockport and Marblemount areas. Our original idea was to try to see the bald eagles that spend a good portion of winter along the river there, and had hopes that we were maybe not too late. I think we were. Instead of the hundreds of birds that stay in that area during December and a good part of January, I think we were a bit late. We saw only one bird at a decent distance, just sitting in a tree for a long time, watching the world go by. Otherwise, we did see maybe three or four others, but most of them we had to guess/assume they were bald eagles and maybe only one other was "for sure". So, it wasn't a terrific eagle day, but we so enjoyed the crystal blue sky (we were in fog for about the first 2/3 of the drive up there) and the warming into the 50's day. The scenery was wonderful, the air was warm and fresh, and the sun was bright. Such a nice change from weeks of dreary and dark weather, and the overriding feeling of loss that has been pervasive for me. We took a whatever-I-could-find-in-the-cupboards picnic lunch, sat at a table next to the river and enjoyed many aspects of the river and mountains nearby. We did make it into North Cascades National Park, which is virtually closed down (even the visitor center) for winter, and also drove part way up a dirt road up a mountain, until stopped by snow, not by surprise. We managed to see two deer on our trail on a short walk, and in the early evening light spotted a large herd of elk by the road. It was a wonderful day and very refreshing for my soul.

Here is a look at the view along the Skagit River:

Since that day, the weather has not been as nice (the fog apparently never did lift at home on Saturday) and a little rain has returned. But it is definitely warmer than January was, we certainly can feel that difference and it is welcome, I do believe. It looks like just more of the same for the coming week - periods of rain, more fog is coming, and pretty average temperatures.

February 1, 4:15 PM

The smallest hint of spring is in the air today, no doubt only to tease us as it is a long way to go before spring really arrives. But, after dense fog this morning, the sun has come out this afternoon and although not really too clear (partly sunny is a best description)it is still a pretty big change over January already. And, the temperature responded nicely as well. Our high today was 54 - the warmest it has been in months, actually. It was a welcome treat to get into the car after it was parked for a long time to find it actually warm feeling inside! Tomorrow should be another day like this, before the clouds and rain return for next week.

Since the page turned today on the calendar and the weather changed as well, it seems like a good day to update and refresh this blog, and life in general. January has passed and it is bittersweet to move into February. It was such a hard and busy month. But now already time is passing and slipping further away from my mom's passing and all of that craziness. Life does move on, as we know. All of the memorials are over, the one at her retirement place this week went well. I am glad we did it for the folks who came, and it was a nice turnout. All seemed to appreciate it and it was a good time of remembrance among people who knew her well in the most recent years. Many nice memories shared and tributes offered. Her apartment is now closed up and we are completed with that home. It was a good run for us and they were always very kind to us. I'm thankful. I still have a lot to sort through here at my house, and then must also start in on the legal affairs next week. And my thank-you's are not finished either. So the process will continue for some time, probably a long time with the sorting, but I will plug away at it, eventually reaching a conclusion. Things are looking a bit up now.

January Stats:

Average High: 43
Average Low: 32
Warmest Temp: 52 (4th)
Coldest Temp: 21 (13th)
Wettest Day: 1/9 (1.36")
Days of Measurable Precipitation: 26
Days with Lows Below 30: 14

Total Rain for January: 6.27"
Total Snow for January: .75"

Note: January this year was marked by a lot of very dense fog. We had a lot more fog than we have had in many years. It was also quite cold during the foggy spell, which actually lasted parts of a couple of weeks. Many highs were only in the mid 30's and the lows were well down in the 20's for a much longer stretch than is usual for us.

February 1
Sunrise: 7:35 AM --- Sunset: 5:10 PM (PST)

Updated: 3:14 AM GMT on February 28, 2013


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