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Stormy December Days in the NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 8:20 PM GMT on December 16, 2012

December 19, 8 AM

Yes, a little dusting of snow this morning! Not much, but it is out there - for now. The temp has risen to 35 and it is turning to rain, which will continue on today, as well as some winds cropping up too. But, had to mention that we got just a little snow and now that it is getting a bit more light outside when we can better see it, it will probably be nearly gone.

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!"

December 17, 9:45 PM

I can't give too much report on the storm, as it didn't seem to really arrive much here. Not too surprising, actually. But, apparently there was some consequence in other places around the region - winds in the 50's tops, some power outages. For us, not so much. We did end up with nearly 3/4" of rain and gusty winds, but overall not very memorable; here at home anyway.

The next thing is to watch for some possible snow overnight and perhaps tomorrow. We are in a potential target area, but I can't give it a lot of chance either. It has cleared some and the temperature has dropped down to 36 currently, so not quite to snow weather yet.

Christmas is creeping ever closer. Hope everyone is getting ready! I am getting there.

Sunday, December 16, Noon
Waiting For the Storm

I'd say we seem to be in the quiet calm before the storm right now. A storm is on the way.

A strong Pacific storm is heading our way and the first wisps are starting to show up. Only sprinkles of rain so far, but much more is coming before too long. Radar is starting to light up closer to us but the brunt of it at this time is still out on the coast, which looks like lots of rain is underway across the entire coast. A deep low pressure system is heading toward Western Washington, and the point where it makes landfall along the coast will be important to what happens here in the interior. But, at the least, we will get rain and the big point is Wind. How much wind depends on the track of the low, so we will see how that goes, but we should get a decent shot of wind, no matter which track it takes. Most of western Washington is under a High Wind Watch, the mountains and much of eastern Washington have a Winter Storm Warning hoisted, with feet of snow predicted for the mountains, and everyone should be well warned by now. Winds could reach 50+ mph by tonight/tomorrow morning, however a lot of that depends on location. Some areas are much more wind prone than others, but everyone should likely see wind. That much wind, or even a bit lesser will surely bring power outages to the region. Too many trees to avoid it. But, this is not all. A colder air mass is following along, so by later tomorrow there is a chance for sea level snow, although localized. Where I sit could be close to a possible snow location, if any develops, but it is very hard to be sure of snow around here.

Currently it is 38, light sprinkly rain, solid gray low ceiling, and a slight breeze outside. After being steady for some time, the barometer is starting to fall now. We need to head into Seattle in the next little while, so it will be fun to watch how this storm starts to develop around us! Looks like a pretty active next few days in this corner of the country!

December 16
Sunrise: 7:51 AM --- Sunset: 4:17 PM (PST)

Updated: 3:52 PM GMT on December 19, 2012


The Merry Days of December

By: PugetSoundPost, 1:26 AM GMT on December 10, 2012

December 14, 11:15 AM

The MIA sun has been found! Partially anyway. Morning fog has lifted, partially, to reveal a broken sky above, but I think some substantial patches of blue may be up there! The sun is shining through all of that into our window (but also fades in and out) and it is catching our eye, to be sure!

It is wet and chilly in spite of all that. Currently 41 degrees and the overnight rain (.28") and then the fog has all of the trees glistening wet and dripping in the sun. The birds sure were happy awhile ago with the first sun! A large flock was all over our seed feeder and I always wonder where they are the other days. They still need to eat, don't they? Hate to say it, but the sun is kind of struggling. Not sure it really has enough strength to clear the skies.

Our youngest child is now home from college for Christmas break, so it is a relief to be finished with school for a few weeks now. Even for me, who doesn't go.

We are on watch now for a weather change. Today looks quiet, but tomorrow a little stronger system will move through, but mainly we are watching for a possible "storm" late in the weekend into Monday. There is a chance for some stronger winds with rain and mountain snow, along with possible flooding on the marine waters. Always depends on the ultimate track of the deep low forming offshore, so there is still plenty of time to call it all off. But for now, something to watch!

December 10, 9:30 PM

Fog today. Hanging just about tree-top level all day until sometime in the mid afternoon when it lifted enough just to reveal a cloud deck that had been there all along; just hidden by the fog below. So it never did clear, but I did not expect it to. Not a breath of air and no sun to warm anything enough. Now by mid evening the fog has settled in again, although it is not pea soup either. Just kind of lightly hanging in the air. It was heavier this morning. I like fog; most of the time. There have been a handful of lifetime extra "scares" with fog while driving, but none of those events were here in western Washington. So, as I say, most of the time I like it. Especially on a dark wintry day like today.

Our high today was 44, the low was 39. No rain, not even drippiness from the fog was enough to tick the clicker in the rain bucket. Really just a quiet day.

"Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, 'Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?'"

December 9, 5:30 PM

Based on today, I should call this blog The Murky Days of December, but I will go the more positive route. True December days are here for now - dark, dank, and no sunshine anywhere. Our high today was 41, the low this morning was 36, and we have had .09" of mostly drizzly rain throughout much of today. Low hanging and heavy ceilings, just about could call it foggy for most of the day, have shrouded us in dark, damp, chilly weather. Time to really break out the winter sweaters and scarves!

But, this weather is typical for December and to me really helps make the season bright and merry! The Christmas lights, music, color, and energy of the season is highly contrasted by the weather, and it brings out just how nice it is to have the Christmas season to push us through these dark, gloomy days.

We've done a little volunteering lately and also working on various Christmas projects to get ready to celebrate later this month. But a long ways to go for me. For now just enjoying December and the arrival of winter and all that comes along with it for us.

December 9
Sunrise: 7:45 AM --- Sunset: 4:16 PM (PST)

Updated: 7:26 PM GMT on December 14, 2012


Autumn Leaves

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:21 PM GMT on December 01, 2012

December 4, 10 pm

December is off to a rainy start. So far we are up to 1.7" rain total for the first four days. No sunshine to speak of. Tonight it is raining off and on and it is breezy. Nearly a half inch of rain came down today. It was warmer today than it has been - high of 55, which is the warmest in awhile around here. We should slide downhill to markedly cooler temperatures by the end of the week.

Our Christmas tree, real of course, a nice Noble fir, is up and brightly shining, as well as the rest of my home decorating. I think I got it done about the fastest ever this year, and feel good about that. A lot more to get to on my to-do list and hope to stay ahead of it all. I feel more interested in just enjoying the holiday this year and not just "doing" endless things.

December 1, 9:15 AM

Autumn leaves. They are gone. It has left.

The change of the calendar surely signals that for us, whether or not it officially arrives not until late in the month. The trees are looking pretty bare now, and the winter storms are rolling in, one right on top of each last one.

Currently we are in a lull, or "in-between", which only lasts a few hours. The sky is mostly overcast, but a brighter spot where the sun is shining behind a thinner layer of clouds in the SE sky is brigtening things up a bit; for now. A potent system rolled through last evening - and by the end of the day we had 1.40" rain for yesterday, which was also combined with a previous system that came through in the early morning hours. There is never really enough time to "clear" between these systems, so the sky remains dark and heavy most all of the time. If not letting loose its copious rain of late. Another quarter inch has fallen since midnight, getting our December totals off to a good start already. The wind is breezy outside this morning as well, but is expected to rise much more by later today/tonight and over the next few days bouts of windier weather will accompany the rain. Welcome to winter in the Great Northwest.

December is such an odd month, it seems. While nature is putting itself to bed for the long winter nap, we as people are beginning to really ramp up our activity. Nature is going dark and dreary and dim, but at the same time we are compensating with so many pretty lights everywhere, and joyous music that lifts our spirits, even if we have heard it annually for the last many decades (getting to be quite a few for me!) and the celebration of Christmas during this dark season is such a wonderful representation of the whole message of Christmas! Light came into a very dark world. Let the month of Christmas begin! Stormy or not!


Average High: 52
Average Low: 39
Coldest Temp: 27 (10th)
Warmest Temp: 63 (4th)
Coldest High: 46 (11th)
Wettest Day: Nov. 19 (2.42", a record)
Days of Measurable Rain for Nov: 26

Total Rain for November: 8.98"

December 1

Sunrise: 7:37 AM --- Sunset: 4:18 PM (PST)
(losing 1 min, 37 sec tomorrow)

Updated: 1:52 PM GMT on January 04, 2013


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